HCS CSSJR 8(MLV): Relating to supporting polling places at military installations.

00 HOUSE CS FOR CS FOR SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 8(MLV) 01 Relating to supporting polling places at military installations. 02 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 WHEREAS the Department of Defense (DoD) issued a directive that disrupted the 04 traditional authority of military base and post commanders in Alaska to allow local election 05 officials to set up voting booths at military installations; and 06 WHEREAS this action makes it more difficult for thousands of military personnel 07 and their families to vote; and 08 WHEREAS recent election history has shown that every vote is important in deciding 09 an election; and 10 WHEREAS Alaska has a long tradition of voting at military installations that could 11 end as a result of the DoD directive; and 12 WHEREAS Alaska has four polling places that could be made unavailable for future 13 elections by the DoD directive, including polling places at Ft. Richardson, Ft. Wainwright, 14 Elmendorf Air Force Base, and Eielson Air Force Base; and 15 WHEREAS the U.S. House of Representatives responded to the negative effects the 16 DoD directive would have on Americans in uniform and their families by passing H.R. 5174

01 on October 12, 2000, to ensure the voting rights of Americans who live on military bases and 02 posts; and 03 WHEREAS H.R. 5174 allows the Secretary of a military department to make any 04 building at a military installation under the Secretary's jurisdiction available for use as a 05 polling place in any federal, state, or local election; and 06 WHEREAS once that site is made available for an election, H.R. 5174 provides it will 07 remain available for subsequent elections, unless the Secretary notifies the Congress in 08 advance of the reasons the building will no longer be used in that capacity; 09 BE IT RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature respectfully requests the 10 President of the United States and the United States Secretary of Defense to countermand any 11 directive that impedes the rights of American citizens to vote at election sites at military 12 installations. 13 COPIES of this resolution shall be sent to the Honorable George W. Bush, President 14 of the United States; the Honorable Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense; Lieutenant 15 General Norton A. Schwartz, Commander, Alaskan Command, U.S. Air Force; Admiral 16 Dennis C. Blair, Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Command, U.S. Navy; Major General 17 James J. Lovelace, Jr., Commanding General, U.S. Army Alaska; and to the Honorable Ted 18 Stevens and the Honorable Frank Murkowski, U.S. Senators, and the Honorable Don Young, 19 U.S. Representative, members of the Alaska delegation in Congress.