HB 94: "An Act relating to the management of public schools by a private agency."

00HOUSE BILL NO. 94 01 "An Act relating to the management of public schools by a private agency." 02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 * Section 1. AS 14.08.101 is amended to read: 04  Sec. 14.08.101. POWERS. A regional school board may 05  (1) sue and be sued; 06  (2) contract with the department, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, a 07 private agency that specializes in school management, or any other school district, 08 agency, or regional board for the provision of services, facilities, supplies, or utilities; 09  (3) determine its own fiscal procedures, including but not limited to 10 policies and procedures for the purchase of supplies and equipment; the regional school 11 boards are exempt from AS 37.05 (Fiscal Procedures Act) and AS 36.30 (State 12 Procurement Code); 13  (4) appoint, compensate, and otherwise control all school employees 14 in accordance with this title; these employees are not subject to AS 39.25 (State

01 Personnel Act); 02  (5) adopt regulations governing organization, policies, and procedures 03 for the operation of the schools; 04  (6) establish, maintain, operate, discontinue, and combine schools 05 subject to the approval of the commissioner; 06  (7) recommend to the department projects for construction, 07 rehabilitation, and improvement of schools and education-related facilities as specified 08 in AS 14.11.011(b), and plan, design, and construct the project when the responsibility 09 for it is assumed under AS 14.11.020; 10  (8) by resolution adopted by a majority of all the members of the board 11 and provided to the commissioner of the department, assume ownership of all land and 12 buildings used in relation to the schools in the regional educational attendance area; 13  (9) provide housing for rental to teachers, by leasing existing housing 14 from a local agency or individual, or by entering into contractual arrangements with 15 a local agency or individual to lease housing that will be constructed by the local 16 agency or individual for that purpose; 17  (10) exercise those other functions that may be necessary for the proper 18 performance of its responsibilities. 19 * Sec. 2. AS 14.12.020 is amended by adding a new subsection to read: 20  (d) A governing body may contract with a private agency to provide 21 management services to the district.