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30th Legislature(2017-2018)

Bill Text 30th Legislature

00 Enrolled SB 169                                                                                                         
01 Relating to the definition of "direct supervision" for purposes of medical assistance coverage                          
02 of behavioral health clinic services.                                                                                   
03                           _______________                                                                               
04    * Section 1. AS 47.07.030 is amended by adding a new subsection to read:                                             
05 (h)  For purposes of medical assistance coverage, the department may require                                            
06 behavioral health clinic services to be provided by or under the direct supervision of a                                
07 physician licensed under AS 08.64. In this subsection, "direct supervision" means that                                  
08 a physician licensed under AS 08.64 is available, either in person or by a                                              
09       communication device, to                                                                                          
10                 (1)  provide clinical consultation or oversight to the supervisee;                                      
11                 (2)  approve behavioral health treatment plans;                                                         
12                 (3)  review each case to determine the need for continued care;                                         
13                 (4)  ensure that the services provided to recipients of behavioral health                               
14       clinic services are medically necessary and clinically appropriate; and                                           
01                 (5)  assume professional responsibility for the services provided.                                      
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