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30th Legislature(2017-2018)

Bill Text 30th Legislature

00 Enrolled HB 176                                                                                                         
01 Relating to medical assistance reimbursement for emergency medical transportation services;                             
02 and providing for an effective date.                                                                                    
03                           _______________                                                                               
04    * Section 1. AS 47.07 is amended by adding a new section to read:                                                    
05 Sec. 47.07.085. Supplemental reimbursement for emergency medical                                                        
06 transportation services. (a) The department shall develop a program to provide                                          
07 supplemental reimbursement to eligible emergency medical transportation service                                         
08 providers for the cost of providing services to medical assistance recipients. Except as                                
09 provided in (b) of this section, the amount of the supplemental reimbursement paid to                                   
10 a provider must be equal to the amount of federal financial participation that the                                      
11 department receives for the nonfederal matching funds paid by the provider through                                      
12 intergovernmental transfers or certified public expenditures, less any administrative                                   
13 fee described in (d) or (e) of this section. Under the program, the department shall use                                
14 intergovernmental transfers, or certified public expenditures, or both, for the                                         
01       nonfederal share of emergency medical transportation services that are eligible for                               
02       federal financial participation under the medical assistance program.                                             
03 (b)  The amount a provider receives in supplemental reimbursements under the                                            
04 program, when combined with the amount the provider receives from all other                                             
05 sources, including medical assistance reimbursement under the state plan, may not                                       
06 exceed the provider's actual cost for providing emergency medical transportation                                        
07       services to medical assistance recipients.                                                                        
08            (c)  An emergency medical transportation service provider is eligible to                                     
09       participate in the program if the provider                                                                        
10                 (1)  is enrolled with the department as a medical assistance provider;                                  
11 (2)  voluntarily enters into an agreement with the department to                                                        
12       participate in the program;                                                                                       
13 (3)  is owned or operated by the state, a political subdivision of the                                                  
14       state, or a federally recognized tribe or tribal organization;                                                    
15 (4)  charges for emergency medical transportation services on a fee-for-                                                
16       service or other federally permissible basis; and                                                                 
17 (5)  certifies that the provider's expenditures for emergency medical                                                   
18       transportation services qualify for federal financial participation.                                              
19 (d)  If the department authorizes the use of intergovernmental transfers under                                          
20 the program, the department shall charge an administrative fee to a provider to cover                                   
21 the department's costs of administering the program. The administrative fee may not                                     
22 exceed 20 percent of the nonfederal share the provider pays to the department. A                                        
23 provider may include the administrative fee in the provider's cost for providing an                                     
24       emergency medical transportation service to a medical assistance recipient.                                       
25 (e)  If the department authorizes the use of certified public expenditures under                                        
26 the program, the department may establish an administrative fee for a provider. If the                                  
27 department establishes an administrative fee under this subsection, the department                                      
28 may allow a provider to include the administrative fee in the provider's cost for                                       
29 providing an emergency medical transportation service to a medical assistance                                           
30       recipient.                                                                                                        
31 (f)  This section authorizes the department to provide supplemental                                                     
01       reimbursements to a ground, water, or air emergency medical transportation service                                
02       provider only if the United States Department of Health and Human Services approves                               
03       payments to that type of emergency medical transportation service provider.                                       
04 (g)  If the United States Department of Health and Human Services revokes                                               
05 approval of the program, the department shall provide notice to the legislature. The                                    
06 department shall submit written notice to the secretary of the senate and the chief clerk                               
07 of the house of representatives as early as possible after the United States Department                                 
08 of Health and Human Services expresses its intent to revoke approval of the program.                                    
09            (h)  Supplemental reimbursement payments are subject to appropriation.                                       
10            (i)  In this section,                                                                                        
11                 (1)  "program" means the supplemental reimbursement program                                             
12       developed by the department under this section;                                                                   
13                 (2)  "provider" means an eligible emergency medical transportation                                      
14       service provider;                                                                                                 
15                 (3)  "state plan" means the state plan for medical assistance coverage                                  
16       developed under AS 47.07.040.                                                                                     
17    * Sec. 2. This Act takes effect immediately under AS 01.10.070(c).                                                   
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