SCR 2: Proclaiming 2005 as Rotary International Year.

00 SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 2 01 Proclaiming 2005 as Rotary International Year. 02 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 WHEREAS Rotary International traces its origins to meetings of philanthropic 04 businessmen in Chicago beginning in February 1905; and 05 WHEREAS Rotary International is the oldest organization of its kind in the world; 06 and 07 WHEREAS Rotary International has grown from a group of five men in Chicago to 08 become represented by thousands of clubs and hundreds of thousands of men and women 09 members throughout the world on every continent; and 10 WHEREAS Rotary International is the only organization of its kind with offices in 11 the United Nations; and 12 WHEREAS Rotary International leads the worldwide effort to eradicate polio; and 13 WHEREAS Rotary International's service to youth and children and the promotion of 14 responsible leadership in the world is unsurpassed; and 15 WHEREAS Rotary International has established and manages the Paul Harris 16 Foundation, which has grown to become the largest foundation of its kind dedicated to the

01 promotion of world peace and international understanding by addressing major health and 02 survival needs; and 03 WHEREAS Rotary International's "Four Avenues of Service," consisting of club, 04 vocational, community, and international service, tangibly, measurably, and meaningfully 05 result in daily improvements to the world in which we live; and 06 WHEREAS Rotary International's "Four-Way Test" provides a template of ethical 07 and responsible behavior for businesses and individuals; and 08 WHEREAS the leadership of members of Rotary International is a model of 09 leadership throughout national, regional, community, and local entities, providing a pool of 10 men and women who ascend to the highest levels of human endeavor; and 11 WHEREAS Rotary International's membership includes men and women of wide 12 diversity, practices tolerance of religion, creed, race, ethnicity, culture, language, and 13 nationality, and is bound together in the mission of creating a safer, healthier, and more 14 peaceful world for humanity; and 15 WHEREAS Rotary International is a nonsectarian, apolitical, diversified, and 16 philanthropic organization with the sole mission of "Service Above Self"; 17 BE IT RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature proclaims 2005 as Rotary 18 International Year to be recognized through celebratory events, programs, projects, and 19 ceremonies throughout the United States and the world in commemoration of 100 years of 20 service above self by Rotarians everywhere.