SB 145: "An Act creating the Sex Offender Management Board in the Department of Corrections."

00 SENATE BILL NO. 145 01 "An Act creating the Sex Offender Management Board in the Department of 02 Corrections." 03 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 04 * Section 1. AS 44.28 is amended by adding new sections to read: 05 Article 2. Sex Offender Management Board. 06 Sec. 44.28.100. Sex Offender Management Board. (a) The sex offender 07 management board is created in the Department of Corrections. 08 (b) The board consists of 09 (1) regular members appointed by the governor as follows: 10 (A) representatives from the Department of Corrections, 11 including the commissioner, a probation and parole officer, and a correctional 12 facility employee who has experience with sex offender treatment programs; 13 (B) representatives from the Department of Health and Social 14 Services, including the commissioner and a representative from child

01 protective services; 02 (C) the commissioner of public safety; 03 (D) the attorney general and a representative of a district 04 attorney's office with experience prosecuting sexual offense cases; 05 (E) one licensed mental health professional who has experience 06 working with sex offenders; 07 (F) a person who has experience working with victims of 08 sexual assault or sexual abuse; 09 (G) a representative of a municipal law enforcement agency 10 serving a population of more than 25,000; 11 (H) a representative of a municipal law enforcement agency 12 serving a population of 25,000 or less; and 13 (I) other members as the governor finds appropriate; 14 (2) one ex officio member appointed by the chief justice of the 15 supreme court and a superior court judge. 16 (c) Each member of the board serves a five-year term and may be reappointed. 17 The board shall select a chair from among its members. The commissioners of 18 corrections, health and social services, and public safety and the attorney general may 19 appoint a designee to act on their behalf on the board. 20 (d) The Department of Corrections shall provide staff and other support for the 21 board. 22 (e) Members of the board serve without compensation but are entitled to per 23 diem and travel expenses under AS 39.20.180. 24 Sec. 44.28.110. Duties of the board. (a) The board shall address any issues, 25 concerns, and problems related to the management of sex offenders after their release 26 from confinement. The main objective of the board is to achieve safer communities by 27 reducing victimization. The board shall 28 (1) conduct a thorough assessment of current practices for the 29 management of sex offenders in the state, including 30 (A) the numbers and distribution of offenders; 31 (B) supervision practices;

01 (C) treatment practices both before and after the offender's 02 release from imprisonment or confinement; 03 (D) housing; 04 (E) recidivism patterns; 05 (F) response to safety concerns of past and future victims; 06 (G) monitoring; 07 (H) cost and effectiveness of current and potential management 08 approaches; 09 (I) significant shortcomings with current management 10 practices; and 11 (2) develop recommendations to improve current practices for the 12 management of sex offenders under supervision in the state with the goal of improving 13 community safety; recommendations must address all significant aspects of 14 management, including supervision, treatment, monitoring, housing, transition to the 15 community, interagency coordination, and the practices of other states. 16 Sec. 44.28.120. Definition. In AS 44.28.100 - 44.28.120, "sex offender" means 17 a person required to register as a sex offender under AS 12.63.