HB 259: "An Act relating to covered or enclosed loads."

00 HOUSE BILL NO. 259 01 "An Act relating to covered or enclosed loads." 02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 * Section 1. AS 28.35.251(a) is amended to read: 04 (a) A person may not drive a motor vehicle loaded with sand, gravel, rock, or 05 similar materials on a highway unless 06 (1) the load is covered or enclosed [CONTAINED OR CONFINED] 07 to prevent the load from dropping, shifting, leaking, or escaping, except that sand or 08 other substances may be dropped, sprinkled, or sprayed for the purpose of cleaning or 09 maintaining the highway or providing traction; and 10 (2) the load is subjected to treatment by methods, approved by the 11 commissioner of public safety by regulation, designed to settle the load or remove 12 loose material before the vehicle is driven on the highway.