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05/11/1993 10:35 PM RLS

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                     SENATE RULES COMMITTEE                                    
                          May 11, 1993                                         
                           10:35 a.m.                                          
  MEMBERS PRESENT                                                              
  Senator George Jacko, Chairman                                               
  Senator Steve Rieger, Vice Chairman                                          
  Senator Rick Halford                                                         
  MEMBERS ABSENT                                                               
  Senator Suzanne Little                                                       
  Senator Fred Zharoff                                                         
  COMMITTEE CALENDAR                                                           
  CS FOR HOUSE BILL NO. 168(FIN) am                                            
  "An Act establishing a testing program for charitable gaming                 
  permittees and operators; relating to the duties of a member                 
  in charge; requiring regulations relating to pull-tabs to be                 
  consistent with North American Gaming Regulators Association                 
  standards on pull-tabs to the extent permitted by charitable                 
  gaming laws; allowing permittees to contract with vendors to                 
  sell   pull-tabs   on  behalf   of   the  permittee   at  an                 
  establishment holding a  package store  license and  certain                 
  establishments  holding  a   beverage  dispensary   license;                 
  allowing municipalities to  prohibit vendors from conducting                 
  gaming activities within  the municipality; restricting  the                 
  purchase of pull-tabs by permittees, licensees, and  vendors                 
  and  their   owners,  managers,  and   employees;  requiring                 
  receipts before  prizes of  $50 or  more may  be awarded  in                 
  pull-tab  games;  prohibiting  distributors  from  supplying                 
  pull-tabs  to  vendors;  relating  to  the  distribution  of                 
  pull-tabs  from  one  distributor  to  another  distributor;                 
  requiring  the   registration  of  vendors   and  regulating                 
  activities  involving  them;   requiring  the  licensing  of                 
  out-of-state  pull-tab  manufacturers  and   increasing  the                 
  annual licensing  fee for pull-tab  manufacturers; requiring                 
  the  department  regulating  charitable  gaming  to  approve                 
  contracts between permittees and operators before gaming may                 
  occur;  preventing   persons  with  felony   convictions  or                 
  convictions for crimes  involving theft  or dishonesty or  a                 
  violation of gambling laws from being involved in charitable                 
  gaming activities  as a permittee, licensee,  vendor, person                 
  responsible for the operation of an activity, fund raiser or                 
  consultant  of  a  licensee  or  vendor,  or  employee  in a                 
  managerial or supervisory capacity, and providing exceptions                 
  for certain persons whose convictions  are at least 10 years                 
  old  and  are not  for violation  of an  unclassified felony                 
  described in AS 11, a class A felony, or extortion; relating                 
  to multiple-beneficiary  charitable gaming permits  and door                 
  prizes  for charitable  gaming; requiring  operators  to pay                 
  permittees at least 30 percent  of the adjusted gross income                 
  from a pull-tab activity and  limiting operators to expenses                 
  of not more  than 70  percent of the  adjusted gross  income                 
  from that activity; requiring operators to pay permittees at                 
  least  10  percent  of  the adjusted  gross  income  from  a                 
  charitable gaming activity other than pull-tabs and limiting                 
  operators to expenses  of not  more than 90  percent of  the                 
  adjusted  gross  income  from  that  activity;  requiring  a                 
  permittee  who  uses a  pull-tab  vendor  to  enter  into  a                 
  contract with  that vendor; requiring  a vendor  contracting                 
  with a permittee to pay the permittee at least 70 percent of                 
  the ideal  net for  each  pull-tab series  delivered to  the                 
  vendor by the permittee; requiring  that operators report an                 
  adjusted  gross  income of  at  least  15 percent  of  gross                 
  income;  allowing  the  commissioner  regulating  charitable                 
  gaming  to  issue  orders prohibiting  violations  of  state                 
  gaming laws; relating  to the authority of  the commissioner                 
  regulating charitable gaming to suspend  or revoke a permit,                 
  license, or  registration; prohibiting  the  payment of  any                 
  portion of the net proceeds of a bingo or pull-tab game to a                 
  registered   lobbyist;   providing  a   penalty   for  false                 
  statements   in   gaming  license   applications;  providing                 
  communities with the  authority by local option  election to                 
  prohibit  charitable  gaming   within  the  community;   and                 
  providing for an effective date."                                            
  PREVIOUS SENATE COMMITTEE ACTION                                             
  HB 168 - Finance report 5/11/93                                              
  ACTION NARRATIVE                                                             
  TAPE 93-8, SIDE A                                                            
  Number 001                                                                   
  The Senate Rules  Committee was called to  order by Chairman                 
  Jacko at 10:35 a.m.                                                          
  SENATOR   JACKO  introduced   HB   168  (CHARITABLE   GAMING                 
  as the only order of business.                                               
  SENATOR HALFORD moved  and asked  unanimous consent that  HB
  168 be approved  for calendaring at the  Chair's discretion,                 
  pending referral from the Senate Finance Committee.  Hearing                 
  no objection, it was so ordered.                                             
  There  being  no   further  business  to  come   before  the                 
  committee, the meeting was adjourned at 10:37 a.m.                           

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