HB 85: "An Act relating to self-administration and documentation of certain types of medication prescribed to a child attending school."

00 HOUSE BILL NO. 85 01 "An Act relating to self-administration and documentation of certain types of 02 medication prescribed to a child attending school." 03 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 04 * Section 1. AS 14.30 is amended by adding a new section to read: 05 Article 2A. Pupil Health. 06 Sec. 14.30.141. Self-administration and documentation of medication. (a) 07 A school shall permit the self-administration of medication by a pupil for asthma, 08 anaphylaxis, or other potentially life-threatening illness if, during the current school 09 year, the pupil's parent or guardian provides the school 10 (1) written authorization for the self-administration of the medication; 11 (2) written certification from the pupil's health care provider that the 12 pupil 13 (A) has asthma, a condition that may lead to anaphylaxis, or 14 other potentially life-threatening illness;

01 (B) has received instruction in the proper method of self- 02 administration of the medication; and 03 (C) is able to self-administer the medication safely; 04 (3) a release of liability for the school and its employees or agents for 05 injury arising from the self-administration of the medication; and 06 (4) an agreement to indemnify and hold harmless the school and its 07 employees or agents for any claims arising out the self-administration of the 08 medication. 09 (b) The school shall provide written notification to the pupil's parent or 10 guardian of the school's absence of liability related to the self-administration of 11 medication under this section. 12 (c) A pupil who is permitted to self-administer medication under this section 13 shall be permitted to carry an inhaler or autoinjectable epinephrine, or both, at all 14 times as long as the pupil does not endanger any person through the misuse of the 15 inhaler. Misuse of an inhaler includes exceeding the prescribed dosage of the 16 medication. An inhaler includes metered-dose, breath-activated, and dry powder 17 inhalers, and spacers and holding chambers. 18 (d) The school may confiscate a self-administered medication if a pupil 19 misuses the medication. 20 (e) In this section, "health care provider" means a licensed physician, 21 advanced nurse practitioner, physician assistant, village health aide, or public health 22 nurse.