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30th Legislature(2017-2018)

Bill Text 30th Legislature

00 Enrolled SB 215                                                                                                         
01 Relating to multi-line telephone systems.                                                                               
02                           _______________                                                                               
03    * Section 1. AS 29.35.134 is amended to read:                                                                        
04 Sec. 29.35.134. Multi-line telephone systems. A municipality may by                                                     
05 ordinance [ELECT TO] require [AN ENHANCED 911 SYSTEM FROM] a multi-line                                                 
06 telephone system operator to comply with this section if, after January 1, 2019, the                                  
07       system operator                                                                                                 
08                 (1)  upgrades an existing multi-line telephone system; or                                             
09                 (2)  installs a new multi-line telephone system [. A MULTI-LINE                                       
10 TELEPHONE SYSTEM OPERATOR MUST ARRANGE TO UPDATE THE                                                                    
11 AUTOMATIC LOCATION IDENTIFICATION DATABASE WITH AN                                                                      
12 APPROPRIATE MASTER STREET ADDRESS GUIDE, VALID ADDRESS, AND                                                             
13 CALLBACK NUMBER FOR EACH MULTI-LINE TELEPHONE SYSTEM                                                                    
14 TELEPHONE, SO THAT THE LOCATION INFORMATION SPECIFIES THE                                                               
15 EMERGENCY RESPONSE LOCATION OF THE CALLER. A MULTI-LINE                                                                 
01 TELEPHONE SYSTEM OPERATOR IS CONSIDERED TO BE IN COMPLIANCE                                                             
02 WITH THIS SECTION WHEN THE MULTI-LINE TELEPHONE SYSTEM                                                                  
03 COMPLIES WITH ENHANCED 911 GENERALLY ACCEPTED INDUSTRY                                                                  
04 STANDARDS AS DEFINED BY THE REGULATORY COMMISSION OF                                                                    
05       ALASKA. FOR PURPOSES OF THIS SECTION,                                                                             
06 (1)  "CALLBACK NUMBER" MEANS A NUMBER USED BY THE                                                                       
07 PUBLIC SAFETY ANSWERING POINT TO RE-CONTACT THE LOCATION                                                                
08 FROM WHICH A 911 CALL IS PLACED; THE NUMBER MAY OR MAY NOT                                                              
09       BE THE NUMBER OF THE STATION USED TO ORIGINATE THE 911 CALL;                                                      
10 (2)  "EMERGENCY RESPONSE LOCATION" MEANS THE                                                                            
11 LOCATION TO WHICH A 911 EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM MAY BE                                                                  
12 DISPATCHED THAT IS SPECIFIC ENOUGH TO PROVIDE A REASONABLE                                                              
13 OPPORTUNITY FOR THE EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM TO QUICKLY                                                                  
14       LOCATE A CALLER ANYWHERE WITHIN IT;                                                                               
15 (3)  "MASTER STREET ADDRESS GUIDE" MEANS A                                                                              
16 DATABASE OF FORMATTED STREET NAMES, NUMERICAL ADDRESSES                                                                 
17 OR ADDRESS RANGES, AND OTHER PARAMETERS DEFINING VALID                                                                  
18 LOCATIONS AND EMERGENCY SERVICES ZONES, AND THEIR                                                                       
19 ASSOCIATED EMERGENCY SERVICES NUMBERS, THAT ENABLES THE                                                                 
20       PROPER ROUTING AND RESPONSE TO 911 CALLS;                                                                         
21 (4)  "MULTI-LINE TELEPHONE SYSTEM" MEANS A SYSTEM                                                                       
22 MADE UP OF COMMON CONTROL UNITS, TELEPHONE SETS, AND                                                                    
23 CONTROL HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE, INCLUDING NETWORK AND                                                                    
24 PREMISES BASED SYSTEMS SUCH AS CENTREX AND PBX, HYBRID, AND                                                             
25 KEY TELEPHONE SYSTEMS, AS CLASSIFIED BY THE FEDERAL                                                                     
26 COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION UNDER PART 68 REQUIREMENTS, AND                                                               
27 INCLUDING SYSTEMS OWNED OR LEASED BY GOVERNMENTAL                                                                       
28       AGENCIES OR NONPROFIT ENTITIES, AS WELL AS FOR PROFIT ENTITIES;                                                   
29 (5)  "MULTI-LINE TELEPHONE SYSTEM OPERATOR" MEANS                                                                       
30 AN ENTITY THAT OWNS, LEASES, OR RENTS FROM A THIRD PARTY, AND                                                           
31 OPERATES A MULTI-LINE TELEPHONE SYSTEM THROUGH WHICH A                                                                  
01       CALLER MAY PLACE A 911 CALL THROUGH A PUBLIC SWITCHED                                                             
02       NETWORK].                                                                                                         
03    * Sec. 2. AS 29.35.134 is amended by adding new subsections to read:                                                 
04            (b)  The operator of a multi-line telephone system that is required to comply                                
05       with this section shall ensure that the system                                                                    
06                 (1)  allows a caller to call 911 by dialing 911 directly without an                                     
07       additional code, digit, prefix, postfix, or trunk-access code;                                                    
08                 (2)  for every 911 call made using the system, provides to the public                                   
09       safety answering point receiving the call verified automated number and location                                  
10       information for the call, including                                                                               
11 (A)  the street name, valid address, and business name, if                                                              
12            applicable;                                                                                                  
13                      (B)  the direct callback telephone number;                                                         
14                      (C)  the office, unit, or building number, as applicable;                                          
15                      (D)  the room number or equivalent designation;                                                    
16 (E)  if the multi-line telephone system operates for a building                                                         
17            that has more than one floor, the building floor;                                                            
18 (F)  if the multi-line telephone system operates for more than                                                          
19            one building, the                                                                                            
20                           (i)  building number or equivalent designation; and                                           
21                           (ii)  building floor; and                                                                     
22 (3)  has a location database that stores the information required under                                                 
23       (2) of this subsection and that the system is updated                                                             
24                      (A)  as soon as practicable after the system is installed; and                                     
25 (B)  within one business day after completion of any changes                                                            
26 made to the system or the physical characteristics of the facility where the                                            
27 system is used; this subparagraph does not apply to changes incurred during                                             
28            the installation of the system.                                                                              
29            (c)  Information in a location database created under (b)(3) of this section                                 
30 (1)  is owned by the multi-line telephone system operator that supplied                                                 
31       the information;                                                                                                  
01                 (2)  may not be shared, except as required by law; and                                                  
02                 (3)  may not be used by a public safety answering point for any purpose                                 
03       except to facilitate an emergency response to a 911 call.                                                         
04 (d)  The operator of a multi-line telephone system that is not required by                                              
05 ordinance to comply with this section and that does not allow for direct 911 dialing                                    
06 shall post, in a visible place not more than five feet from each telephone that is                                      
07       connected to the multi-line telephone system, a notice that                                                       
08                 (1)  states that 911 services cannot be accessed by dialing 911 directly                                
09       on the telephone;                                                                                                 
10 (2)  indicates how a caller may access 911 services through the                                                         
11       telephone;                                                                                                        
12 (3)  is printed in contrasting colors in a bold font not smaller than 16                                                
13       points;                                                                                                           
14 (4)  includes the following information, as applicable, about the                                                       
15       location of the telephone:                                                                                        
16                      (A)  the street address and business name;                                                         
17                      (B)  the office, unit, or building number;                                                         
18                      (C)  the room number or equivalent designation.                                                    
19            (e)  In this section,                                                                                        
20                 (1)  "multi-line telephone system" includes                                                             
21                      (A)  a network or premises-based telephone system                                                  
22 (i)  installed at an end-use location that uses common                                                                  
23 control units, common telephone, and common control hardware and                                                        
24                 software to provide a connection to the public;                                                         
25 (ii)  such as Centrex, Voice over Internet Protocol, and                                                                
26 PBX, Hybrid, and Key Telephone Systems, as classified by the Federal                                                    
27 Communications Commission under 47 C.F.R. Part 68 requirements;                                                         
28                 and                                                                                                     
29 (B)  systems owned or leased by government agencies and                                                                 
30            nonprofit and for-profit entities;                                                                           
31 (2)  "multi-line telephone system operator" means an entity that owns,                                                  
01       leases, or rents from a third party, and operates a multi-line telephone system by which                          
02       a caller may place a 911 call through a public switched network.                                                  
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