HB 307: "An Act relating to sexual assault protective orders."

00 HOUSE BILL NO. 307 01 "An Act relating to sexual assault protective orders." 02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 * Section 1. AS 22.15.100 is amended to read: 04 Sec. 22.15.100. Functions and powers of district judge and magistrate. 05 Each district judge and magistrate has the power 06 (1) to issue writs of habeas corpus for the purpose of inquiring into the 07 cause of restraint of liberty, returnable before a judge of the superior court, and the 08 same proceedings shall be had on the writ as if it had been granted by the superior 09 court judge under the laws of the state in such cases; 10 (2) of a notary public; 11 (3) to solemnize marriages; 12 (4) to issue warrants of arrest, summons, and search warrants 13 according to manner and procedure prescribed by law and the supreme court; 14 (5) to act as an examining judge or magistrate in preliminary 15 examinations in criminal proceedings; to set, receive, and forfeit bail and to order the

01 release of defendants under bail; 02 (6) to act as a referee in matters and actions referred to the judge or 03 magistrate by the superior court, with all powers conferred upon referees by laws; 04 (7) of the superior court in all respects including but not limited to 05 contempts, attendance of witnesses, and bench warrants; 06 (8) to order the temporary detention of a minor, or take other action 07 authorized by law or rules of procedure, in cases arising under AS 47.10 or AS 47.12, 08 when the minor is in a condition or surrounding dangerous or injurious to the welfare 09 of the minor or others that requires immediate action; the action may be continued in 10 effect until reviewed by the superior court in accordance with rules of procedure 11 governing these cases; 12 (9) to issue a protective order in cases involving 13 (A) domestic violence as provided in AS 18.66.100 - 14 18.66.180; or 15 (B) stalking or sexual assault as provided in AS 18.65.850 - 16 18.65.870; 17 (10) to review an administrative revocation of a person's driver's 18 license or nonresident privilege to drive, and an administrative refusal to issue an 19 original license, when designated as a hearing officer by the commissioner of 20 administration and with the consent of the administrative director of the state court 21 system; 22 (11) to establish the fact of death or inquire into the death of a person 23 in the manner prescribed under AS 09.55.020 - 09.55.069; 24 (12) to issue an ex parte testing, examination, or screening order 25 according to the manner and procedure prescribed by AS 18.15.375.