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11:34:55 AM Start
11:37:00 AM Armed Services Briefings:
01:35:59 PM Adjourn
* first hearing in first committee of referral
+ teleconferenced
= bill was previously heard/scheduled
Briefings by:
+ Lieutenant General Kenneth S. Wilsbach TELECONFERENCED
Commander, Alaska North American Aerospace
Command Region
Commander, Alaska Command, U.S. Northern Command
Commander, Eleventh Air Force
+ Major General Mark O'Neil TELECONFERENCED
Commanding General, U.S. Army Alaska
+ Rear Admiral Michael F. McAllister TELECONFERENCED
Commander, Seventeenth U.S. Coast Guard District
+ Major General Laurel J. Hummel TELECONFERENCED
The Adjutant General, Alaska National Guard
Commissioner, Alaska Department of Military and
Veterans' Affairs
                    ALASKA STATE LEGISLATURE                                                                                  
                 JOINT ARMED SERVICES COMMITTEE                                                                               
                         March 22, 2018                                                                                         
                           11:34 a.m.                                                                                           
MEMBERS PRESENT                                                                                                               
Senator Mia Costello, Co-Chair                                                                                                  
Representative Scott Kawasaki, Co-Chair                                                                                         
Senator John Coghill                                                                                                            
Senator Pete Kelly                                                                                                              
Senator Bill Wielechowski                                                                                                       
Senator Anna MacKinnon                                                                                                          
Representative Tiffany Zulkosky                                                                                                 
Representative Gabrielle LeDoux                                                                                                 
Representative Geran Tarr                                                                                                       
Representative Lora Reinbold                                                                                                    
PUBLIC MEMBERS PRESENT                                                                                                        
Nelson N. Angapak, Sr., Anchorage                                                                                               
Jerry Beasley, Chief Warrant Officer, USCG - retired - Juneau                                                                   
Colonel Tim Jones - retired - Fairbanks                                                                                         
MEMBERS ABSENT                                                                                                                
All members present                                                                                                             
OTHER LEGISLATORS PRESENT                                                                                                     
Representative Dan Saddler                                                                                                      
Representative Ivy Spohnholz                                                                                                    
Representative David Eastman                                                                                                    
Representative Justin Parish                                                                                                    
Senator Mike Shower                                                                                                             
COMMITTEE CALENDAR                                                                                                            
ARMED SERVICES BRIEFINGS:                                                                                                     
 - Major General Laurel J. Hummel, Adjutant General, Alaska                                                                     
National Guard; Commissioner, Alaska Department of Military &                                                                   
Veterans' Affairs                                                                                                               
 - Chief Master Sergeant Paul Nelson, Seventeenth U.S. Coast                                                                    
Guard District, Juneau, Alaska                                                                                                  
 - Colonel Cory Mendenhall, Joint Headquarters, U.S. Army,                                                                      
Juneau, Alaska                                                                                                                  
 - Major General Mark O'Neil, Commanding General, U.S. Army,                                                                    
Juneau, Alaska                                                                                                                  
 - Rear Admiral Michael McAllister, Commander, Seventeenth U.S.                                                                 
Coast Guard District, Juneau, Alaska                                                                                            
     - HEARD                                                                                                                    
PREVIOUS COMMITTEE ACTION                                                                                                     
No previous action to record                                                                                                    
WITNESS REGISTER                                                                                                              
MAJOR GENERAL LAUREL J. HUMMEL, Adjutant General                                                                                
Alaska National Guard                                                                                                           
Commissioner, Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA)                                                                
Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER), Alaska                                                                                  
POSITION STATEMENT: Provided National Guard Alaska and DMVA                                                                   
activity update.                                                                                                                
COLONEL CORY MENDENHALL                                                                                                         
U.S. Army                                                                                                                       
Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER), Alaska                                                                                  
POSITION  STATEMENT: Stepping  in for  Lieutenant General  Kenneth                                                            
S. Wilsbach, Commander,  Alaskan North American  Aerospace Defense                                                              
Region,  Alaskan  Command,  Eleventh  Air  Force,  provided  Army-                                                              
Alaska update.                                                                                                                  
MAJOR GENERAL MARK O'NEIL, Commanding General                                                                                   
U.S. Army-Alaska (USARAK)                                                                                                       
Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER), Alaska                                                                                  
POSITION STATEMENT: Provided update on U.S. Army Alaska.                                                                      
REAR ADMIRAL MICHAEL MCALLISTER, Commander                                                                                      
Seventeenth U.S. Coast Guard District                                                                                           
Juneau, Alaska                                                                                                                  
POSITION STATEMENT: Provided a Coast Guard Alaska update.                                                                     
CHIEF MASTER SERGEANT PAUL NELSON                                                                                               
Seventeenth U.S. Coast Guard District                                                                                           
Juneau, Alaska                                                                                                                  
POSITION STATEMENT: Added comments to Coast Guard update.                                                                     
ACTION NARRATIVE                                                                                                              
11:34:55 AM                                                                                                                   
CO-CHAIR MIA  COSTELLO called the  Joint Armed Services  Committee                                                            
meeting to order  at 11:34 a.m. Present at the call  to order were                                                              
Senators  MacKinnon, Coghill,  Wielechowski,  Kelly, and  Co-Chair                                                              
Costello; Representatives  Zulkosky,  Reinbold, Tarr,  LeDoux, and                                                              
Co-chair  Kawasaki. Public  members  present were  Tim Jones  from                                                              
Fairbanks,  Jerry Beasley  from  Juneau, and  Nelson Angapak  from                                                              
^Armed Services Briefings:                                                                                                      
                   ARMED SERVICES BRIEFINGS:                                                                                
CO-CHAIR COSTELLO  asked members to introduce themselves  and said                                                              
that the  committee would  then take up  the Joint Armed  Services                                                              
briefing and update.  She welcomed Major General  Laurel J. Hummel                                                              
to the table and reviewed her biography.                                                                                        
11:37:00 AM                                                                                                                   
MAJOR  GENERAL   LAUREL  J.   HUMMEL,  Adjutant  General,   Alaska                                                              
National   Guard,  Commissioner,   Department   of  Military   and                                                              
Veterans Affairs  (DMVA), Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson  (JBER),                                                              
Alaska, thanked  the committee for  the opportunity to  brief them                                                              
on  activities,  hopes,  and concerns  of  the  military  commands                                                              
serving  people in  Alaska. She  said Alaska  statute directs  the                                                              
Adjutant  General as  the official  liaison between  the State  of                                                              
Alaska and all active military serving there.                                                                                   
One of  her responsibilities  is to  coordinate with all  military                                                              
components to  ensure unity  of effort on  items of  importance to                                                              
the state  from vetting candidates  for the next civilian  aide to                                                              
the  Secretary  of  the Army  to  integrating  realistic  homeland                                                              
defense  training  with  domestic emergency  responses.  There  is                                                              
tremendous  benefit to Alaska  when the  active component  and the                                                              
Alaska-Organized  militia work together.  Teamwork and a  sense of                                                              
common purpose  are the touch stones  for the military  in Alaska.                                                              
And  there isn't  a  more committed  team  of commanding  officers                                                              
than the four flag officers present or represented here today.                                                                  
For the  sake of protocol, General  Hummel said she  would provide                                                              
an introduction.  She said Lieutenant General Kenneth  S. Wilsbach                                                              
wears  three  hats:  Commander   of  the  Alaskan  North  American                                                              
Aerospace  Defense Region,  the Alaska Command,  and Eleventh  Air                                                              
Force, which  has force  structure spread  across Alaska,  Hawaii,                                                              
and Guam.  He is in  Australia today, but  will be  represented by                                                              
his Chief of Staff, Colonel Cory Mendenhall.                                                                                    
11:41:58 AM                                                                                                                   
COLONEL CORY  MENDENHALL, Joint  Headquarters, U.S.  Army, Juneau,                                                              
Alaska,  said today  he  was stepping  in  for Lieutenant  General                                                              
Kenneth S. Wilsbach,  Commander, Alaskan North  American Aerospace                                                              
Defense Region,  Alaskan  Command, Eleventh  Air Force, who  sends                                                              
his regards. He was  called out of state by the  Chief of Staff of                                                              
the Air Force.                                                                                                                  
COLONEL MENDENHALL  said he was  wearing purple today,  because it                                                              
is  the color  that signifies  their joint  headquarters where  he                                                              
represents the  U.S. Army, Marine  Corps, Navy, and Air  Force. He                                                              
expressed their  appreciation for the support of  the legislature,                                                              
the Governor, civic  leaders, and the communities  to the military                                                              
living  in  Alaska.  They  could   not  execute  their  day-to-day                                                              
mission without  the exceptional  support  of the Alaska  National                                                              
Guard, U.S.  Army Alaska,  U.S. Air Force,  U.S. Coast  Guard, and                                                              
their interagency partners.                                                                                                     
COLONEL  MENDENHALL  said  he will  highlight  several  topics  he                                                              
discussed   with  the   Vice  President   during   his  visit   to                                                              
headquarters  in February:  where  they are  today  in a  changing                                                              
environment,  highlighting what  the  military men  and women  and                                                              
civilian  team mates  have  accomplished in  2017,  and provide  a                                                              
look  at  where  they  are  headed   with  military  construction,                                                              
building  capacity, and  capability  to project  power and  defend                                                              
the homeland.                                                                                                                   
11:44:51 AM                                                                                                                   
Slide  3 illustrated  the strategic  importance of  Alaska to  the                                                              
defense of  the nation. Today most  people view the  United States                                                              
from a flat map  and Alaska is a small dot in  the upper left-hand                                                              
corner. Most  media attention  goes to the  Lower 48  which pretty                                                              
much distorts  the  importance and  size of Alaska.  The world  is                                                              
round and  when the  globe is  tilted, putting  the North  Pole at                                                              
center,  Alaska is  singularly as  close  or closer  to all  major                                                              
capitals  in the northern  hemisphere. Thus,  Alaska provides  the                                                              
U.S.  the ability  to respond  to  key locations  in the  Pacific,                                                              
Europe, and the  Middle East faster than any military  base in the                                                              
Lower 48. It takes  approximately 9.5 hours to reach  any of them.                                                              
The  importance of  Alaska will  continue  to grow  as the  Arctic                                                              
evolves and human activity increases there.                                                                                     
11:46:15 AM                                                                                                                   
COLONEL  MENDENHALL  said  several  trends are  happening  in  the                                                              
Arctic:   melting   ice,  competition   for   natural   resources,                                                              
increasing  Russian  military  activity,  and  China's  influence.                                                              
These  are  monitored  very  closely.   They  also  recognize  the                                                              
reality of climate change.                                                                                                      
Interest  in the  Arctic  can lead  to  more  friction and  higher                                                              
probability of  human error in conflict,  he said. Reduced  ice is                                                              
opening  sea routes,  easing navigation,  and increasing  commerce                                                              
with access to  resources and tourism. In 2017,  the first Chinese                                                              
research ship sailed  through the Northwest Passage  from Shanghai                                                              
to  New  York, cutting  seven  days  off  the  trip if  they  were                                                              
sailing through the Suez Canal.                                                                                                 
Russia is turning  their northern sea route into  a seafaring toll                                                              
road charging for  contracted ice breaker support and  has a fleet                                                              
of   41   icebreakers.   This  route   cuts   14,000   miles   off                                                              
transportation.  In  August 2017,  a  natural gas  carrier  sailed                                                              
from Norway to South Korea in 6.5 days through the Passage.                                                                     
COLONEL MENDENHALL  said another picture  on slide 4  outlined the                                                              
overlapping boundaries  between countries in the  Arctic. Russia's                                                              
interest there  stems from the fact  that 20 percent of  their GDP                                                              
is generated  in the Arctic  compared to  less than 1  percent for                                                              
the U.S.                                                                                                                        
China continues  to show interest  in the Arctic  with investments                                                              
in mining  companies in  Greenland and asserts  itself as  a near-                                                              
Arctic state. Thankfully,  any disputes over the  claims have been                                                              
done  diplomatically,  so far.  A  lower-right graphic  depicts  a                                                              
disturbing   trend   of   Russia's   in   establishing   new   and                                                              
refurbishing 15 Arctic  bases that the joint command  watches very                                                              
closely.  Expansion  of  Russian military  capabilities  on  their                                                              
East Coast is a top concern for his commander.                                                                                  
He said  Department of  Defense (DOD)  objectives remain  assuring                                                              
security, supporting  safety, and being able to respond  to a wide                                                              
range of challenges  and contingencies. To meet  these objectives,                                                              
smart investments  in infrastructure  and capabilities need  to be                                                              
made in Alaska.                                                                                                                 
11:49:45 AM                                                                                                                   
COLONEL MENDENHALL  said slide 5  provides perspective on  how big                                                              
Alaska is  compared to the  Lower 48. DOD  spends $1.5  billion in                                                              
the  state per  year  and federal  spending  constitutes about  18                                                              
percent of the  total state economy. While the  total active force                                                              
stationed in Alaska  is small, it is significant  when considering                                                              
the  total  state population  is  just  above 700,000.  In  short,                                                              
roughly  20  percent  of  Alaskans   have  personal  ties  to  the                                                              
military, something they are very proud of.                                                                                     
11:50:11 AM                                                                                                                   
COLONEL  CORY  MENDENHALL  said  the Joint  Pacific  Alaska  Range                                                              
Complex  (JPARC)  at  67,000  square  miles  is  the  largest  and                                                              
absolute  best training  range  in the  U.S.  It hosts  year-round                                                              
exercises  and  readiness  training  in air,  land,  and  maritime                                                              
domains.  It  provides   the  space  to  really   demonstrate  the                                                              
capabilities  of the  most advanced  U.S.  military systems,  like                                                              
the fifth-generation  fighter, the  F-22, and the  F-35. Continued                                                              
support  for  the  JPARC  is  important  to  ensure  the  military                                                              
remains trained and ready.                                                                                                      
11:51:04 AM                                                                                                                   
He said the headquarters  plans, prepares, and executes  a host of                                                              
joint and  service-specific  key military  exercises. Some  of the                                                              
more prominent  ones are Vigilant  Shield (NORAD  and USNORTHCOM),                                                              
in Colorado  Springs that  is an  annual homeland defense  command                                                              
post   exercise   (slide  7).   This   is  normally   done   every                                                              
11:51:46 AM                                                                                                                   
Arctic Edge  (USNORTHCOM), a  biennial homeland defense  exercise,                                                              
was just  completed for  the first time  in Alaska (March  12-23).                                                              
It  went  extremely  well with  1500  marines,  special  operation                                                              
forces,  sailors, and  soldiers  from all  over Alaska  supporting                                                              
the  exercise   to  validate  and  refine   mission  requirements.                                                              
Additionally,  they  hosted  a   Distinguished  Visitor  Day  from                                                              
Fairbanks down to  Fort Greely on one of the  range complexes. The                                                              
planning  for Arctic  Edge 2020  has started.  Observers from  the                                                              
United Kingdom and Canada participated.                                                                                         
11:53:51 AM                                                                                                                   
RED  FLAG-Alaska   (USAF)  had  14  coalition   and  international                                                              
partners participate  in three exercises  in 2017.  Four exercises                                                              
are scheduled here for 2018, starting in May.                                                                                   
Northern  Edge  (USPACOM)  is  a   U.S.-specific  command  out  of                                                              
Hawaii, a  biennial exercise  - joint air/land/sea  - in  the Gulf                                                              
of Alaska.  There were  about 6,000 participants  un 2018  and the                                                              
same number is expected for Northern Edge 2019.                                                                                 
11:54:50 AM                                                                                                                   
COLONEL MENDENHALL said  one of the highlights of  2017 was the US                                                              
Air  Force Arctic  Security Expedition  in September  where 16  US                                                              
Air  Force   general  officers   and  Senator  Sullivan   flew  to                                                              
Fairbanks   and  held   discussions   on   Arctic  awareness   and                                                              
highlighted  challenges   of  operating   in  the  Arctic.   Other                                                              
briefings were held  in other villages and Greenland.  This helped                                                              
inform  what  the  Air  Force  is   working  on  in  their  Arctic                                                              
11:55:44 AM                                                                                                                   
He   said   the  Arctic   Maritime   Symposium   headquarters   is                                                              
spearheading an  effort to better  understand Naval  operations in                                                              
the Arctic  and participated  in  several events  in the Lower  48                                                              
including  a recent  table-top exercise  in Juneau  with the  U.S.                                                              
Coast  Guard and Navy  partners.  They will be  hosting an  Arctic                                                              
Maritime  Symposium  in  Anchorage  in August  that  will  include                                                              
Naval personnel from Norfolk, Virginia.                                                                                         
Operation Colony  Glacier collected  over 14,000 pounds  of debris                                                              
and recovered 37  of the 52 passenger and crew  member remains and                                                              
will be back out on the ice in June.                                                                                            
COLONEL  MENDENHALL   said  the  Rescue  Coordination   Center  is                                                              
another joint military  and interagency success that  has resulted                                                              
in saving 22 lives since last April.                                                                                            
11:57:30 AM                                                                                                                   
Alaska  NORAD  Regional   work  missions  (slide  9)   is  a  24/7                                                              
awareness  and response capability  ready  to deter threats.  This                                                              
mission  cannot  be overstated  given  the strategic  location  of                                                              
Alaska and  emerging challenges  in the Arctic.  Over the  last 11                                                              
years, they  have anywhere between  zero and 15 intercepts  a year                                                              
and have had six intercepts so far this year.                                                                                   
COLONEL  MENDENHALL  said  their coalition  with  Canada  provides                                                              
early warning  and defense  to North America.  There are  15 radar                                                              
sites and  air space control  is provided  by the 176  Air Defense                                                              
Squadron  from  the Alaska  National  Guard,  F-11s at  JBER,  and                                                              
Eielson's E3AWAX  and KC135 tankers. They positively  identify and                                                              
intercept  all  aircraft  that  enter  in  the  U.S.  Air  Defense                                                              
Identification  Zone  (ADIZ).  Due   to  the  size  of  ADIZ,  the                                                              
time/distance  to intercept, and  wanting to remain  unpredictable                                                              
to  adversaries, they  do not  intercept  every unknown  aircraft.                                                              
However,  Russia can  launch aircraft  and enter  the ADIZ  within                                                              
about 30-45 minutes, and that is watched very closely.                                                                          
11:59:06 AM                                                                                                                   
He  said  this  year  will mark  the  60th  Anniversary  of  North                                                              
American  Aerospace Defense  Command (NORAD)  in Colorado  and the                                                              
partnership  between  the U.S.  and  Canada. He  highlighted  that                                                              
their FY18 military  construction includes creating  missile field                                                              
number four  and adding  20 ground-based  interceptor missiles  at                                                              
Fort Greely at a cost of $20 million.                                                                                           
In  addition, $169  million  has been  committed  and approved  in                                                              
FY18 for  the F-35  to be  at Eielson  Air Force Base.  Fifty-four                                                              
aircraft  will arrive  between 2020  and 2022,  making Alaska  the                                                              
only location  worldwide with  over 100 fifth-generation  fighters                                                              
capable   of  strategic   air   power  throughout   the   northern                                                              
hemisphere.  The bottom  line is  that the  Department of  Defense                                                              
continues making strong investments in Alaska's infrastructure.                                                                 
12:00:05 PM                                                                                                                   
Slide  11, the  takeaway slide:  Their number-one  priority -  has                                                              
always been  and will  not change  - the  defense of our  homeland                                                              
and  its citizens.  The U.S.  military is  the best-trained,  led,                                                              
and  equipped force  in  the  world. Second,  their  relationships                                                              
with  local civil  authorities and  interagency  partners is  very                                                              
COLONEL   MENDENHALL  said   the   Arctic  remains   one  of   the                                                              
commander's top  priorities and  they remain committed  to working                                                              
collaboratively  with allies  and partners  to promote a  balanced                                                              
approach to improving security there.                                                                                           
12:01:31 PM                                                                                                                   
Slide  12  thanked   the  legislature  for  its   support  of  the                                                              
CO-CHAIR    COSTELLO     recognized    Senator     Showers,    and                                                              
Representatives Spohnholz and Easton.                                                                                           
12:02:42 PM                                                                                                                   
REPRESENTATIVE  SADDLER asked  what the state  should be  prepared                                                              
COLONEL MENDENHALL  answered that right  now the biggest  thing on                                                              
the  horizon   is  a  $50-million   allocation  for   refurbishing                                                              
facilities at King  Salmon. They are also focusing  on Eielson Air                                                              
Force Base with  the 54 fighters and the 3500 people  that will be                                                              
stationed  there. On-base  facilities  are maxed  out and  options                                                              
for moving people off-base are being considered.                                                                                
12:04:06 PM                                                                                                                   
REPRESENTATIVE  TARR  asked what  Alaska's  role  is in  terms  of                                                              
defense in the Arctic and climate change.                                                                                       
COLONEL  MENDENHALL deferred  comment  on the  state's defense  to                                                              
General Hummel adding  that they all work together  as an integral                                                              
part of the defense of Alaska and the homeland.                                                                                 
REPRESENTATIVE  TARR  asked  how  many icebreakers  the  U.S.  has                                                              
compared to Russia's has 41.                                                                                                    
COLONEL  MENDENHALL  replied  that   the  Navy  doesn't  have  any                                                              
icebreakers, but  Admiral McAllister could probably  talk a little                                                              
bit about the  Coast Guard's capabilities. He  stated, "Obviously,                                                              
our U.S.  Coast Guard  is the best  in the  world." He  added that                                                              
the U.S. Marine  Corps is taking  a very hard look at  training in                                                              
the Arctic. That  is why 370-plus Marines were  here during Arctic                                                              
Edge. The  commandant of  the Marine  Corp is  taking a  very keen                                                              
interest in  the Arctic  and he wants  the Marines to  participate                                                              
12:06:21 PM                                                                                                                   
At ease                                                                                                                         
12:08:24 PM                                                                                                                   
Co-CHAIR COSTELLO  called the  meeting back  to order  and invited                                                              
the next presenter, Major General Mark O'Neil.                                                                                  
MAJOR GENERAL MARK  O'NEIL, Commanding General,  U.S. Army-Alaska,                                                              
said it  was an honor  to be here  today representing  over 11,000                                                              
team mates of U.S.  Army Alaska. He is proud to be  part of such a                                                              
great team of  Arctic Warriors, Department of Army  civilians, and                                                              
their families,  whose selfless  dedication  to duty never  ceases                                                              
to amaze him. He  is equally proud to serve in  command in Alaska,                                                              
home of  the northern-most combat  brigades and supporting  forces                                                              
that truly understand the meaning of "Arctic Tough."                                                                            
12:09:42 PM                                                                                                                   
The  cover  slide  of  his  presentation  was  a  picture  of  the                                                              
Airborne  Brigade conducting  Spartan Pegasus,  a defense  support                                                              
of  civil  authorities  training   exercise  near  Deadhorse  last                                                              
winter,  where  the temperature  on  the  ground  was -60  F.  The                                                              
Arctic  Tough  soldiers  are  equipped and  trained  to  not  only                                                              
survive but thrive  and succeed in these extreme  conditions. They                                                              
are ready to deploy, fight and win anywhere on the globe.                                                                       
MAJOR  GENERAL O'NEIL  said  their mission  is  clear: to  provide                                                              
trained  and ready  forces in  support of  worldwide unified  land                                                              
operations,  which  include  supporting   the  U.S.  Army  Pacific                                                              
Command  and  the  U.S. Army  Pacific  in  the  Indo-Asia  Pacific                                                              
Region.  It  also  consists  of  being  prepared  to  respond  for                                                              
contingencies  at home in  defense support  of civil  authorities'                                                              
role  and  homeland defense.  To  do  this  mission, an  array  of                                                              
forces is  assigned to  U.S. Army-Alaska  that are well  supported                                                              
and   backed  by   the  leadership   of   America's  First   Corps                                                              
headquartered out  of Joint Base Lewis McCord  in Washington State                                                              
and the U.S. Army Pacific in Hawaii out of Fort Shafter.                                                                        
MAJOR GENERAL O'NEIL  said they also have a relationship  with the                                                              
Alaskan Command. When  it comes to missions with  the Alaska Joint                                                              
Operations area,  they work very closely with  the Alaskan Command                                                              
staff  to ensure  they are  ready to  respond to  missions in  the                                                              
homeland. The recent  Arctic Edge exercise was a  great example of                                                              
how joint operations are conducted.                                                                                             
12:12:18 PM                                                                                                                   
He said  readiness is  the Army's  number-one priority  (slide 3).                                                              
This means  trained, combat-ready, dependable,  rapidly deployable                                                              
teams of  skilled, tough,  alert, and  adaptable warriors  who act                                                              
with disciplined  initiative and lead  by personal example  at all                                                              
levels.  These leaders  clearly  articulate the  intent and  build                                                              
trust  within the  organizations and  empower subordinates.  Where                                                              
fighting is  their focus they employ  all the tools  and resources                                                              
to  be ready  at  a moment's  notice  to  engage and  destroy  the                                                              
enemy. He stated:                                                                                                               
     In short, U.S.  Army Alaska is a true Arctic  tough team                                                                   
     of soldiers  and families. We are privileged  to live in                                                                   
     Alaska  and  are  proud to  serve  as  America's  Arctic                                                                   
     Warriors. We  are grateful for the support  of our local                                                                   
     communities,  our local,  state,  and national  leaders,                                                                   
     and  are dedicated  civilian  workforce  in world  class                                                                   
     installations.  We stand  ready to  answer our  nation's                                                                   
     call anywhere, anytime.                                                                                                    
12:13:25 PM                                                                                                                   
Slide 4 displayed the priorities  that drive their organization:                                                                
-Building readiness and strong relationships                                                                                    
-Developing Leaders                                                                                                             
-Strengthening the Profession of Arms                                                                                           
MAJOR  GENERAL  O'NEIL  said  in  a world  where  the  drivers  of                                                              
instability  continue to pose  a threat  to peace and  prosperity,                                                              
being  prepared  is their  focus.  Readiness is  their  number-one                                                              
priority.  Each warrior has  the responsibility  to be  personally                                                              
prepared and aware  of their surroundings 24/7,  365/days/year and                                                              
to interact  with community leaders  whenever possible.  It's best                                                              
to go  into a  situation knowing  the leaders. Developing  leaders                                                              
at  every level  is  important to  their  ability  to operate  and                                                              
He said  U.S. Senator Sullivan  is right  when he calls  JPARC the                                                              
Crown Jewel  of the DOD training  environment. JPARC  also enables                                                              
them  to train  as  a  joint force,  as  was demonstrated  by  the                                                              
recent  Arctic  Edge  exercise   with  allies  and  multi-national                                                              
partners;  add  to  this  the  Northern  Warfare  Training  Center                                                              
(NWTC) where leaders  are taught from across the DOD  to thrive in                                                              
the cold and mountainous terrain.                                                                                               
12:15:40 PM                                                                                                                   
(Slide  5) A  testament  to the  quality of  the  soldiers is  how                                                              
often they  are called to  duty around  the world; while  they are                                                              
assigned to  U.S. Pacific Command,  their unique  capabilities are                                                              
sought   by    many   regions    around   the   globe.    Specific                                                              
accomplishments  include the  Airborne Brigade  starting the  year                                                              
with Operation Arctic  Pegasus at Deadhorse. This  was followed by                                                              
soldiers  from both  brigades  participating  in Pacific  Pathways                                                              
where  soldiers  trained  with  allies  in  countries  around  the                                                              
Pacific  Rim  that include  Australia,  Singapore,  Thailand,  and                                                              
Japan.  During this  time, the  Airborne Brigade  deployed a  good                                                              
portion  of  their   unit  to  Afghanistan  where   U.S.  soldiers                                                              
continue  to do  important work  to  train and  assist the  Afghan                                                              
security forces.                                                                                                                
MAJOR  GENERAL O'NEIL  said: "Let  us all  not forget,  as we  are                                                              
here today, we  have U.S. Army Alaska soldiers  deployed in harm's                                                              
way protecting our freedoms."                                                                                                   
12:17:31 PM                                                                                                                   
In  upcoming  events  for  U.S.  Army Alaska,  a  portion  of  the                                                              
Airborne   Brigade  will   participate  in   a  joint   warfighter                                                              
assessment at Yakima  Training Grounds in Washington  State and at                                                              
Fort   Bliss,  Texas.   This   exercise   is  an   assessment   of                                                              
capabilities and  refinement of requirements while  looking at the                                                              
art of the possible for future operations.                                                                                      
In May,  the First  Striker Brigade will  train with  the Canadian                                                              
Army in  an exercise  called Maple Resolve.  It will  help certify                                                              
the  Canadian  Army  on  some  of   their  capabilities  and  that                                                              
exercise will take place at Wainwright, Canada.                                                                                 
The Airborne  Brigade that redeploys  early this summer  and after                                                              
a period  of well-deserved  leave,  will pick  up a rigorous  home                                                              
station training and  readiness glide path to get ready  and to be                                                              
June  will  bring  the  yearly  exercise  Arctic  Aurora  back  to                                                              
Alaska. This  is a bilateral  training exercise with  the Japanese                                                              
Ground Self  Defense Force.  During the  summer months,  a portion                                                              
of the Army  Aviation Forces stationed in Alaska  will participate                                                              
in the Pacific  Pathways where they will train  across the Pacific                                                              
theaters  in  countries  including   Australia,  Japan,  Thailand,                                                              
Guam, and in the Philippines.                                                                                                   
12:18:35 PM                                                                                                                   
In the  fall, they  will conduct  Arctic Anvil,  which is  a major                                                              
home station  training event preparing  the First  Striker Brigade                                                              
to deploy for  national training center rotation  scheduled in the                                                              
spring of 2019.                                                                                                                 
12:19:09 PM                                                                                                                   
MAJOR  GENERAL O'NEIL  concluded  saying the  Arctic Warriors  are                                                              
very busy training  and always preparing to ensure  the safety and                                                              
protection of our  country and its interests. They  are blessed to                                                              
be afforded  this great  opportunity to train  in the  Great State                                                              
of  Alaska  with  its unmatched  joint  training  environment  and                                                              
backed by  the strong  relationships with  Alaska and  its people.                                                              
He thanked the committee  for allowing him to tell  them about the                                                              
Arctic Warriors and said he was available for questions.                                                                        
12:19:14 PM                                                                                                                   
REPRESENTATIVE REINBOLD  asked the number of Alaskans  who are now                                                              
deployed as well as nationwide.                                                                                                 
MAJOR  GENERAL O'NEIL  replied that  he didn't  want to guess  and                                                              
could get those  numbers to her, but folks are in  harm's way from                                                              
this state and across all the services.                                                                                         
12:19:55 PM                                                                                                                   
REPRESENTATIVE  REINBOLD asked  if there  are any deficiencies  in                                                              
equipment  or supplies,  or  anything they  are  seeking from  the                                                              
federal government or from Alaska.                                                                                              
MAJOR GENERAL O'NEIL  replied that they are working  with the Army                                                              
and  senior leadership  and are  looking for  the replacement  for                                                              
support  vehicle  for  the  squad.   The  Army  has  a  recognized                                                              
operational  need statement  and  is going  through a  procurement                                                              
process  to  figure  out  what  will  be  the  successor  of  that                                                              
program. It's  bigger than  an Army problem  and deals  across the                                                              
entire joint force.                                                                                                             
12:20:57 PM                                                                                                                   
Another  challenge they  are working  on with  the Tenth  Mountain                                                              
Division is getting  protective clothing for extreme  cold weather                                                              
operations.  The Army,  senior leaders,  and the  joint team  will                                                              
speak with  one voice to get  what is needed. Hopefully,  they can                                                              
procure  collectively  and  get  that  out  to  their  formations.                                                              
Upgrades  will  be  accepted  as  they  come  down  the  road.  He                                                              
wouldn't  classify  them  as  deficiencies,  but  they  trying  to                                                              
better equip  soldiers so they can  be better prepared  to survive                                                              
and thrive in extreme cold weather environments.                                                                                
CO-CHAIR  COSTELLO   asked  what  happens  following   a  training                                                              
exercise. Is there a debriefing process?                                                                                        
MAJOR GENERAL  O'NEIL answered  for every  training event  they go                                                              
through the  preparation phase,  certify and validate  leaders, go                                                              
through  the  training  repetition,   and  at  the  end  the  most                                                              
important  this  is  having an  after-action  review  focusing  on                                                              
shortfalls and  deficiencies. The most  important thing out  of an                                                              
after-action  report  is how  to  go ahead  and  improve and  make                                                              
things better.  It is  a cyclic  process depending  on what  is on                                                              
the  horizon and  what  the senior  leaders'  priorities are.  New                                                              
leaders  are  being   brought  into  Alaska  and   told  what  the                                                              
expectations and  risks are, and  then they are to  empower young,                                                              
talented,  non-commissioned officers  and  junior enlisted  people                                                              
to find other creative ways to accomplish the mission.                                                                          
REPRESENTATIVE  TARR asked for  an update on  the JBER  runway and                                                              
if there is any discussion of funding at federal level.                                                                         
MAJOR  GENERAL  O'NEIL answered  that  he  would default  to  Cory                                                              
Mendenhall and he would get back to her with the answer.                                                                        
REPRESENTATIVE  LEDOUX thanked  them  for  their presentation  and                                                              
service. She asked  what the Alaska legislature can  do to support                                                              
them that they aren't getting right now.                                                                                        
MAJOR GENERAL  O'NEIL answered that  he couldn't think of  any. He                                                              
is   grateful   for   the   engagements   with   legislators   and                                                              
12:25:28 PM                                                                                                                   
CO-CHAIR COSTELLO  thanked him  for his  efforts in fostering  the                                                              
next generation of leaders.                                                                                                     
12:25:43 PM                                                                                                                   
At ease                                                                                                                         
12:29:34 PM                                                                                                                   
CO-CHAIR COSTELLO  called the  meeting back  to order  and invited                                                              
the  next  presenter,  Rear Admiral  Michael  McAllister,  to  the                                                              
REAR  ADMIRAL  MICHAEL  MCALLISTER,  Commander,  Seventeenth  U.S.                                                              
Coast  Guard District,  Juneau, Alaska,  said he  was honored  and                                                              
privileged to be  here today with the others to  provide them with                                                              
an update. He  introduced Lieutenant Evonne Manning  and said when                                                              
she  is  not  busy  keeping  him  focused  she  is  an  expert  in                                                              
fisheries  enforcement and  management. She  helps on an  everyday                                                              
basis to  sustain one  of the best  managed fisheries  programs in                                                              
the entire country and arguably around the world.                                                                               
REAR ADMIRAL  MCALLISTER said his  intention today was to  go over                                                              
their missions and  where there are Coast Guard  people throughout                                                              
the state  and then focus  a little bit  on Arctic  activities and                                                              
international engagement  and cooperation, all of  which bear upon                                                              
the  national security  of the  United States  and Alaska's  state                                                              
He said  the Coast  Guard Mission  is generally  speaking:  try to                                                              
prevent bad  things from  happening on  or to  the water  and when                                                              
despite  their  best  efforts,  bad  things  do  happen  they  are                                                              
prepared to respond to those events.                                                                                            
On  the  prevention   side  are:  commercial  vessel   safety  and                                                              
security,  water  front  facility  safety and  security,  aids  to                                                              
navigation,  ice breaking  boating safety  and so forth.  However,                                                              
the Coast  Guard is  best known  for their  response side:  search                                                              
and  rescue,  oil  and  chemical  spill  response,  fisheries  law                                                              
enforcement in Alaska, and border and port security.                                                                            
REAR ADMIRAL  MCALLISTER said Coast  Guard defense  operations are                                                              
fairly unique  in that  they are simultaneous  and at  all-times a                                                              
civil  authority  that  has  law   enforcement  authority  and  an                                                              
organization  under Title 10  of the U.S.  Code. So,  they conduct                                                              
defense  operations  in  concert  with  their partners.  It  is  a                                                              
seamless transition from civil to military capabilities.                                                                        
Alaska's Seventeenth  Coast Guard  District has about  2,500 Coast                                                              
Guard members,  a permanent footprint  in 11 different  locations,                                                              
and four forward-operating  locations (places assets  are moved to                                                              
during  various  times of  the  year  for surge  operations).  For                                                              
example,  Cold Bay  is  a  forward-operating location  during  the                                                              
height  of  the  crabbing  season  in  the  Bering  Sea  and  that                                                              
provides rapid search and rescue response there.                                                                                
12:32:33 PM                                                                                                                   
REAR ADMIRAL  MCALLISTER said  what slide 3  doesn't show  is that                                                              
they  are the  recipients of  a  lot of  deployed capability  from                                                              
other places  around the Coast Guard  (CG). For example,  today CG                                                              
Cutter  Stratton  is  conducting  fisheries  law  enforcement  and                                                              
commercial  fishery vessel  safety  boardings in  the Bering  Sea.                                                              
They cover  about 4 million square  miles of water; most  of it is                                                              
part of  the United States' Exclusive  Economic Zone (EEZ).  It is                                                              
more  area than  the rest of  the U.S.  combined.  The EEZ is  the                                                              
area where the  United States manages its resources  whether it be                                                              
oil   and  gas,   minerals,   or   fisheries  and   protects   its                                                              
sovereignty. They  also have an  international boundary:  two with                                                              
Canada  and one  with  Russia. He  would  describe  some of  those                                                              
activities in a moment.                                                                                                         
12:33:58 PM                                                                                                                   
REAR ADMIRAL MCALLISTER  said their cause for action  for having a                                                              
significant presence  in the Arctic is unchanged.  The melting ice                                                              
provides more  access to those who  would use the  opening oceans.                                                              
For  example,  traffic through  the  Bering  Strait and  the  U.S.                                                              
Arctic is  up 140  percent from  2008 to 2016.  There was  a small                                                              
decline  in   2016/17;  a   lot  of   it  related  to   decreasing                                                              
construction (military  and civil capabilities) along  the Russian                                                              
Northern Sea  Route. The  long-term outlook is  for a  doubling to                                                              
quadrupling  increase in  traffic depending  on one's  assumptions                                                              
on  oil  and   gas  extraction,  container  shipping,   and  other                                                              
He  noted that  last  summer the  M/V  Crystal  Serenity made  her                                                              
second  successful  transit  through   the  U.S.  Arctic  and  the                                                              
Northwest  Passage with  1,400 passengers  and crew.  She was  the                                                              
first  large cruise  ship  to  do that.  She  will  not make  that                                                              
transit next  year, but  the cruise  line as  well as  many others                                                              
are  building  purpose-built  vessels for  northern  cruises;  so,                                                              
smaller ships but increasing interest in adventure tourism.                                                                     
REAR  ADMIRAL   MCALLISTER  said   Colonel  Mendenhall   mentioned                                                              
increased  economic activity  in the Russian  Northern Sea  Route,                                                              
because  of LNG  activity,  and the  new  LNG icebreaking  capable                                                              
carriers made  a record  transit through  the Northern  Sea Route.                                                              
It can  break ice in both  directions. So, they  anticipate seeing                                                              
more year-round  activity through the  Bering Strait, which  is of                                                              
interest  to  the   U.S.  as  a  result  of   Russia's  increasing                                                              
capability to  move LNG and  other commodities year-round  through                                                              
Research  continues at  high levels  in the  Arctic; a  lot of  it                                                              
focused  on the  Outer Continental  Shelf  (OCS) of  the U.S.  and                                                              
other nations that  are preparing to make claims  under the United                                                              
Nations Convention  Law of the Sea, which allows  nations to claim                                                              
beyond their  EEZ if they can show  a historical tie to  the Outer                                                              
Continental Shelf.  Research vessels from all nations  with Arctic                                                              
interests are seen on a routine basis near Alaska.                                                                              
REAR ADMIRAL MCALLISTER  said they continued to  see a combination                                                              
of military  activity and nation-state  involvement in  the Arctic                                                              
and coming  through  the Bering  Strait last  year. The result  of                                                              
all this  is increased Coast Guard  demand for things  like search                                                              
and  rescue,  readiness  for  oil spill  response,  and  having  a                                                              
sovereign  presence  for much  of  the year.  He  said they  mount                                                              
sizable  Arctic operations  yearly to  the point  of having  year-                                                              
round capability of deploying in the Arctic.                                                                                    
12:38:49 PM                                                                                                                   
REAR  ADMIRAL MCALLISTER  said  they do  a  variety of  activities                                                              
under  this  operation:  training,   inspections,  exercises  with                                                              
local communities.  They do  patrols and are  staged to  do search                                                              
and  rescue,  oil  spill  response,  science  support,  and  other                                                              
things. They  did 26 search and  rescue cases last year  and saved                                                              
20 lives above the Arctic Circle based out of their forward-                                                                    
operating location in Kotzebue.                                                                                                 
Their logistics  are greatly  facilitated by other  organizations,                                                              
particularly  the   Eleventh  Air  Force  ALCOM   and  the  Alaska                                                              
National Guard that  provides "heavy lift" for getting  to some of                                                              
the northern  communities. They also  lease a hanger  in Kotzebue,                                                              
which  has been  their staging  point for  helicopters for  search                                                              
and rescue and other purposes.                                                                                                  
12:42:11 PM                                                                                                                   
REAR ADMIRAL  MCALLISTER said  the commandant  of the  Coast Guard                                                              
remains very  much committed to  providing the right  resources to                                                              
be  able to  expand into  this  new operating  area  and he  feels                                                              
fortunate   to  get  many   more  resources   than  many   of  his                                                              
counterparts.  He  showed  more   pictures  of  Arctic  operations                                                              
including  a medivac  situation  off  the Chinese  research  ship,                                                              
joint training  with local communities  on boating safety  and oil                                                              
spill response, and joint training  with the Royal Canadian Navy.                                                               
He showed  a picture  from the  bridge of  the Coast Guard  Cutter                                                              
Maple stationed  in Sitka.  She had  to go to  the East  Coast and                                                              
was sent  through the Northwest  Passage. She was the  first Coast                                                              
Guard  non-icebreaker  to  make   the  transit  in  60  years  and                                                              
celebrated the  60-year anniversary  of the first-time  deep draft                                                              
ships  went  through  the Northwest  Passage.  Three  Coast  Guard                                                              
ships and  one Canadian  Icebreaker made that  first trip  and did                                                              
many of the  soundings that allow commerce throughout  that route.                                                              
The  Coast Guard  also does  a number  of things  on research  and                                                              
development in oil spill technology and has a dive program.                                                                     
12:43:25 PM                                                                                                                   
REAR  ADMIRAL MCALLISTER  said  the  Coast Guard  is  prioritizing                                                              
Alaska  for  new  capabilities:  many  replacements  for  existing                                                              
assets that may  be 30, 40, or  50 or more years old.  But the new                                                              
capabilities are leaps  and bounds ahead of where  they are today.                                                              
As an  example, Air  Station Kodiak  will see  new C130s  over the                                                              
next two  years: five new aircraft  to replace the H  models. They                                                              
have  longer  range,  greater  speed, and  can  be  operated  more                                                              
economically.  They have  two fast-response  cutters stationed  in                                                              
Southeast  and expect  four more  in the coming  years. Those  are                                                              
great new capabilities  as a significant portion of  their time is                                                              
focused  on  fisheries  management. New  offshore  patrol  cutters                                                              
will go  to Kodiak.  Those are now  in the  final stages  of going                                                              
out  to  contract.  They  have   national  security  cutters;  the                                                              
Stratton is under way today in the Bering Sea.                                                                                  
The good news  on icebreakers is that the President's  request for                                                              
2018/19 includes  money for  a replacement  icebreaker.  The Coast                                                              
Guard has  two icebreakers  in its  inventory; sometimes  they say                                                              
one and a  half - the half referring  to either the  fact that one                                                              
of them  is 50  years old and  can't steam  for very long  without                                                              
breaking  down  and most  of  the  replacement parts  don't  exist                                                              
anymore.  That  would  be  the   first  one  replaced.  The  other                                                              
reference  to  half  an  icebreaker  is  they  actually  have  one                                                              
icebreaker  in inventory  (the  50-year old  one);  but they  also                                                              
have  a medium  icebreaker, the  Coast Guard  Cutter Healy,  which                                                              
routinely  patrols the  Alaskan  waters, primarily  in support  of                                                              
science and  other types of  research.   The Coast Guard  has gone                                                              
on  records as  needing six  icebreakers  in the  nation, but  you                                                              
have to start with one.                                                                                                         
12:44:50 PM                                                                                                                   
REAR ADMIRAL  MCALLISTER said  the Coast  Guard was provided  some                                                              
money  by Congress  to  kick-start  a program  to  use both  ship-                                                              
board,  unmanned area  vehicles,  and land-based  UAVs to  provide                                                              
"maritime domain awareness" of Alaskan EEZ.                                                                                     
On  the International  Cooperation  front,  as Colonel  Mendenhall                                                              
appropriately said,  the Arctic is  an area of potential  conflict                                                              
or  potential  miscalculation.  Rear  Admiral  McAllister  offered                                                              
that  it  is  also  an  area  where  they  see  a  high  level  of                                                              
cooperation  amongst  Arctic  nations  and nations  that  have  an                                                              
interest  in the  Arctic. As  an  example, for  search and  rescue                                                              
they  have  near-daily  cooperation  with  their  counterparts  in                                                              
Russia, Canada,  Japan, and  other nations  to carry out  everyday                                                              
He  thanked  Alaska Command  and  the  U.S. Northern  Command  for                                                              
doing the  first joint search and  rescue exercise (under  the new                                                              
Search  and Rescue  agreement) last  year  called Arctic  Chinook,                                                              
under  the new  Arctic Council.  They exercised  their ability  to                                                              
take  cruise ship  passengers  off a  stricken  ship and  provided                                                              
appropriate care for them.                                                                                                      
On  the   law  enforcement  side,   they  coordinate   with  their                                                              
counterparts  with  the  Russian   Coast  Guard  on  the  maritime                                                              
boundary  line  between  the  U.S.  and  Russia  and  on  illegal,                                                              
unreported, and under  regulated fisheries. For an  example of how                                                              
that cooperation  has improved fisheries  management, in  the last                                                              
14  months, eight  vessels were  suspect between  the two  nations                                                              
required joint operations;  five of those vessels  were eventually                                                              
seized,  detained,  or  given  violations;  and  just  those  five                                                              
vessels  alone accounted  for 10,000  tons of  fish and crab  that                                                              
was illegally caught.                                                                                                           
REAR  ADMIRAL  MCALLISTER  said   the  Coast  Guard  also  manages                                                              
waterways  both in  state and  federal waters.  They have  created                                                              
safe shipping routing  zones, which help ships  to avoid conflicts                                                              
with  subsistence  fishing  activities   and  staying  far  enough                                                              
offshore  from Alaska  communities so  that if  there would  be an                                                              
oil  spill  they would  have  time  to  respond. The  Coast  Guard                                                              
proposed this  scheme to  the International Maritime  Organization                                                              
(IMO) with  the Russians. Most of  it was accepted in  the IMO and                                                              
it  will now  become part  of the  global  framework for  managing                                                              
ship traffic through the Bering Strait.                                                                                         
12:48:41 PM                                                                                                                   
He said two Coast  Guard cutters are stationed in  Alaska and will                                                              
be deploying  overseas this summer.  One of them, the  Coast Guard                                                              
Cutter  Spar, will  be  doing multi-national  training  operations                                                              
with Japan,  South Korea, and  potentially other  Northern Pacific                                                              
nations. The  Coast Guard  Cutter Alex Haley,  in Kodiak,  will be                                                              
doing   multi-national,   high-seas  fisheries   operations   with                                                              
Canada, Russia,  China, South Korea,  and Japan (the  nations that                                                              
cooperate in international fisheries in the North Pacific).                                                                     
REAR  ADMIRAL  MCALLISTER  said  community engagement  is  a  core                                                              
element of  Coast Guard strategy. All  the way from the  Arctic to                                                              
Southeast  Alaska, they  try to  involve  communities in  maritime                                                              
safety  and  security,  while  getting  some  of  the  traditional                                                              
knowledge  that comes  out of  the Alaska  Native communities,  in                                                              
particular.  These  subjects  include  oil  spill  training,  mass                                                              
rescue  planning  and exercises,  education  on things  like  cold                                                              
weather and cold-water  survival, ice rescue, and  maritime domain                                                              
awareness.  The Coast  Guard provides  briefings on  how to  avoid                                                              
conflicts with subsistence  activities, and a is  proud partner of                                                              
the Kids Don't Float Campaign (training  3,000 kids last summer).                                                               
12:49:49 PM                                                                                                                   
Slide 10  concluded his presentation.  He said the Coast  Guard is                                                              
proud to  serve in Alaska,  and because  they often work  in small                                                              
communities  becoming  part of  the  fabric  of Alaska,  they  are                                                              
positioned well to  continue that service far into  the future. He                                                              
thanked  the committee  for its  support  of Coast  Guard men  and                                                              
women  around  the  state,  as   well  as  their  fellow  military                                                              
12:50:08 PM                                                                                                                   
CO-CHAIR COSTELLO thanked him and asked for questions.                                                                          
MR.  ANGAPAK related  that  the  Arctic is  a  center of  activity                                                              
among  nations   and  one   of  the   most  important   things  in                                                              
considering  national  security  is food  security  and  defending                                                              
resources. He reminded  them that food can be used  as a weapon in                                                              
warfare. He  asked what the  U.S. Armed  Forces had done  in terms                                                              
of protecting food security.                                                                                                    
REAR  ADMIRAL MCALLISTER  responded  that they  often think  about                                                              
national security  in terms of food security  particularly for the                                                              
coastal  communities  in Alaska  and  do a  variety  of things  to                                                              
ensure it like  ensuring that ship routing takes  ships outside of                                                              
subsistence  activity  areas  and   that  a  ship  is  far  enough                                                              
offshore that if  it was stricken it wouldn't ground  or spill oil                                                              
but yet no  so far offshore that  it becomes a safety  problem for                                                              
the ship.  They engage with local  communities in things  like oil                                                              
spill  response  training  and  along  with  the  state  DEC  have                                                              
containers  of oil spill  response equipment  in many  communities                                                              
so that  communities  can act as  their own  first response  while                                                              
the cavalry  comes in with  additional equipment. But  just having                                                              
a presence in  the Arctic to enforce against  or intercept illegal                                                              
activities  on a  year-round or  a near-year-round  basis is  very                                                              
REPRESENTATIVE SADDLER  asked what  the Coast Guard's  thinking is                                                              
on the  necessity of having  a second port  aside from  Kodiak. He                                                              
has heard Port Clarence identified as a potential port.                                                                         
12:54:08 PM                                                                                                                   
REAR ADMIRAL MCALLISTER  replied that most of the  assets into the                                                              
Arctic are long  endurance assets: large cutters  with helicopters                                                              
on  the back,  icebreakers  that can  stay  under way  for two  or                                                              
three months  at a time.  Right now, their  approach is  called "a                                                              
mobile  seasonal presence."  They  take advantage  of places  like                                                              
Nome where  they can  get stores  and provisions  and provide  the                                                              
opportunity for people to get off the ship.                                                                                     
But  in  the  conversation  about  new  infrastructure  the  Coast                                                              
Guard's position  thus far is  "if you build  a port, we  will use                                                              
it." He is not  convinced another port is needed  specifically for                                                              
the Coast Guard, but that may change.                                                                                           
CO-CHAIR COSTELLO recognized Representative Parish.                                                                             
REPRESENTATIVE  ZULKOSKY  said  coming  from  Tribal  Health,  she                                                              
wanted to  thank the Coast Guard  for having a strong  presence in                                                              
rural communities  in terms  of the Kids  Don't Float  program and                                                              
water safety on the open ocean as well as on rivers.                                                                            
SENATOR  SHOWER  said  he  knows  that  the  U.S.  Navy  has  been                                                              
interested in  another port and that  one would be needed  at some                                                              
point from a  national security perspective. It  segues into other                                                              
things like  food security  and the  economic viability  of taking                                                              
gas and oil  into other areas.  He asked how many  icebreakers the                                                              
United States needs.                                                                                                            
REAR  ADMIRAL  MCALLISTER  answered  that  the Navy  is  doing  an                                                              
exercise with  submarines, but it's  a different challenge  on the                                                              
surface. He  encourages and is willing  to facilitate any  sort of                                                              
Navy presence  here that the DOD  and U.S. Northern  Command feels                                                              
is  appropriate. Six  icebreakers  are needed:  three heavies  and                                                              
three  mediums. They  do work in  both Antarctica  and the  Arctic                                                              
and  that would  ensure year-round  access to  both locations  and                                                              
appropriate  backup,  because  if  an  icebreaker  gets  stuck  or                                                              
breaks down,  another icebreaker is  needed to provide  search and                                                              
rescue or other capabilities.                                                                                                   
CHAIR  COSTELLO   asked  how  he  balances  his   budget  for  law                                                              
enforcement  and military  priorities with  the search and  rescue                                                              
REAR ADMIRAL  MCALLISTER replied  that the federal  budget process                                                              
has a  different budgeting  system  for the Coast  Guard than  for                                                              
other military services  that are under the Department  of Defense                                                              
budget.  The  Coast  Guard  is   in  the  Department  of  Homeland                                                              
Security  and  the majority  of  its  funding is  considered  non-                                                              
defense, non-security  funding. So, they are not  seeing quite the                                                              
same level of increases in funding as the other services.                                                                       
He explained that  on any given day, 10-20 percent  of Coast Guard                                                              
assets  are  committed  to  commanders around  the  globe,  but  4                                                              
percent of their  budget comes from the DOD.  Their commandant has                                                              
been very  vocal about saying they  have readiness issues  and the                                                              
Coast Guard would be well deserved to get an increased budget.                                                                  
1:00:14 PM                                                                                                                    
Search  and rescue  is  probably  the number  one  mission of  the                                                              
Coast Guard  and comes off the  top in terms of  budget priorities                                                              
in  determining where  to place  Coast  Guard cutters.  Everything                                                              
else flows from there as second or third priority missions.                                                                     
REPRESENTATIVE  REINBOLD  asked if  they  have the  capability  to                                                              
respond to a large disaster.                                                                                                    
REAR ADMIRAL  MCALLISTER replied  that he has  the right  types of                                                              
assets and  people who are  skilled and  can respond. He  has good                                                              
partnerships  in place  with state  agencies, the  DOD, and  other                                                              
federal  partners and  local organizations.  So, responding  would                                                              
be a  team effort.  Time is not  their friend,  he said;  a cruise                                                              
ship incident  along the North  Slope would  be very tough  to get                                                              
to in  a timely  fashion to  meet public  expectations and  to get                                                              
everybody  off a ship  safely. He  continues  to advocate  for the                                                              
"right amount of  stuff" in the Coast Guard inventory  to increase                                                              
his readiness.                                                                                                                  
REPRESENTATIVE REINBOLD  asked what the relationship  is like with                                                              
China  in  terms  of  national   security  aside  from  the  AKLNG                                                              
situation and fisheries.                                                                                                        
REAR  ADMIRAL  MCALLISTER  answered  that  the  Coast  Guard  sees                                                              
amongst  its   many  missions   including  fisheries,   oil  spill                                                              
response, and search  and rescue that spirit of  cooperation, even                                                              
with China.  For example, the Coast  Guard Cutter Alex  Haley will                                                              
be deployed  this summer  to a high  seas fisheries  operation and                                                              
will  actually carry  Chinese  Coast Guard  ship  riders who  will                                                              
have more  authority than the U.S.  Coast Guard does if  they come                                                              
across  a Chinese-flagged  vessel, and  they will  likely do  some                                                              
joint patrolling  with Chinese  Coast Guard  vessels. The  Chinese                                                              
have  been  forward  leaning  and  cooperative  on  a  variety  of                                                              
maritime issues.                                                                                                                
REPRESENTATIVE LEDOUX  said she lived in Kodiak for  over 30 years                                                              
and wanted  him to  know that  probably not  one person  living in                                                              
Kodiak does not  have a friend or a relative who  has been rescued                                                              
by the  U.S. Coast  Guard. You  are heroes  in that community  and                                                              
many others, she said.                                                                                                          
CO-CHAIR   COSTELLO  thanked   him   for  his   service  and   his                                                              
1:05:24 PM                                                                                                                    
At ease                                                                                                                         
1:09:56 PM                                                                                                                    
CHAIR  COSTELLO called  the  meeting back  to  order and  welcomed                                                              
Major General Laurel Hummel to the table.                                                                                       
MAJOR   GENERAL  LAUREL   HUMMEL,   Commissioner,  Department   of                                                              
Military  &  Veterans  Affairs(DMVA),   Adjutant  General,  Alaska                                                              
National  Guard, Juneau,  Alaska, introduced  her "battle  buddy,"                                                              
her  senior  enlisted  leader  for   the  Alaska  National  Guard,                                                              
Command Chief,  Master Sergeant  Paul Nelson.  Together they  make                                                              
the joint  command team for the  Alaska National Guard.  She would                                                              
discuss what the  Alaska Organized militia has done  over the past                                                              
year. One  of her  goals as  the adjutant  general is to  leverage                                                              
all  the  capabilities  and  increase the  capacity  for  all  the                                                              
components  of the  organized  militia  which include  the  Alaska                                                              
Army  Guard, the  Air Guard,  the  Alaska Naval  Militia, and  the                                                              
Alaska State Defense Force.                                                                                                     
Their  mission  is given  to  them in  AS  26, but  the  organized                                                              
militia portion of  the Department of Military  & Veterans Affairs                                                              
(DMVA) is  involved in  every aspect  of these mission  statements                                                              
from   deployments  overseas   to   protecting   the  nation,   to                                                              
responding to  catastrophic natural disasters,  assisting veterans                                                              
during the  greatest time of need,  and mentoring young  people in                                                              
the Alaska Military Youth Academy.                                                                                              
1:12:04 PM                                                                                                                    
MAJOR  GENERAL  HUMMEL  said  leading  a  successful  organization                                                              
begins  with  establishing  a  shared  vision  in  common  efforts                                                              
supported  by core  values. The  DMVA vision  outlines their  four                                                              
major common lines of effort across the entire department.                                                                      
        1. Success in ongoing missions in support of the                                                                        
     active component and being ready to go to war is what                                                                      
     she means by achieving federal mission assurance.                                                                          
     2. Doing all they can within the DOD and Department of                                                                     
        Homeland Security, the nexus within she works to                                                                        
     promote a viable Arctic strategy.                                                                                          
     3. Increasing our emergency management capacity across                                                                     
     the state.                                                                                                                 
     4. Engage with Alaskan communities.                                                                                        
Everything  they do as  an organization  within all the  divisions                                                              
in DMVA directly  supports one or  more of these lines  of effort,                                                              
she  said.  This  focus  makes  them  more  efficient  with  their                                                              
people, equipment, and fiscal resources.                                                                                        
MAJOR  GENERAL HUMMEL  highlighted  a couple  of  things they  had                                                              
done since  their last meeting: Last  year, the C17 flip  made big                                                              
headlines. This  is when they  essentially finalized  the reversal                                                              
of the  partnership  they had with  an active  component and  took                                                              
ownership  of the C17  aircraft, which  is a  first in  the entire                                                              
Air Force. So,  this year the big  new story for the  Air Guard is                                                              
the arrival  of the HC  130J (photo on  slide 4), the  Air Force's                                                              
newest and most capable search and rescue aircraft.                                                                             
Another  photo  was of  the  Civil  Support  Team (CST)  and  some                                                              
National  Guard  forces  that  joined  them  from  Washington  and                                                              
Connecticut who were  participating in an exercise  in Valdez just                                                              
last  month.  They  got  a  real-world   request  from  the  local                                                              
incident  commander to  assist  in an  emergency,  a tanker  truck                                                              
that had  flipped over and  was leaking  diesel close to  a salmon                                                              
stream. Her  soldiers went  from exercising  and training  mode to                                                              
real world mode seamlessly and assisted DEC in that incident.                                                                   
MAJOR GENERAL  HUMMEL noted  in the bottom  middle photo  of their                                                              
civil engineers  from the 168th  Wing housed at Eielson  Air Force                                                              
Base that  were conducting  their annual  training in  the country                                                              
of Latvia  where they were  building and repairing  infrastructure                                                              
in  a  key  North  Atlantic  Treaty   Organization  (NATO)-partner                                                              
While the civil  engineers were in Europe, the  engineers from the                                                              
Army Guard continued  to improve the runway at  Old Harbor through                                                              
innovative readiness  training (IRT) where military  units conduct                                                              
their federal military  training while at the same  time executing                                                              
projects  that benefit  local  communities.  If constituents  have                                                              
questions about  this program, contact  her and she will  get them                                                              
to  the  IRT  experts.  It  is  their  job  to  help  guide  their                                                              
communities through the application process.                                                                                    
1:15:33 PM                                                                                                                    
MAJOR GENERAL  HUMMEL said the bottom  right photo was  taken from                                                              
Exercise  Arctic  Eagle,  a  ground  breaking  National  Guard-led                                                              
exercise. This exercise  was a "grand slam," she  said, because it                                                              
fed all four of the lines of effort.                                                                                            
She turned  the presentation  over to  Chief Master Sergeant  Paul                                                              
Nelson  who  would  update  them   on  how  they  are  working  on                                                              
character development  and growing the next generation  of leaders                                                              
through their Ethical Fitness Program.                                                                                          
1:15:56 PM                                                                                                                    
CHIEF MASTER SERGEANT  PAUL NELSON, said over the  last two-and-a-                                                              
half years, the  Alaska National Guard has continued  to develop a                                                              
campaign and an  action plan aimed at improving  ethical decision-                                                              
making  skills, as  well as  exploring the  idea of  strengthening                                                              
character  among  Guard members  of  all  ranks and  positions  of                                                              
authority.  Their strategic  goal  involves  improving a  culture,                                                              
which  in  turn  has  a  positive   impact  on  unit  climate  and                                                              
individual identity of Guard members.                                                                                           
He said  the Alaska  National Guard  remains committed  to swiftly                                                              
addressing  specific instances  of  poor character  and  unethical                                                              
behavior using  the tools provided  to the commanders  by military                                                              
regulation  and Alaska statute,  specifically  the Alaska  Code of                                                              
Military Justice.                                                                                                               
With regards to  professional development, instead  of focusing on                                                              
the  symptoms of  poor  character, the  Alaska  National Guard  is                                                              
conducting  numerous conferences  and small  group workshops  that                                                              
are  specifically  designed  to   address  the  topic  of  ethical                                                              
behavior and  improving positive  character development  among the                                                              
members.  This program  has  gained  national attention,  and  the                                                              
National Guard is  planning on using it as a  best practice around                                                              
the  nation.  They  have  also   been  working  closely  with  the                                                              
Department  of  Army's  Center  for  Army  Profession  and  Ethics                                                              
(CAPE)  to  further   operationalize  the  concept   of  character                                                              
development across the total Army force.                                                                                        
CHIEF  MASTER   SERGEANT  NELSON   said  this  leads   to  another                                                              
question:  where  to  go  next.   The  Alaska  National  Guard  is                                                              
committed to fully  integrating these concepts into  their culture                                                              
for the  long haul.  In addition  to their continued  relationship                                                              
with  CAPE  they  are  currently  planning  on  working  with  the                                                              
Department  of the  Air Force's  Professional  Airmen's Center  of                                                              
Excellence (PACE)  to further explore  ways to expand  and improve                                                              
their flagship program.                                                                                                         
1:18:17 PM                                                                                                                    
In addition  to that,  he highlighted  six members  of the  Alaska                                                              
National Guard seated  behind him and said, "As  a 33-year veteran                                                              
and a senior  enlisted leader of the Alaska National  Guard, these                                                              
warriors, they fill my heart with pride."                                                                                       
CO-CHAIR COSTELLO lead the room in applause for the warriors.                                                                   
CHIEF  MASTER  SERGEANT  NELSON   emphasized  their  diversity  in                                                              
thinking  and  skill  sets:  they  range  across  numerous  career                                                              
fields to  include a pilot,  military police and  law enforcement,                                                              
personalist  in  human  resources,  medical  technicians,  and  an                                                              
engineer.  They  stand with  resolve  and commitment  of  purpose.                                                              
"They  are Alaska's  sons and daughters  and  they truly are  your                                                              
varsity team."                                                                                                                  
1:19:08 PM                                                                                                                    
MAJOR GENERAL HUMMEL  next talked about Federal  Mission Assurance                                                              
lines  of  effort  (slide  6).  She  explained  that  the  federal                                                              
portion of the organized  militia - the Army and  the Air National                                                              
Guard -  continue to  train, deploy, operate,  and return  home as                                                              
part of  their federal mission  status. Their operations  span the                                                              
globe from Ice-X  that is happening right now in  the Arctic Ocean                                                              
to  Deep  Freeze  in Antarctica,  to  Conquest  in  Mongolia,  and                                                              
Northern Edge  here at home. She  works with her  mission partners                                                              
on these  exercises as previously  described. This is  a testament                                                              
to how integrated the total force is in Alaska.                                                                                 
She  said  their  cargo  aircraft  continue  to  move  people  and                                                              
equipment around the  world. Last year she joked  that they always                                                              
have more personnel  take off than land, because  U.S. Army Alaska                                                              
insists on  leaving while the plane  is in air. That is  still the                                                              
case, but this  year they also distributed 11.5  million pounds of                                                              
aviation  fuel,  a  large  portion of  that  going  to  Lieutenant                                                              
General  Wilsbach's very  thirsty  jets who  prefer  to refuel  in                                                              
mid-air  as opposed  to  on  the ground.  To  put  that number  in                                                              
perspective,  assuming  the  standard gas  tanks  on  automobiles,                                                              
their 168th  Wing refueled  over 115,000 cars  while in  flight at                                                              
450 mph if cars could fly.                                                                                                      
MAJOR  GENERAL HUMMEL  said in  addition  to supporting  exercises                                                              
around  the globe  this  past year,  they  deployed  295 (about  7                                                              
percent of  their total force) of  their soldiers and  airmen into                                                              
harm's way in  Southwest Asia in support of the  nation's security                                                              
objectives. As always,  the Alaska National Guard is  not solely a                                                              
part-time  outfit  as  evidenced  by the  list  of  24/7  in-state                                                              
federal missions  that they are  working to keep Alaska  safe. She                                                              
thanked  the  co-chairs  for  sponsoring  their  lunch  and  learn                                                              
yesterday where  they talked  about their  space mission  at Clear                                                              
Air  Force  Station  and  ground-based   mid-course  defense,  the                                                              
Ground-based  Missile Defense  (GMD)  mission out  of Fort  Greely                                                              
and would like to do it again next year.                                                                                        
1:21:40 PM                                                                                                                    
MAJOR  GENERAL  HUMMEL said  Alaska  is  what  makes the  U.S.  an                                                              
Arctic nation. To  that end, their joint staff  continue to ensure                                                              
that the  interests  of the National  Guard and  Alaska are  taken                                                              
into account  in DOD working  groups charged with  crafting policy                                                              
and identifying requirements for operations in the Arctic.                                                                      
They  continue  to  chair  the   National  Guard  Arctic  Interest                                                              
Council,  which  now has  18  member-states  that are  engaged  in                                                              
policy    development,     legislation,    training,     equipment                                                              
procurement, and sustainment.                                                                                                   
1:22:32 PM                                                                                                                    
Emergency  management is  another line  of effort  (slide 8),  she                                                              
said.  The Alaska  organized militia  has both  federal and  state                                                              
missions, and  a photo showed how  involved 108 personnel  were in                                                              
support  of  Texas,  Florida,  Puerto  Rico,  and  Virgin  Islands                                                              
hurricane rescue  and response. Before last hurricane  season, the                                                              
National Guard  was the  only component  of the organized  militia                                                              
to  conduct emergency  response  missions outside  of Alaska.  But                                                              
that changed last  fall, because of the four  Alsaka State Defense                                                              
Force  soldiers  deployed  to Puerto  Rico  to  operate  emergency                                                              
communications  equipment alongside their  Guardsmen. This  is the                                                              
first effort  deployment of  state militia  into another  state to                                                              
assist  in  emergencies. Clearly  the  steps  they have  taken  to                                                              
reorganize  and  modernize  the  state defense  force  are  really                                                              
paying dividends.                                                                                                               
She noted  a photo of  Sergeant Andrew  of Bethel who  traveled to                                                              
Quithluk  to  recognize  Sergeant  First  Class  Samuel  Jackson's                                                              
military  service.   Sergeant  Jackson   started  in   the  Alaska                                                              
Territorial Guard  and he ended  his service with  retirement from                                                              
the Alaska  Army National Guard.  This is one of  seven retirement                                                              
ceremonies  they have  conducted  around the  Yukon-Kuskokwim  and                                                              
Southwest Alaska  where they determined there were  members of the                                                              
Guard  who retired  but did  not  have a  retirement ceremony  and                                                              
were not  honored in  a fitting  way. Another  photo was  of Major                                                              
Johnny  Evan who  had previously  been discharged  from the  Guard                                                              
with no  retirement benefits.  He thought  he might actually  have                                                              
qualified  for  retirement  and contacted  them.  Personnel  staff                                                              
found  that he  had accumulated  enough  points to  qualify for  a                                                              
traditional  reserve retirement.  His  records  were updated,  and                                                              
the retirement ceremony  was held at AFN last  October. The really                                                              
great news  story is  that this  happened just  prior to  his 60th                                                              
birthday, and  that is  the golden day  that reserve  Guards start                                                              
to draw retirement benefits.                                                                                                    
MAJOR  GENERAL  HUMMEL  said  they are  continuing  to  reach  out                                                              
across  the state to  find all  former Guardsmen  and ensure  that                                                              
they  receive  every  award  and benefit  they  have  earned.  She                                                              
pointed out  another photo  of the 61st  year of Operation  Santa,                                                              
where a  plane load of  elves and associated  goodies went  to St.                                                              
1:25:58 PM                                                                                                                    
MAJOR GENERAL HUMMEL  said she has mentioned she is  very proud of                                                              
Arctic  Eagle, because  it is  a  National Guard  Bureau-sponsored                                                              
special  focus  exercise.  The   National  Guard  Arctic  Interest                                                              
Council and  the Alaska National  Guard joint staff did  the heavy                                                              
lifting  to develop  it, resource  it,  and to  execute it  (slide                                                              
10).  The  exercise   recently  concluded,  and   it  successfully                                                              
demonstrated the  Guard's ability to conduct a  joint interagency,                                                              
intergovernmental,   multi-national  operation.  She   said  1,227                                                              
individuals   representing  76   organizations  including   USRAC,                                                              
ALCOM, the  17th District  U.S. Coast  Guard, 14 states'  National                                                              
Guards, and Canada  participated in an exercise  scenario that was                                                              
based on  a foreign radio-active  satellite that fell to  Earth in                                                              
Valdez. In  that scenario,  it crashed  releasing toxic  chemicals                                                              
and   radioactivity.   Simultaneously,    the   exercise   had   a                                                              
cyberattack  that  compromised their  communications  networks.  A                                                              
complex scenario of  this scope tested many of  their planning and                                                              
training muscles  along with  the abilities  of all their  mission                                                              
partners to work together in an emergency.                                                                                      
1:27:31 PM                                                                                                                    
Her closing  slide 11  was a  "powerful picture"  of the  hands of                                                              
Sergeant  First  Class  Jackson  holding  his  Alaska  Territorial                                                              
Guard service medal.                                                                                                            
MAJOR  GENERAL   HUMMEL  closed   saying  she  hopes   "they  have                                                              
continued confidence  in the fitness and the readiness  of the men                                                              
and women  in your Guard  and know that  in your greatest  time of                                                              
need, we  will fulfill  the Guard's moto  of always  ready, always                                                              
For the record,  Major General Hummel also stated:  "When I retire                                                              
from the Army again, I want to join the Coast Guard."                                                                           
CO-CHAIR COSTELLO  thanked her for  her presentation and  said she                                                              
was forgiven for bragging.                                                                                                      
1:29:51 PM                                                                                                                    
MR. ANGAPAK  thanked Rear  Admiral McAllister  for addressing  the                                                              
readiness of  the Coast Guard in  rural Alaska. However,  he urged                                                              
them  to think  about  what would  happen  in  large cities,  like                                                              
Anchorage,   in   the  event   of   a   natural  disaster   or   a                                                              
transportation  derailment  happens   on  land.  Is  our  military                                                              
prepared to  deal with that  kind of natural  emergency in  so far                                                              
as food security in urban settings?                                                                                             
MAJOR  GENERAL HUMMEL  responded  first by  thanking  him for  his                                                              
service as  a Viet  Nam veteran and  as the brother  and son  of a                                                              
veteran. His  question goes  to heart of  some of what  they train                                                              
and exercised to,  which is restoring critical  infrastructure and                                                              
restoring,  if  need  be,  civil   order  in  times  of  distress,                                                              
reopening  ports, and getting  assistance  to reopen airports  and                                                              
1:32:19 PM                                                                                                                    
She said  the heart  of his  question is  about food security  all                                                              
across  the state  including changes  in  the Arctic,  and she  is                                                              
proud  to  say  that  the  DOD  is  a  leader  in  thinking  about                                                              
environmental   security,   the   field   of   how   environmental                                                              
situations  and  changes in  the  environment and  climate  affect                                                              
stability  and security.  Last  year,  the Alaska  National  Guard                                                              
hosted  people  from  17  different   countries,  to  include  the                                                              
People's Republic  of China, where all the Pacific  region nations                                                              
came  together   to  talk  about   how  changes  in   climate  and                                                              
environmental security  are affecting their ability  to keep their                                                              
people safe and secure.                                                                                                         
They have  plans for  all different kinds  of hazards,  but having                                                              
enough food  and supplies to move  forward to the repair  state is                                                              
very  important, too.  Putting  her  state hat  on,  she said  the                                                              
Division of  Homeland Security  and Emergency Management  stresses                                                              
how important it  is for each individual Alaskan  and every family                                                              
to be  prepared for  disaster. Their  website at  ready.Alaska.gov                                                              
has a lot  of information about  how families can be  prepared for                                                              
the worst so that families can help themselves.                                                                                 
MR.  ANGAVAK  corrected  that  he  is  a  veteran,  and  while  he                                                              
volunteered  for  the  Viet  Nam conflict,  he  was  stationed  in                                                              
REPRESENTATIVE  SPOHNHOLZ commended Major  General Hummel  and the                                                              
Guard effort  as a whole  for taking leadership  when it  comes to                                                              
character and  moral leadership. She  was very impressed  with the                                                              
depth of  work that has  been done by  the Guard during  the "dark                                                              
time" to establish  ethical and moral leadership  and character as                                                              
an essential  component of  service. It is  well reflected  in the                                                              
body of the personnel here today.                                                                                               
CO-CHAIR COSTELLO  thanked Major  General Hummel for  her presence                                                              
today and for the work she oversees.                                                                                            
1:35:59 PM                                                                                                                    
CO-CHAIR  COSTELLO adjourned  the Joint  Armed Services  Committee                                                              
meeting at 1:35 p.m.                                                                                                            

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Joint Armed Services Committee
US Army Alaska Command Brief Joint Armed Services Committee 03.22.18.pdf JASC 3/22/2018 11:30:00 AM
Joint Armed Services Committee
Coast Guard Brief Joint Armed Services Committee 03.22.18.pdf JASC 3/22/2018 11:30:00 AM
Joint Armed Services Committee
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Joint Armed Services Committee Briefing 03.22.18.pdf JASC 3/22/2018 11:30:00 AM
Joint Armed Services Committee