Enrolled HCR 29: Relating to support for therapeutic courts for repeat driving while under the influence offenders.

00Enrolled HCR 29 01 Relating to support for therapeutic courts for repeat driving while under the influence 02 offenders. 03 _______________ 04 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 05 WHEREAS the Twenty-Second Alaska State Legislature enacted legislation 06 establishing pilot therapeutic court models and establishing standards for court-ordered 07 treatment programs; and 08 WHEREAS pilot courts in Anchorage and Bethel are applying the therapeutic court 09 model effectively, and the communities of Juneau, Fairbanks, and Ketchikan and the Alaska 10 Court System are in the process of developing therapeutic courts for driving while under the 11 influence (DUI) and other substance offenders; and 12 WHEREAS the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has instituted a 13 national program to provide federal funds for the startup of DUI therapeutic courts; and 14 WHEREAS the participation of the Department of Law and its local district attorney 15 offices, the Public Defender Agency, and the Department of Corrections, division of 16 probation and parole, is vital to the startup of these courts; 17 BE IT RESOLVED that

01 (1) the legislature supports the efforts of therapeutic courts to reduce DUI 02 crime, thereby reducing public harm and saving public costs; 03 (2) the Department of Law, the Public Defender Agency, and the Department 04 of Corrections, division of probation and parole, are encouraged to actively participate in the 05 startup of therapeutic courts in Fairbanks, Ketchikan, and other communities where there is a 06 large population of DUI offenders and local support for therapeutic courts. 07 COPIES of this resolution shall be sent to the Honorable Gregg Renkes, Alaska 08 Attorney General; the Honorable Alexander O. Bryner, Chief Justice of the Alaska Supreme 09 Court; the Honorable Mike Miller, Commissioner, Department of Administration; the 10 Honorable Stephanie J. Cole, Administrative Director, Alaska Court System; the Honorable 11 Barbara Brink, Public Defender; and the Honorable Marc Antrim, Commissioner, Department 12 of Corrections.