Enrolled HB 215: Relating to program receipts; and relating to fees for services provided by the Department of Health and Social Services.

00Enrolled HB 215 01 Relating to program receipts; and relating to fees for services provided by the Department of 02 Health and Social Services. 03 _______________ 04 * Section 1. AS 37.05.146(c) is amended by adding a new paragraph to read: 05 (90) the following fees, receipts, income, and monetary recoveries 06 collected by the Department of Health and Social Services: 07 (A) receipts of the Department of Health and Social Services, 08 Bureau of Vital Statistics; 09 (B) monetary recoveries of Medicaid expenditures from 10 recipients, third parties, and providers under AS 47; 11 (C) the state's share of overpayments collected under 12 AS 47.05.080; 13 (D) income received from a state or federal agency for children 14 in foster care under AS 47.14.100;

01 (E) fees received or collected under AS 44.29.022 for nursing 02 and planning services provided at health centers, genetic screening clinics and 03 specialty clinics, the certification of x-ray machines, the alcohol safety action 04 program, and other public health programs and services; 05 (F) fees received under AS 18.08.080 for the certification of 06 emergency medical technicians, emergency medical dispatchers, and 07 emergency medical technician instructors; 08 (G) fees received under AS 47.32; 09 (H) the state's share of child support collections for 10 reimbursement of the cost of the Alaska temporary assistance program as 11 provided under AS 25.27.120, 25.27.130, and AS 47.27.040; and 12 (I) monetary recoveries under AS 09.58 (Alaska Medical 13 Assistance False Claim and Reporting Act). 14 * Sec. 2. AS 44.29.022(a) is amended to read: 15 (a) The commissioner of health and social services may establish by 16 regulation a schedule of reasonable fees for services provided by the Department of 17 Health and Social Services under AS 44.29.020(a)(1) - (8) and (14) 18 [AS 44.29.020(a)(1) - (8)], AS 47.10, AS 47.12, AS 47.14, AS 47.30.655 - 47.30.910, 19 and AS 47.80.100 - 47.80.170 and for the administration of public health 20 programs under AS 18. The fee established for a service may not exceed the actual 21 cost of providing the service. The commissioner may define or establish the "actual 22 cost of providing a service" by regulation. The Department of Health and Social 23 Services shall charge and collect the fees established under this subsection. The 24 department may waive collection of a fee upon a finding that collection is not 25 economically feasible or in the public interest. 26 * Sec. 3. AS 44.29.022 is amended by adding a new subsection to read: 27 (e) The commissioner of health and social services shall consult with 28 stakeholders regarding the reasonableness of fees when developing a schedule of 29 reasonable fees under (a) of this section for services under AS 44.29.020(a)(14) or 30 programs under AS 18 for which there is no regulation in effect establishing a 31 schedule of reasonable fees. The consultation must include at least one public meeting

01 and must occur before the commissioner provides notice of proposed action under 02 AS 44.62.190. The commissioner shall provide notice of the public meeting at least 30 03 days before the meeting in the same manner as required under AS 44.62.190(a) for a 04 notice of proposed action. 05 * Sec. 4. AS 37.05.146(c)(42), 37.05.146(c)(59), 37.05.146(c)(60), 37.05.146(c)(61), 06 37.05.146(c)(62), 37.05.146(c)(63), 37.05.146(c)(64), 37.05.146(c)(65), 37.05.146(c)(66), 07 37.05.146(c)(67), 37.05.146(c)(71), and 37.05.146(c)(88) are repealed.