SB 133: "An Act establishing the Aviation Advisory Board; and providing for an effective date."

00 SENATE BILL NO. 133 01 "An Act establishing the Aviation Advisory Board; and providing for an effective date." 02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 * Section 1. AS 44.42 is amended by adding new sections to read: 04 Article 2. Aviation Advisory Board. 05 Sec. 44.42.200. Aviation Advisory Board. The Aviation Advisory Board is 06 established in the department. 07 Sec. 44.42.210. Purpose of the board. (a) The purpose of the board is to 08 advise and provide recommendations to the commissioner on public policy related to 09 the department's exercise of its aviation functions assigned by law. 10 (b) Before filling, on a permanent basis, the position of chief administrative 11 officer of the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport or the Fairbanks 12 International Airport, the commissioner shall consult with the board concerning 13 candidates to fill the position. 14 Sec. 44.42.220. Meetings; hearings; records. (a) The board shall meet at 15 least once each year as requested by the commissioner, or more frequently as

01 determined appropriate by the chair of the board, to carry out its advisory functions. 02 The board may hold public hearings and use other means to solicit information from 03 the public and other interested persons necessary to carry out its advisory functions. 04 Meetings of the board are subject to AS 44.62.310 - 44.62.312. 05 (b) Records of the board are subject to AS 40.25.110 - 40.25.120. 06 Sec. 44.42.230. Composition of the board. (a) The Aviation Advisory 07 Board consists of the following 11 members, who are appointed by and serve at the 08 pleasure of the governor: 09 (1) a member who represents a statewide trade association of air 10 carriers doing business in diverse regions of the state and serving both rural and 11 international airports; 12 (2) a member who represents a statewide membership organization of 13 pilots, aircraft owners, and other aviation supporters, organized to promote 14 noncommercial aviation in the state; 15 (3) a member who represents air carriers signatory to the Alaska 16 International Airport System operating agreement; 17 (4) a member who owns or is employed by a regional air carrier in the 18 state; 19 (5) a member who is a community leader residing in the unorganized 20 borough of the state; 21 (6) a member who represents the mayor of the Municipality of 22 Anchorage; 23 (7) a member who jointly represents the mayors of the City of 24 Fairbanks and the Fairbanks North Star Borough; 25 (8) a member who represents the tenants of the Alaska International 26 Airport System, but does not represent an air carrier; 27 (9) a member who represents an air carrier engaged exclusively in the 28 air cargo business in the state; and 29 (10) two members who represent other interests that the governor 30 determines appropriate to advise on aviation activities in the state. 31 (b) To provide geographic balance on the board, the governor shall appoint at

01 least one member from each of the four judicial districts of the state. 02 (c) The governor shall designate a member of the board to serve as chair of the 03 board, or, at the governor's request, the board shall elect a chair from among its 04 members who are not state officers or employees. 05 (d) Members of the board are appointed for staggered three-year terms and 06 serve until a successor is appointed. A member appointed to fill a vacancy on the 07 board serves for the remainder of the unexpired term of the member whose vacancy is 08 being filled. 09 Sec. 44.42.240. Compensation, transportation expenses, and per diem. 10 Board members receive no compensation as members of board. Board members who 11 are not state officers or employees are entitled to transportation expenses and per diem 12 as provided in AS 39.20.180 for members of state boards and commissions. 13 Sec. 44.42.290. Definitions. In AS 44.42.200 - 44.42.290, 14 (1) "Alaska International Airport System" means the Ted Stevens 15 Anchorage International Airport and the Fairbanks International Airport; 16 (2) "board" means Aviation Advisory Board established in 17 AS 44.42.200. 18 * Sec. 2. The uncodified law of the State of Alaska is amended by adding a new section to 19 read: 20 REVISOR'S INSTRUCTION. The revisor of statutes is requested to designate 21 AS 44.42.010 - AS 44.42.080 as art. 1 of AS 44.42 under the heading "Article 1. Department 22 Organization and Functions," and to designate AS 44.42.900 as art. 3 of AS 44.42 under the 23 heading "Article 3. General Provisions." 24 * Sec. 3. This Act takes effect immediately under AS 01.10.070(c).