SJR 27: Urging the federal government to provide funding for domestic seafood marketing and promotional activities.

00 SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 27 01 Urging the federal government to provide funding for domestic seafood marketing and 02 promotional activities. 03 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 04 WHEREAS Alaska seafood products face ever-increasing domestic competition from 05 imported seafood products, with more than 50 percent of the total fish and seafood consumed 06 annually in the United States currently originating in foreign countries; and 07 WHEREAS effective domestic marketing of Alaska seafood in the face of aggressive 08 competition from foreign products requires innovative, forceful, and consistent promotion; 09 and 10 WHEREAS the Alaska seafood industry self-assesses a fee on fisheries production to 11 finance domestic and international marketing of Alaska seafood; and 12 WHEREAS the state makes substantial financial contributions to the promotion and 13 marketing of Alaska seafood; and 14 WHEREAS annual funding for the domestic promotion of Alaska seafood is not 15 sufficient to effectively develop the thriving markets that sustainable Alaska seafood products 16 merit, especially when confronted with nationally supported promotional programs aimed at

01 United States consumers by key rival producer countries; and 02 WHEREAS duties and tariffs on imported seafood products generate approximately 03 $280,000,000 annually for the United States Treasury; and 04 WHEREAS revenue from anti-dumping and countervailing duties on imported fish 05 and fish products collected by the United States government total hundreds of millions of 06 dollars annually; and 07 WHEREAS federal revenue derived from the importation of competing seafood 08 products is not presently made available for the marketing of seafood harvested and produced 09 domestically; and 10 WHEREAS using a portion of the revenue collected on the importation of foreign 11 seafood products to promote American seafood to domestic consumers will secure American 12 fisheries and seafood processing jobs, create robust and enduring domestic markets, and 13 greatly enhance the nutritional value of American diets; 14 BE IT RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature strongly supports the allocation 15 of money generated from federal marine and fishery product import tariffs for the domestic 16 marketing of Alaska seafood; and be it 17 FURTHER RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature respectfully urges the 18 United States Congress to pass legislation dedicating a significant portion of marine and 19 fishery product import tariffs to a national seafood marketing fund to promote domestic 20 seafood products that face competition from foreign imports; and be it 21 FURTHER RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature respectfully urges the 22 Alaska Delegation in Congress to work with representatives of other seafood and fish- 23 producing states to secure adequate funding for effective and sustained domestic marketing of 24 American seafood. 25 COPIES of this resolution shall be sent to the Honorable Barack Obama, President of 26 the United States; the Honorable Joseph R. Biden, Jr., Vice-President of the United States and 27 President of the U.S. Senate; the Honorable Robert C. Byrd, President Pro Tempore of the 28 U.S. Senate; the Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives; the 29 Honorable Timothy F. Geithner, United States Secretary of the Treasury; the Honorable Tom 30 Vilsack, United States Secretary of Agriculture; and the Honorable Lisa Murkowski and the 31 Honorable Mark Begich, U.S. Senators, and the Honorable Don Young, U.S. Representative,

01 members of the Alaska delegation in Congress.