CSHCR 10(RES): Supporting the development of the Kensington Gold Mine.

00 CS FOR HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 10(RES) 01 Supporting the development of the Kensington Gold Mine. 02 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 WHEREAS the state has abundant natural resources, particularly mineral resources; 04 and 05 WHEREAS the state seeks to develop these minerals in an environmentally 06 responsible manner that will benefit all of its residents; and 07 WHEREAS Coeur Alaska, Inc., has proposed to develop the Kensington Gold Mine 08 north of Juneau, investing over $150,000,000 since 1989; and 09 WHEREAS the Kensington Gold Mine would create over 300 construction jobs and 10 225 long-term, year-round operations jobs with $16,000,000 in annual benefits and payroll, 11 diversifying the economy in Southeast Alaska while protecting the environment; and 12 WHEREAS the United States Forest Service has completed an exhaustive 13 environmental impact analysis and favorable Record of Decision, based on over 900 14 environmental and engineering studies and a related spending commitment by Coeur Alaska, 15 Inc., of approximately $25,000,000; and 16 WHEREAS the United Southeast Alaska Gillnetters and Southeast Alaska

01 Fisherman's Alliance have expressed written support for the Kensington Gold Mine; and 02 WHEREAS the Kensington Gold Mine has also demonstrated a commitment to local 03 employment, training, Alaska and Native hire and purchases; and 04 WHEREAS Coeur Alaska, Inc., has demonstrated an exemplary environmental track 05 record in the state and has demonstrated that it is a responsible environmental steward for all 06 its domestic and international mining projects; and 07 WHEREAS Coeur Alaska, Inc., intends to commence a summer 2005 construction 08 startup, following receipt of the remaining federal and state permits; 09 BE IT RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature proclaims its strong support for 10 this environmentally responsible mining project, and encourages all federal and state agencies 11 to proceed and complete thorough and timely permitting reviews and issue the necessary 12 permits in order that a summer 2005 construction schedule can be achieved and that 2006 13 gold production with associated economic and employment benefits can be realized to benefit 14 the people of Southeast Alaska and the state as a whole.