HB 477: "An Act relating to charitable gaming."

00 HOUSE BILL NO. 477 01 "An Act relating to charitable gaming." 02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 * Section 1. AS 05.15.010 is amended to read: 04 Sec. 05.15.010. Department of Revenue to administer chapter; 05 investigations and prosecutions. The Department of Revenue shall administer this 06 chapter. The Department of Public Safety shall investigate any report of theft or 07 embezzlement by a permittee, operator, employee, or consumer. The Department 08 of Law shall prosecute any theft or embezzlement referred to the department by 09 the Department of Public Safety. 10 * Sec. 2. AS 05.15.020(b) is amended to read: 11 (b) An additional fee of one percent of the net proceeds received during the 12 preceding two years [YEAR] from the activities authorized under the permit shall be 13 paid to the department annually by the municipality or qualified organization 14 authorized to conduct activities under this chapter, if the gross receipts for the 15 activities were $40,000 [$20,000] or more.

01 * Sec. 3. AS 05.15.020(c) is amended to read: 02 (c) The biennial [ANNUAL] permit fee under (a) of this section is 03 (1) $40 [$20] for an applicant that did not hold a permit during the 04 preceding year; 05 (2) $40 [$20] for an applicant that had gross receipts of less than 06 $40,000 [$20,000] from activities conducted under this chapter during the preceding 07 two years [YEAR]; 08 (3) $100 [$50] for an applicant that had gross receipts of $20,000 or 09 more but not exceeding $200,000 [$100,000] from activities conducted under this 10 chapter during the preceding two years [YEAR]; or 11 (4) $200 [$100] for an applicant that had gross receipts exceeding 12 $200,000 [$100,000] from activities conducted under this chapter during the preceding 13 two years [YEAR]. 14 * Sec. 4. AS 05.15.083(b) is amended to read: 15 (b) An operator shall file a biennial [AN ANNUAL] report with the 16 department not [NO] later than February 28 of the year following the two year period 17 in which activities were conducted. The report must include, for each authorizing 18 permittee on whose behalf an activity was conducted, the types of activities 19 conducted, the total amount of gross receipts, the total amount of authorized expenses, 20 the total value of prizes awarded, and the total amount of net proceeds paid to each 21 authorizing permittee. The biennial [ANNUAL] report must also include a completed 22 Internal Revenue Service Form W-2 for each person employed by the operator during 23 the preceding two year period. 24 * Sec. 5. AS 05.15.090 is amended to read: 25 Sec. 05.15.090. Agency reports. Before April 15 of each year, the department 26 shall prepare a detailed report containing a summary of all reports required of 27 permittees and operators. The attorney general and the commissioner of public safety 28 shall, within 10 days after the convening of the legislature each year, jointly prepare a 29 detailed report outlining the effect, if any, of the operation of this chapter on the legal 30 and law enforcement activities of the state and notify the legislature that the report is 31 available. The report must include information concerning any investigations or

01 prosecutions undertaken by the Department of Public Safety or the Department 02 of Law as required under AS 05.15.010. 03 * Sec. 6. 15 AAC 160.580(e) is annulled.