SR 3: Proclaiming February 2017 as Black History Month.

00 SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 3 01 Proclaiming February 2017 as Black History Month. 02 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE: 03 WHEREAS, in 1926, a week honoring black history was first established by Dr. 04 Carter G. Woodson to coincide with the birth week shared by President Abraham Lincoln and 05 abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass; and 06 WHEREAS Dr. Carter G. Woodson stated, "We have a wonderful history behind us . 07 . . If you are unable to demonstrate to the world that you have this record, the world will say 08 to you, 'You are not worthy to enjoy the blessings of democracy'"; and 09 WHEREAS, in 1976, in honor of the nation's bicentennial, President Gerald R. Ford 10 expanded the celebration of Black History Week to Black History Month; and 11 WHEREAS African Americans are woven into the fabric of this nation and contribute 12 to the attributes that make the nation strong and just, despite the nation's history of their 13 enslavement and unjust treatment; and 14 WHEREAS the contributions African Americans have made to building the State of 15 Alaska--from the hundreds of members of Company L, 24th Infantry, United States Army, 16 who were stationed at Dyea and Skagway during the Gold Rush, to the engineers who carved

01 the Alaska-Canada (ALCAN) Highway through remote and desolate land--often go 02 unrecognized; and 03 WHEREAS Americans from all walks of life continue hopefully and confidently to 04 strive to achieve a more perfect and equitable union, even when we fall short; 05 BE IT RESOLVED that the Senate proclaims February 2017 as Black History 06 Month.