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                    SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE                                   
                           May 5, 1993                                         
                            1:17 p.m.                                          
  SFC-93, #77, Side 1 (000-end)                                                
  SFC-93, #77, Side 2 (575-end)                                                
  SFC-93, #78, Side 1 (000-end)                                                
  SFC-93, #78, Side 2 (575-195)                                                
  CALL TO ORDER                                                                
  Senator  Drue Pearce,  Co-chair,  convened  the  meeting  at                 
  approximately 1:17 p.m.                                                      
  In addition to  Co-chairs Pearce and Frank,  Senators Kelly,                 
  Kerttula, Rieger,  and Sharp  were present.   Senator  Jacko                 
  arrived as the meeting was in progress.                                      
  ALSO  ATTENDING:   Senator  Leman;  Senator Little;  Senator                 
  Miller;   Representative   Carney;   Representative  Davies;                 
  Representative Toohey; Charlie Cole, Attorney General, Dept.                 
  of Law;  Bruce Botelho,  Deputy Attorney  General, Dept.  of                 
  Law;  Art  Snowden,  Administrative  Director, Alaska  Court                 
  System;  Tom   Koester;  David  Walker,  Lead  Attorney  for                 
  Settling Plaintiffs in  the Weiss case; Tom  Waldo, Attorney                 
  for Public Interest Intervenors in Mental Health Litigation;                 
  Katya  Kirsch,  Alaska  Environmental  Lobby;  and  aides to                 
  committee members and other members of the Legislature.                      
  Eames,  Alaska Center  for the  Environment;  Peter Maassen,                 
  Marathon/Unocal;  Bob  Stiles,  Diamond  Chuitna;  Lois  Ann                 
  Reeder, Susitna Valley; Mary Grisco, Sierra Club; Becky Gay,                 
  Resource  Development Council;  Steve Borell,  Alaska Miners                 
  Association;  Yvonne  Jacobson,  Alaska   Alliance  for  the                 
  Mentally  Ill;  Janice Monigold,  Vice  President, Board  of                 
  Directors, Action for  Consumers Trusting in Ourselves  Now;                 
  Jim Gottstein, Attorney for Settling Plaintiffs (Traditional                 
  Mental  Health   Recipients);  Jeff  Jessee,   Attorney  for                 
  Mentally  Retarded and  Mentally Defective  Beneficiaries of                 
  the Mental Health Trust.                                                     
  ATTENDING VIA  TELECONFERENCE  FROM  MAT-SU:    Ellen  Wolf,                 
  Valley Alaska Center for the Environment.                                    
  Boddy, Usibelli Coal;  Marie Beaver, Northern  Environmental                 
  Tongass Conservation Society.                                                
  ATTENDING  VIA   TELECONFERENCE  FROM  SOLDOTNA:     Dorothy                 
  Westphal, Member, Local Mental Health Group.                                 
  SUMMARY INFORMATION                                                          
  SB  67    -    MENTAL HEALTH TRUST AMENDMENTS                                
                 Lengthy  teleconference  was had.   Testimony                 
                 was presented by numerous individuals (listed                 
                 above).   CSSB 67  draft "U" was  distributed                 
                 for   members'   review.      The  bill   was                 
                 subsequently HELD in committee  for continued                 
  SB 124    -    ALASKA ENERGY AUTH POWERS & FINANCES                          
                 CSSB 124 (Fin) version  "J" was REPORTED  OUT                 
                 of committee  with  a new  title,  "do  pass"                 
                 recommendation, and zero fiscal note from the                 
                 Dept. of Commerce  and Economic  Development.                 
                 [Note -  The bill was ultimately  returned to                 
                 committee from the  Floor of the  Senate 5-7-                 
  SENATE BILL NO. 124                                                          
       An  Act  relating to  the  powers and  finances  of the                 
       Alaska Energy Authority; and providing for an effective                 
  Upon convening the meeting, Co-chair Pearce directed that SB
  124 be brought on for discussion and advised that work draft                 
  CSSB 124 (8-GS1023\J, Cramer,  5/4/93) was being distributed                 
  for members'  review.  Senator  Sharp MOVED for  adoption of                 
  CSSB 124,  version "J."   No  objection having  been raised,                 
  CSSB 124 (Finance), version "J" was ADOPTED.                                 
  Senator Sharp explained  that CSSB 124 (Finance)  provides a                 
  vehicle  for  establishment  of  a  task force  to  evaluate                 
  regimented phase  out of the  Alaska Energy Authority.   The                 
  Senator noted complications associated with phase out due to                 
  bonding requirements.  Task force work would be accomplished                 
  during the interim between May and December.                                 
  Senator   Kerttula   noted    the   absence   of    minority                 
  representation on  the task  force.   Senator Sharp  advised                 
  that  he  would  have no  problem  accommodating  a minority                 
  member.  Senator  Frank suggested that the  Senate President                 
  and the Speaker of the House each appoint two members to the                 
  task force.  That would provide opportunity  to for minority                 
  participation.   Senator Sharp suggested  that the following                 
  amendment  be prepared  for  offering on  the  floor of  the                 
       Page 2, Line 7                                                          
            Delete existing  subsection (3)  and replace  with                 
            (3)  two  members of  the House of  Representative                 
            two members of the Senate selected  by appropriate                 
            president officers, one of each  body being of the                 
  Senator Kerttula concurred in the foregoing.                                 
  Co-chair Pearce queried members regarding disposition of the                 
  bill.  Senator Sharp MOVED that CSSB 124 (Finance) pass from                 
  committee with individual  recommendations.  Co-chair Pearce                 
  asked if the task force would operate without fiscal impact.                 
  Senator Sharp voiced his  understanding that the legislative                 
  budget would bear a  portion of the cost and  that utilities                 
  would provide their own funding.   Co-chair Pearce suggested                 
  that bill language  allow the  commissioner of commerce  and                 
  economic  development and the  commissioner of community and                 
  regional affairs to appoint designees to the task force  but                 
  noted that that  change could also be  made on the  floor of                 
  the Senate.  No  objection to passage of CSSB  124 (Finance)                 
  having been raised, it was REPORTED  OUT of committee with a                 
  new title, and a zero fiscal note from the Dept. of Commerce                 
  and Economic Development.   Co-chairs  Pearce and Frank  and                 
  Senators Kelly and  Sharp signed the committee report with a                 
  "do  pass" recommendation.    Senators  Kerttula and  Rieger                 
  signed "no rec."  Senator Jacko was absent and did not sign.                 
  [NOTE -  CSSB 124 (Finance)  was returned to  committee from                 
  the floor of the Senate on May 7, 1993.]                                     
  SENATE BILL NO. 67                                                           
       An  Act amending provisions  of ch. 66,  SLA 1991, that                 
       relate to reconstitution  of the  corpus of the  mental                 
       health trust, the  management of  trust assets, and  to                 
       the   manner  of  enforcement   of  the  obligation  to                 
       compensate the  trust; and  providing for  an effective                 
  Co-chair Pearce  directed  that  SB 67  be  brought  on  for                 
  discussion and distributed a work draft CSSB 67, version "U"                 
  (8-LS0409\U, Chenoweth,  5/5/93) for committee review.   She                 
  further advised of a statewide teleconference hook up.                       
  [A transcript  of testimony  on SB  67 was  prepared by  the                 
  Dept. of  Law.   A copy  is on  file in  the Senate  Finance                 
  Committee minute book.   A copy of the transcript  and tapes                 
  of  the  meeting may  be  obtained  from the  office  of the                 
  committee  secretary,  Room  520,  State  Capitol  Building,                 
  Juneau, Alaska (465-2618), or by contacting the  Legislative                 
  Finance Division, P.  O. Box  113200, Juneau, Alaska  99811-                 
  3200, (465-3795).]                                                           
  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:10 p.m.                         

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