SB 99: "An Act relating to the practice of architecture, engineering, and land surveying."

00SENATE BILL NO. 99 01 "An Act relating to the practice of architecture, engineering, and land surveying." 02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 * Section 1. AS 08.48.221 is amended to read: 04  Sec. 08.48.221. SEALS. Each registrant may obtain a seal of the design 05 authorized by the board, bearing the registrant's name, registration number, and the 06 legend, "Registered Professional Architect," "Registered Professional Engineer," or 07 "Registered Professional Land Surveyor," as appropriate. When a registrant issues 08 final drawings, specifications, surveys, plats, plates, reports, or similar documents, 09 the registrant shall sign the documents and stamp the documents with the seal. 10 [FINAL DRAWINGS, SPECIFICATIONS, SURVEYS, PLATS, PLATES, REPORTS 11 AND OTHER SIMILAR DOCUMENTS SHALL, WHEN ISSUED, BE SIGNED AND 12 STAMPED WITH THE SEAL.] The board shall adopt regulations governing the use 13 of seals by the registrant. An architect, engineer, or land surveyor may not affix or 14 permit a seal and signature to be affixed to an instrument after the expiration of a

01 certificate or for the purpose of aiding or abetting another person to evade or attempt 02 to evade a provision of this chapter. The registrant, by affixing the registrant's seal 03 to final drawings, specifications, surveys, plats, plates, reports, and other similar 04 documents, and signing them, certifies that these documents were prepared by or under 05 the registrant's direct supervision, unless the registrant certifies on the face of the 06 document to the extent of the registrant's responsibility. 07 * Sec. 2. AS 08.48.281 is amended to read: 08  Sec. 08.48.281. PROHIBITED PRACTICE. A person may not practice or 09 offer to practice the profession of architecture, engineering, or land surveying in the 10 state, or use in connection with the person's name or otherwise assume or advertise 11 a title or description tending to convey the impression that the person is an [A 12 REGISTERED] architect, an engineer, or a land surveyor, unless the person has been 13 registered under the provisions of this chapter or is a person to whom these provisions 14 do not apply, or, in the case of a corporation, unless it has been authorized under this 15 chapter. 16 * Sec. 3. AS 08.48.331 is amended to read: 17  Sec. 08.48.331. EXEMPTIONS. This chapter does not apply to 18  (1) a contractor performing work designed by a professional architect 19 or engineer or the supervision of the construction of the work as a supervisor or 20 superintendent for a contractor; 21  (2) workers in building trades crafts, superintendents, supervisors, or 22 inspectors in the performance of their customary duties; 23  (3) an officer or employee of the United States government practicing 24 architecture, engineering, or land surveying as required by the person's official 25 capacity; 26  (4) an employee or a subordinate of a person registered under this 27 chapter if the work or service is done under the direct supervision of a person 28 registered under this chapter; 29  (5) associates, consultants, or specialists retained by a registered 30 individual, a partnership of registered individuals, or a corporation authorized to 31 practice architecture, engineering, or land surveying under this chapter, in the

01 performance of professional services if responsible charge of the work remains with 02 the individual, the partnership, or a designated representative of the corporation; 03  (6) a person preparing drawings or specifications for 04  (A) a building for the person's own use and occupancy as a 05 single family residence; 06  (B) farm or ranch buildings, unless the public health, safety, or 07 welfare is involved; 08  (C) a building that is intended to be used only as a residence 09 by not more than four families and that is not more than two stories high; 10  (D) a garage, workshop, or similar building that contains less 11 than 2,000 square feet of floor space to be used for a private noncommercial 12 purpose; 13  (7) a specialty contractor licensed under AS 08.18 while engaged in the 14 business of construction contracting or designing systems for work within the specialty 15 to be performed or supervised by the specialty contractor, or a contractor preparing 16 shop or field drawings for work that the specialty contractor has contracted to perform; 17  (8) a person furnishing drawings, specifications, instruments of service, 18 or other data for alterations or repairs to a building that do not change or affect the 19 structural system or the safety of the building, or that do not affect the public health, 20 safety, or welfare; 21  (9) a person who is employed by a postsecondary educational 22 institution to teach engineering, architectural, or land surveying courses; in this 23 paragraph, "postsecondary educational institution" has the meaning given in 24 AS 14.48.210; 25  (10) an officer or employee of an individual, firm, partnership, 26 association, or corporation, who practices engineering only when required by the 27 person's official capacity or work duties connected with the person's employment, 28 and the individual, firm, partnership, association, or corporation is not engaged 29 in the business of offering engineering services to the public; the exemption in this 30 paragraph does not apply to an officer or employee of an electrical utility.