HB 256: "An Act relating to the legislative internship program."

00HOUSE BILL NO. 256 01 "An Act relating to the legislative internship program." 02 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA: 03 * Section 1. AS 24.20.060 is amended to read: 04  Sec. 24.20.060. POWERS. The legislative council has the power 05  (1) to organize and adopt rules for the conduct of its business; 06  (2) to hold public hearings, administer oaths, issue subpoenas, compel 07 the attendance of witnesses and production of papers, books, accounts, documents, and 08 testimony, and to have the deposition of witnesses taken in a manner prescribed by 09 court rule or law for taking depositions in civil actions when consistent with the 10 powers and duties assigned to the council by AS 24.20.010 - 24.20.140; 11  (3) to call upon all state officials, agencies, and institutions to give full 12 cooperation to the council and its executive director by collecting and furnishing 13 information, conducting studies, and making recommendations; 14  (4) in addition to providing the administrative services required for the

01 operation of the legislative branch, 02  (A) to provide the technical staff assistance in research, 03 reporting, drafting, and counseling requested by standing, interim, and special 04 committees and spot research and drafting services for individual members in 05 conformity with law and legislative rules; 06  (B) to conduct a continuing program for the revision and 07 publication of the acts of the legislature; 08  (C) to execute a program for the oversight of the administration 09 and construction of laws by state agencies and the courts through regulations, 10 opinions, and rulings; 11  (D) to operate and maintain the state legislative reference 12 library; 13  (E) to do all things necessary to carry out legislative directives 14 and law, and the duties set out in the uniform rules of the legislature; 15  (F) to sue in the name of the legislature during the interim 16 between sessions if authorized by majority vote of the full membership of the 17 council; 18  (5) to exercise control and direction over all legislative space, supplies, 19 and equipment and permanent legislative help between legislative sessions; 20  (6) to produce, publish, distribute, and to contract for the printing of 21 reports, memoranda, and other materials it finds necessary to the accomplishment of 22 its work; 23  (7) to take appropriate action for the preconvening and post-session 24 work of each legislative session including the employment one week in advance of 25 each session of not more than 10 temporary legislative employees; the continuing 26 employment of the temporary legislative employees is subject to legislative approval 27 when the session convenes; 28  (8) to establish a legislative internship program on a cooperative basis 29 with the University of Alaska that will provide for the assignment of interns to 30 legislators and to standing committees of each house of the legislature during regular 31 sessions of the legislature; [,] and

01  (9) to establish reasonable fees for services and materials provided by 02 the Legislative Affairs Agency to entities outside of the legislative branch of state 03 government and charges for collecting the fees; all fees and charges collected under 04 this paragraph shall be deposited into the general fund. 05 * Sec. 2. AS 24.20.062 is amended to read: 06  Sec. 24.20.062. LEGISLATIVE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM. A legislative 07 internship program established by the legislative council under AS 24.20.060(8) shall 08 provide that 09  (1) the University of Alaska provide academic support and credit to the 10 program; 11  (2) students enrolled and in good standing at any accredited 12 postsecondary educational institution who have successfully completed at least two 13 years of study are eligible to participate in the program; 14  (3) interns will be selected by a committee composed of members of 15 the legislature appointed by the legislative council and representatives of the university 16 appointed by the university; 17  (4) interns will be selected on the basis of their experience and interest 18 in subjects which the legislative council feels are likely to be considered during a 19 legislative session; 20  (5) legislative interns are entitled to receive academic credit and 21 payment of $30 for each day of participation in the program during the legislative 22 session; 23  (6) placement of legislative interns in the offices of legislators who 24 are members of different political parties must be in proportion to the 25 representation in the legislature of membership in the political parties.