SCR 20: Relating to support of the State of Alaska's areawide leasing program.

00SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 20 01 Relating to support of the State of Alaska's areawide leasing program. 02 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 WHEREAS the Nineteenth Alaska State Legislature unanimously passed and the 04 Governor signed legislation (House Bill 388) that acknowledges areawide leasing as a policy 05 that is in the best interest of the state; and 06 WHEREAS the state must contend with a highly competitive global market for oil and 07 gas exploration and development; and 08 WHEREAS areawide leasing encourages substantial economic investment in the state 09 by offering businesses some certainty through annual bidding opportunities over a period of 10 10 years; and 11 WHEREAS areawide leasing brings efficiency to government by eliminating the need 12 to make a best interest finding for leasing in regions that have already had extensive leasing; 13 and 14 WHEREAS the areawide leasing process does not reduce the public's right or

01 opportunity to comment but, in fact, adds opportunities to comment through an annual request 02 for new information from the public; and 03 WHEREAS the oil and gas industry provides 80 percent of the state's unrestricted 04 revenue base; and 05 WHEREAS a prosperous business environment and employment for Alaska's people 06 depend on the continued health of the state's oil and gas industry; and 07 WHEREAS areawide leasing helps promote a healthy oil and gas industry in the state; 08 and 09 WHEREAS the Alaska State Legislature supports a strong Alaska economy and 10 opportunities for Alaska businesses; 11 BE IT RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature endorses the State of Alaska's 12 areawide leasing program for the Cook Inlet, North Slope, and Beaufort Sea regions.