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30th Legislature(2017-2018)

Bill Text 30th Legislature

00 Enrolled HR 4                                                                                                           
01 Establishing a House Special Committee on Military and Veterans' Affairs.                                               
02                                          _______________                                                                
03 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES:                                                                       
04      WHEREAS a large number of state residents currently serve in the military forces,                                  
05 work for the military, or are veterans, and the military plays a vital role in the economy of the                       
06 state; and                                                                                                              
07      WHEREAS there is a need for a comprehensive review of issues involving military                                    
08 and veterans' affairs;                                                                                                  
09      BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives that the House Special                                              
10 Committee on Military and Veterans' Affairs is established to study issues, review laws, and                            
11 propose legislation relating to military and veterans' affairs; and be it                                               
12      FURTHER RESOLVED that the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall                                            
13 determine the number of representatives to be members of the committee and shall appoint                                
14 the members and designate a member or members to chair the committee; and be it                                         
15      FURTHER RESOLVED that the House Special Committee on Military and                                                  
16 Veterans' Affairs may meet during and between sessions of the Thirtieth Alaska State                                    
17 Legislature and is terminated on the convening of the First Regular Session of the Thirty-First                         
01 Alaska State Legislature.                                                                                               
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