HR 9 AM: Protecting the lifestyle of pachyderms.

00HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 9 am 01 Protecting the lifestyle of pachyderms. 02 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: 03 WHEREAS elephants are a form of the labor force, provide entertainment, and are 04 used for promotional events; and 05 WHEREAS there is no known documentation that the African elephant transmits 06 dangerous diseases to mankind; and 07 WHEREAS the children and other citizens of Alaska should not be deprived of an 08 opportunity to an education as part of the animal world; and 09 WHEREAS the state should promote good business relations and enhance educational 10 opportunities for visitors and residents to experience; and 11 WHEREAS a particular African elephant (Moxie) has been officially certified and 12 approved by the United States Department of Agriculture; and 13 WHEREAS Alaska is the only state in the union that includes elephants on the exotic 14 animal prohibition list;

01 BE IT RESOLVED that the House of Representatives respectfully requests the 02 Governor to ask the commissioner of fish and game to grant a second extension under an 03 educational permit; and be it 04 FURTHER RESOLVED that Moxie, a once orphaned elephant and star of television 05 and screen, should be permanently exempted from the exotic animal prohibition list; and be 06 it 07 FURTHER RESOLVED that any African elephant that enters the state for purposes 08 of exhibition, entertainment, or education should be excluded from the prohibited list.