HCR 16: Relating to establishing the coal policy of the state.

00HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 16 01 Relating to establishing the coal policy of the state. 02 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 WHEREAS a healthy future for Alaska's coal industry depends on the perception 04 among foreign and domestic buyers that the state supports coal development; and 05 WHEREAS a vibrant coal industry is a benefit to the state and its citizens; and 06 WHEREAS the export potential of Alaska coal and the maintenance of the coal 07 industry's current small share of international coal exports are of vital importance to the future 08 success of Alaska's coal industry; and 09 WHEREAS competition against Alaska coal exports is international rather than 10 domestic in nature; and 11 WHEREAS in-state domestic use of coal can make a very important contribution to 12 long-term power supplies and power supply costs; and 13 WHEREAS a vibrant coal industry will enhance receipts to the state in the form of 14 mining license and corporate income taxes and lease rentals and royalties; and

01 WHEREAS the export of Alaska's coal will substantially enhance the gross state 02 product and will have a positive effect on the trade balance of the United States; 03 BE IT RESOLVED by the Alaska State Legislature that it is the official policy of the 04 state to foster the responsible development and expansion of its domestic and export coal 05 industry; and be it 06 FURTHER RESOLVED that the state shall exercise all prudent and expeditious 07 means to maintain and expand Alaska's current and future coal production and export market 08 share; and be it 09 FURTHER RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature shall work diligently with 10 the Governor and the Governor's administration to identify unwarranted impediments to the 11 growth of Alaska's coal industry and shall develop strategies to eliminate or mitigate the 12 adverse effects of these impediments; and be it 13 FURTHER RESOLVED that the state, in recognition of the benefits of a vibrant coal 14 industry, shall endeavor to maintain stable royalty and coal industry taxation policies; and be 15 it 16 FURTHER RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature respectfully requests that 17 the Governor and the Governor's administration, particularly the Department of Commerce 18 and Economic Development, assist the Legislature in taking a leadership role in the planning 19 and evaluation of existing infrastructure and the need for the development of new 20 infrastructure and in the review of transportation modes and rates in an effort to maximize 21 efficient capacity utilization and reduce unit costs; and be it 22 FURTHER RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature respectfully requests the 23 Governor to assist the Legislature in seeking a waiver to the Jones Act for bulk commodities 24 of low unit value such as coal; and be it 25 FURTHER RESOLVED that the Alaska State Legislature respectfully requests the 26 Governor and the administration to assist it in fostering commercial demonstrations of new 27 coal technologies that hold the potential to meet the state's energy needs and that can produce 28 value-added products from Alaska coal; and be it 29 FURTHER RESOLVED that it is in the best interests of the state for the state to 30 maintain control over the coal regulatory program, to adequately fund the management and 31 enforcement of the program, and to continue to review and update the coal regulatory program

01 to ensure that state primacy in coal regulation is maintained. 02 COPIES of this resolution shall be sent to the Governor, and to the Honorable Ted 03 Stevens and the Honorable Frank Murkowski, U.S. Senators, and the Honorable Don Young, 04 U.S. Representative, members of the Alaska delegation in Congress.