HB 476: "An Act establishing YUKLA 27 Remembrance Day."

00HOUSE BILL NO. 476 01 "An Act establishing YUKLA 27 Remembrance Day." 02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 * Section 1. AS 44.12 is amended by adding a new section to article 2 to read: 04  Sec. 44.12.090. YUKLA 27 REMEMBRANCE DAY. (a) YUKLA 27 05 Remembrance Day is established on September 22 each year to honor the memory of 06 the airmen who perished in the crash of an Advanced Warning and Control System 07 (AWACS) plane shortly after taking off from Elmendorf Air Force Base on 08 September 22, 1995. YUKLA 27, the call sign of this tragic flight, contained a crew 09 of 24, none of whom survived. 10  (b) The crew members of YUKLA 27 were First Lieutenant Carlos A. Arriaga, 11 Weapons Director; Technical Sergeant Mark A. Bramer, Flight Engineer; Staff 12 Sergeant Scott A. Bresson, Airborne Radar Technician; Technical Sergeant Mark A. 13 Collins, Communications Systems Operator; Senior Airman Lawrence E. DeFrancesco, 14 Communications Systems Operator; Technical Sergeant Bart L. Holmes, Flight

01 Engineer; Lieutenant Colonel Richard G. Leary, Navigator; Master Corporal J.-P. 02 Legault, Communications Technician; Captain Robert J. Long, Senior Director; Master 03 Sergeant Stephen C. O'Connell, Advanced Air Surveillance Technician; Captain 04 Bradley W. Paakola, Pilot; Technical Sergeant Ernest R. Parrish, Area Specialist; 05 Sergeant David L. Pitcher, Battle Director Technician; Captain Glenn J. "Skip" Rogers, 06 Pilot; Airman Jeshua C. Smith, Airborne Surveillance Technician; Staff Sergeant 07 Raymond O. Spencer, Jr., Airborne Surveillance Technician; Major Richard Patrick 08 Stewart II, Mission Crew Commander; Technical Sergeant Charles D. Sweet, Jr., 09 Airborne Radar Technician; Major Marlon R. Thomas, Mission Crew Commander; 10 Technical Sergeant Timothy B. Thomas, Computer Display Maintenance Technician; 11 Major Steven A. Tuttle, Airborne Surveillance Officer; Technical Sergeant Brian K. 12 Van Leer, Advanced Air Surveillance Technician; Airman Darien F. Watson, Airborne 13 Surveillance Technician; and Senior Airman Joshua N. Weter, Computer Display 14 Maintenance Technician. 15  (c) The governor shall issue a proclamation to commemorate YUKLA 27 16 Remembrance Day and shall direct that the Alaska flag be flown at half-mast on that 17 day. The day may be observed by suitable observances and exercises by civic groups 18 and the public.