HB 349: "An Act relating to agency programs and financial plans."

00 HOUSE BILL NO. 349 01 "An Act relating to agency programs and financial plans." 02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 * Section 1. AS 37.07.050(a) is amended to read: 04 (a) The agencies shall assure the development of a statewide system of results- 05 based government designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness of state programs 06 and services. Toward that end, each state agency shall, on a semi-annual basis, 07 identify results-based measures that have been used to work toward achievement of 08 the mission statement and desired results issued by the legislature and of other goals of 09 the agency, and set out the results as measured. Each state agency shall also prepare 10 information that shall be compiled and submitted on December 15 each year to the 11 office, the legislature, and the legislative finance division; this information must 12 (1) identify the agency mission and desired results established by the 13 legislature; 14 (2) identify the goals and objectives the agency will use to achieve the 15 legislature's mission and desired results;

01 (3) set out the results of any user group surveys and, if the results do 02 not agree with the mission and desired results, goals, and objectives, explain why; 03 (4) include written, defined methods of measuring results that apply to 04 the responsibilities, products, and services of the agency; 05 (5) identify results-based measures that have been used to work toward 06 achievement of the mission statement and desired results issued by the legislature and 07 other goals of the agency [,] and set out the results as measured; 08 (6) identify surveys or other methods of gathering user group opinions 09 that have been used by the agency to identify ways to improve its programs; 10 (7) identify methods of measuring performance when the mission 11 statement and desired results issued by the legislature involve [INVOLVES] more 12 than one agency and make recommendations to eliminate duplication of government 13 functions and waste; 14 (8) identify ways in which the agency has involved its employees in 15 the development of methods of measuring results, including opportunities for 16 employee representatives to participate in committees established to develop methods 17 of measuring results; 18 (9) include the budget requested to carry out the agency's proposed 19 plans in the succeeding fiscal year, including information reflecting the expenditures 20 during the last fiscal year, the expenditures authorized for the current fiscal year, the 21 expenditures proposed for the succeeding fiscal year, an explanation of the services to 22 be provided, the number of total positions for all persons employed or under contract 23 by the agency for personal services including those rendered for capital improvement 24 projects, the need for the services, the cost of the services, and other information 25 requested by the office; 26 (10) include a report of agency receipts during the last fiscal year, an 27 estimate of receipts during the current fiscal year, and an estimate of receipts for the 28 succeeding fiscal year; 29 (11) identify legislation required to implement the proposed programs 30 and financial plans; 31 (12) include an evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of

01 specific alternatives to existing or proposed agency activities or administrative 02 methods; 03 (13) prioritize the activities of the agency from the most important 04 to the least important. 05 * Sec. 2. AS 37.07.050(f) is amended to read:. 06 (f) Budget requests for boards and commissions and for those agency 07 programs for the fiscal year following termination under AS 44.66 shall be prepared 08 and submitted. The recommended appropriation request must include [:] 09 (1) an identification of the objectives intended for the program and the 10 problem or need that [WHICH] the activities and operations of the board, 11 commission, or program is intended to address; 12 (2) an assessment of the degree to which the original objectives of the 13 program have been achieved expressed in terms of performance, effects, or 14 accomplishments of the program and of the program or need that [WHICH] it was 15 intended to address; 16 (3) a statement of the performance and accomplishments of the 17 program in each of the last four completed fiscal years and of the costs incurred in the 18 operation of the program; 19 (4) a statement of the number and types of persons affected by 20 operation of the program; 21 (5) a summary statement, for each of the last three completed fiscal 22 years, of the number of personnel employed in carrying out the program and a 23 summary of the cost of personnel employed under contract in carrying out the 24 program; 25 (6) an assessment of the effect of the program on the economy of the 26 state; 27 (7) an assessment of the degree to which the overall policies of the 28 program, as expressed in regulations adopted by the agency, board, or commission and 29 its decisions, meet the objectives of the legislature in establishing the program; [AND] 30 (8) an analysis of the services and performance estimated to be 31 achieved if the life of the agency, board, or commission were to be continued;

01 (9) a prioritized list of the activities the agency, board, or 02 commission would be expected to perform if the life of the agency, board, or 03 commission were to be continued, from the most important to the least 04 important.