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11:00:07 AM Start
01:24:54 PM Adjourn
* first hearing in first committee of referral
+ teleconferenced
= bill was previously heard/scheduled
Ratification of Charitable Events:
- 26th Annual Coal Classic Golf Tournament
Contract Approvals:
- Microsoft Annual Agreement
- LexisNexis
Legal Services Update
Other Committee Business:
- Annual Computer Refresh
- Three-year Tech Plan
- Benson Building Update
- Upcoming Agenda Items
                           ALASKA STATE LEGISLATURE                                                                           
                              LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL                                                                             
                                 JUNE 26, 2018                                                                                
        MEMBERS PRESENT                                                                                                       
        Representative David Guttenberg, Chair                                                                                
        Senator Bert Stedman, Vice Chair                                                                                      
        Representative Matt Claman                                                                                            
        Representative Bryce Edgmon                                                                                           
        Representative Charisse Millett                                                                                       
        Representative Dan Ortiz                                                                                              
        Representative Louise Stutes                                                                                          
        Representative Harriet Drummond, Majority Alternate                                                                   
        Representative David Eastman, Minority Alternate                                                                      
        Senator John Coghill                                                                                                  
        Senator Cathy Giessel                                                                                                 
        Senator Pete Kelly                                                                                                    
        Senator Peter Micciche                                                                                                
        MEMBERS ABSENT                                                                                                        
        Representative Sam Kito                                                                                               
        Senator Lyman Hoffman                                                                                                 
        Senator Anna MacKinnon                                                                                                
        Senator Mia Costello, Alternate                                                                                       
        OTHER MEMBERS PRESENT                                                                                                 
        APPROVAL OF AGENDA                                                                                                    
        APPROVAL OF MINUTES                                                                                                   
        RATIFICATION OF CHARITABLE EVENTS                                                                                     
        CONTRACT APPROVALS                                                                                                    
        LEGAL SERVICES UPDATE                                                                                                 
        EXECUTIVE SESSION                                                                                                     
        OTHER COMMITTEE BUSINESS                                                                                              
        SPEAKER REGISTER                                                                                                      
        Jessica Geary, Executive Director, Legislative Affairs Agency                                                         
   Tim Banaszak, Manager, Information Technology, Legislative                                                                 
        Affairs Agency                                                                                                        
        Doug Gardner, Director, Legal Services, Legislative Affairs                                                           
        Jerry Luckhaupt, Revisor, Legal Services, Legislative Affairs                                                         
       11:00:07 AM                                                                                                          
  I. CALL TO ORDER                                                                                                          
       CHAIR GUTTENBERG called the  Legislative Council meeting to  order                                                     
       at 11:00a.m. in the Anchorage  LIO Large Conference Room.  Present                                                     
       at the call  were Representatives Claman,  Edgmon, Millet,  Ortiz,                                                     
       Stutes, Eastman  (alternate),  and Guttenberg;  Senators  Coghill,                                                     
       Giessel, Kelly, Micciche, and Stedman. Absent were  Representative                                                     
       Kito,  Senators  Hoffman,  MacKinnon,  and  Costello  (alternate).                                                     
       Representative Drummond (alternate) joined at 11:33am.                                                                 
       CHAIR GUTTENBERG shared  that we  just lost one  of our long  term                                                     
       legislative staff to  Speaker Edgmon,  Adam Berg. Our  condolences                                                     
       to the family and to you Mr. Speaker and your staff.                                                                   
 II. APPROVAL OF AGENDA                                                                                                     
       11:03:02 AM                                                                                                          
       VICE CHAIR  STEDMAN  moved that  Legislative Council  approve  the                                                     
       agenda as presented.                                                                                                   
       The motion passed without objection.                                                                                   
III. APPROVAL OF MINUTES                                                                                                    
       11:04:24 AM                                                                                                          
       VICE CHAIR  STEDMAN  moved that  Legislative Council  approve  the                                                     
       minutes dated April 23, 2018.                                                                                          
       The motion passed without objection.                                                                                   
       CHAIR GUTTENBERG  asked members  if the way  we communicated  with                                                     
       members was  adequate,  did they  get notice  in time,  are  there                                                     
       other ways they want  us to communicate  with them? Please let  us                                                     
       know, as  it is to  everyone's advantage  that they  have all  the                                                     
       information they  need  to make  the right  decision in  a  timely                                                     
       manner. Everything is on BASIS at this point, that is  public, and                                                     
       we want to ensure we are reaching out to people the way  they want                                                     
       to receive information.                                                                                                
 IV. RATIFICATION OF CHARITABLE EVENTS                                                                                      
       11:05:49 AM                                                                                                          
       VICE CHAIR  STEDMAN  moved  that Legislative  Council  ratify  the                                                     
       Chair's sanctioning  of  the following  charitable events  per  AS                                                     
   24.60.080(a)(2)(B): 26 Annual Coal Classic Golf Tournament.                                                                
       The motion passed without objection.                                                                                   
   V. CONTRACT APPROVALS                                                                                                    
        a. Microsoft Annual Agreement                                                                                       
        Thank you  Mr. Chairman,  Vice-Chairman, members  of the  Council,                                                    
        for the record my  name is TIM BANASZAK  and I am the  Information                                                    
        Technology Manager for the Alaska State Legislature.  Today before                                                    
        you for consideration is the annual Microsoft Enterprise  Software                                                    
        Agreement License. The  State of Alaska  has negotiated on  behalf                                                    
        of the Legislature,  the Executive and  Judicial branches a  three                                                    
        year contract  with Software  House International  which  provides                                                    
        Microsoft products including Windows 10, Windows server  operating                                                    
        system, the office software suite which includes items  most of us                                                    
        are familiar with such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint,  Skype                                                    
        for  Business,   One  Note,  Publisher,   Access  database.   This                                                    
        agreement   also   provides   licensing   to   operate    critical                                                    
        infrastructure  systems  including the  Windows  10  pc  operating                                                    
        system, windows  server, databases  including  those I  previously                                                    
        mentioned, our network drives, share point, web servers  including                                                    
        our intranet and extranet webservers are licensed  through this as                                                    
        Part of this  contract also includes secure  email storage, up  to                                                    
        100 gigabytes per box. Some of you might remember  the days we had                                                    
        less than one, so that's improved in this as well.                                                                    
        Also, we have  unlimited archiving  as part  of this contract  and                                                    
        protected  one   drive  file   sharing   and  software   licensing                                                    
        collaboration from  full  devices. It  is a  fairly  comprehensive                                                    
        contract and covers a lot of our services of goods.                                                                   
        Finally,  one  of  the  important  areas  that  this  provides  is                                                    
        software assurance, which safeguards the application  of operating                                                    
        systems and  databases  by  providing the  most  current  security                                                    
        updates and software versions.                                                                                        
        Mr. Chairman,  this agreement  which begins  July 1,  2018, for  a                                                    
        period of  one year  with  two annuals  provides the  benefits  of                                                    
        reduced  volume  pricing,  enhanced  technical  support,   regular                                                    
        software  upgrades,  and training  for  both  technical  and  non-                                                    
        technical staff. The Legislature's  portion of this agreement  for                                                    
        FY19 is $144,402.52,  which is budgeted  under the  Administrative                                                    
        Services component  and requires  Legislative Council's  approval.                                                    
        Just  for the  Council's  information,  the  Executive  branch  is                                                    
        actually in  a business meeting  right now  hoping to negotiate  a                                                    
        few points down  from what  we're actually paying  on top of  this                                                    
        right now. We're receiving  government pricing at this point,  but                                                    
        at the  outset of this  meeting they  were just  going into  their                                                    
        business meeting and so we may be able to reduce it  down a little                                                    
       bit. But at this point, this is the pricing that we have.  I would                                                     
       be happy to answer any questions.                                                                                      
       11:10:36 AM                                                                                                          
       VICE CHAIR  STEDMAN  moved that  Legislative Council  approve  the                                                     
       expenditure of  not  more than  $144,402.52,  the first  of  three                                                     
       annual installments,  to Software House  International (SHI)  that                                                     
       licenses the Legislature to use Microsoft's software.                                                                  
       The motion passed without objection.                                                                                   
       b. LexisNexis                                                                                                        
       11:12:05 AM                                                                                                          
       VICE CHAIR  STEDMAN  moved that  Legislative Council  approve  the                                                     
       two-year  renewal with  LexisNexis  for  the  publication  of  our                                                     
       statutes in the amount of an estimated annual average of $50,000.                                                      
       VICE CHAIR STEDMAN objected for discussion.                                                                            
       My name  is JERRY  LUCKHAUPT, Revisor  of Statues  for the  Alaska                                                     
       State Legislature.  As noted  in the motion,  this is  a two  year                                                     
       renewal of the current contract that was entered into  in 2012 for                                                     
       a six  year period.  It provides,  as noted  in my  letter to  the                                                     
       Council,  terms  very  beneficial  to  the  State  at  this  time,                                                     
       considering contracts that have been entered into by  other states                                                     
       and the size  of Alaska.  We have experienced  some problems  over                                                     
       the last  two years  with  LexisNexis moving  to a  new  editorial                                                     
       format that  we are  trying to  work through  those,  we are  also                                                     
       hoping that as we an actual interim this year, we are  going to be                                                     
       able to  resolve all  of those  issues and  we  have been  working                                                     
       diligently with them.  If there are any  questions, I am ready  to                                                     
       answer them.  I would just  ask the  Council to do  this two  year                                                     
       renewal because  it is  beneficial to  the State  under the  terms                                                     
       CHAIR GUTTENBERG asked are there any states that are  not printing                                                     
       their statute books?  Are there other  alternatives? Looking  into                                                     
       the future, would there be a time when publicly available  statute                                                     
       books would not be needed or what is the perception  of that world                                                     
       JERRY LUCKHAUPT replied that eventually it will reach  that point.                                                     
       It is always going to be  a problem in Alaska due to distance  and                                                     
       not everyone having  a stable internet  connection. I think  books                                                     
       are always  going to  be needed  out there.  The  other aspect  of                                                     
       publishing statutes, is  annotated statutes. The annotations  that                                                     
       LexisNexis provides,  their  editors  provide,  to the  State  and                                                     
       Federal  cases  is helpful  for  people  who  have  to  deal  with                                                     
        government and  can easily find  cases that  have interpreted  our                                                    
        statutes. So  to  that aspect,  it  is going  to be  difficult  in                                                    
        Alaska to completely do  away with printed statutes. That  said, a                                                    
        few  states have  tried;  Wisconsin  is  going  with  an  official                                                    
        version that is online  and still printing statutes for  those who                                                    
        want them.  Hopefully, we  will reduce  the amount  of paper  over                                                    
        time and  if  we truly  do go  to  an online  only version  it  is                                                    
        something that a  number of states are  taking that work  in-house                                                    
        and are basically deciding we are just going to publish  an online                                                    
        version and  let everyone  do what  they want.  So companies  like                                                    
        Lexis, West,  or other companies  that choose  to issue a  printed                                                    
        version can. Again, with Alaska,  it is problematic to say  we are                                                    
        going be able to go to a completely online version?  because it is                                                    
        SENATOR GIESSEL  noted that  online you can  access our  statutes,                                                    
        but there is  a disclaimer that  says, "this may  not be the  most                                                    
        current version  of our  statutes,"  so if  we were  to go  online                                                    
        there would have  to be some  fixes to  that whole process.  Thank                                                    
        VICE CHAIR STEDMAN removed his objection.                                                                             
        The motion passed without objection.                                                                                  
  VI. LEGAL SERVICES UPDATE                                                                                                 
        CHAIR GUTTENBERG  asked members  if  they all  had a  copy of  Mr.                                                    
        Gardner's letter which was distributed to Council members  and all                                                    
        other members. Mr.  Gardner, I texted you  on Monday saying I  had                                                    
        not officially accepted this letter and you had an  opportunity to                                                    
        take whatever actions  you wanted  to, but here  you are. Can  you                                                    
        please give your update on Legislative Legal Services?                                                                
        DOUG GARDNER  replied,  CHAIR  GUTTENBERG  and members,  it  is  a                                                    
        pleasure to be seated before you one last time. Giving  an update,                                                    
        you and I did  not discuss exactly  what your thoughts were  about                                                    
        the  update.  I will  give  you  a  short,  two  to  three  minute                                                    
        assessment of where  I think  things are. As  you know, August  15                                                    
        will be my last day as Director. I don't have any plans  right now                                                    
        and am your Director until the last minute of the last  day that I                                                    
        am here.  After that  I will  look around,  but I  don't have  any                                                    
        plans right now.                                                                                                      
        I segway  into the  conversation  about the  office.  I think  the                                                    
        office is  in good  shape right  now. We  have a  lot of  talented                                                    
        folks that you  have all worked  with. I went out  of my way  this                                                    
        year, and I  think the Presiding  Officers may  have seen some  of                                                    
        this,  I'm  looking  at  Representative  Millett,   Representative                                                    
        Edgmon, I  recognize Senator  Kelly is  online,  possibly the  co-                                                    
       chairs, saw  a little  more of  me than  typical.  I brought  some                                                     
       staff with me periodically to meetings which was not  an accident,                                                     
       I was not wasting  anyone's time. I  wanted to give some  exposure                                                     
       to people who I think can probably do very well for you.                                                               
       The office is in good shape.  You are all very supportive.  I came                                                     
       around and did  what I had  never done before and  I think it  put                                                     
       Pam and me in  a slightly awkward spot,  to come around and  stump                                                     
       for money. I  did not want to  do that, but  thought we were at  a                                                     
       mission critical  spot. I am  looking at everyone  here and  those                                                     
       online and I know there was a lot of support for the  office. That                                                     
       additional funding, like  everything in life,  there is not a  lot                                                     
       you are  going to  do with  it in  November  to make  a change  in                                                     
       January, but it is getting  tapered into the system right  now. We                                                     
       are building out the  editing area. When you  are a Chair and  you                                                     
       are waiting for a  CS, Senator Giessel right  now, or you are  the                                                     
       Speaker or  the  President on  the  floor you  are trying  to  get                                                     
       things through the  office. You  know what they  are. I know  your                                                     
       staff are like, "why  can't this just  get finished earlier so  we                                                     
       can have an  extensive peer  review process?"  and the reality  is                                                     
       there were  two  choke  points  that we  identified:  one  is  the                                                     
       editing staff,  they are  wonderful and  they make  sure we  don't                                                     
       screw things  up at ten  o'clock at  night; the other  end of  the                                                     
       process is the revising process  that Mr. Luckhaupt handles  on an                                                     
       hour by  hour, minute by  minute basis.  So we  added an  Attorney                                                     
       there and we  added a Deputy  Editor which  you approved and  that                                                     
       was the funding  that we went  with. I think that  as we get  into                                                     
       the Thirty-first Legislature  that is going  to pay big  dividends                                                     
       in a  variety of  different ways.  One,  my goal  always, as  your                                                     
       Director was to make  you look good on  the floor. I wanted it  to                                                     
       be true and I  wanted it to be a  smooth process. There are  small                                                     
       delays that are always  going to occur, but  I didn't want any  of                                                     
       the Chairs  or Presiding  Officers  or anybody,  minority  members                                                     
       waiting for amendments,  I wanted  that all to  go as smoothly  as                                                     
       possible. I  think this  step will help  in that,  it's just  that                                                     
       this year  we  were  at a  place  where Laura  Duval  was  getting                                                     
       snapped and we needed to roll with what we had.                                                                        
       I think  it will  also help  with the  retention in  my office.  I                                                     
       don't know what the number is.  I wish I had a number to  tell you                                                     
       how much we  have invested  in the Emily  Naumans, Megan  Wallace,                                                     
       Hilary Martin,  budget  drafters, education  attorneys,  assistant                                                     
       revisors,  Jerry,  myself,  there   is  a  lot  invested  in   our                                                     
       experience and time.  Really it  is such a  small office that  you                                                     
       can't have significant  turnover without  losing enormous  amounts                                                     
       of efficiencies in  place. I started my  life in a private  family                                                     
       business, so I know  every time you  touch something it costs  you                                                     
       money and everything you do reflects on who you are  and what your                                                     
       goals are. I  wanted the office  to reflect what  you all need  to                                                     
        bring to your constituents and what needs to get done  for Alaska.                                                    
        I am not a policy person  or a political person, I just  wanted to                                                    
        make sure you had that resource. I think those changes  are coming                                                    
        online and I  think that next  session we  will always be  growing                                                    
        and we will  always be learning,  but I think  things are in  good                                                    
        I don't  know  how  much  you would  like  to  talk to  me  in  an                                                    
        Executive Session and how much  you would like to talk to me  in a                                                    
        Public Session, but I will answer any questions you  have. I think                                                    
        we are in good  shape and that is part  of the reason why I  chose                                                    
        to transition Mr. Chair.                                                                                              
        CHAIR  GUTTENBERG  stated  that  Mr.  Gardner  will   be  back  in                                                    
        Executive Session.                                                                                                    
        REPRESENTATIVE MILLETT  thanked  Mr. Gardner.  You  have been  the                                                    
        Director almost  the whole  ten years  I  have served,  I think  I                                                    
        served one  year under  Tam Cook.  Your professionalism  and  your                                                    
        staff and the way that you've run the Legislature's  department of                                                    
        law has been amazing. You  came up with amendments on my  minority                                                    
        end, you  were stellar  in  your performance  in making  sure  our                                                    
        voices were  heard and I  really appreciate  that. You  shepherded                                                    
        Speaker Edgmon and  I through  some tough times  and gave us  good                                                    
        advice and that is  greatly appreciated. We  know we put a lot  of                                                    
        pressure on the department  of law with issues including:  the oil                                                    
        tax  debate;  Medicaid;  defined  benefits;  budget  bills;  crime                                                    
        bills; lawsuits;  education. You  became a  public figure  through                                                    
        all that and  I know there was  a lot of  criticism on you, but  I                                                    
        heartfully thank you  and am sorry to  see you go, but  understand                                                    
        that ability for you to  go out into the private sector.  You will                                                    
        be missed. You  have mentored a lot  of people in the  Legislature                                                    
        and showed good compassion, kindness, and fairness.  Thank you and                                                    
        your staff. It did  not go unnoticed. You  were always at the  end                                                    
        of a cell phone, easy to get ahold of, and we had  some wild hours                                                    
        the last  couple sessions,  so I  appreciate your  professionalism                                                    
        and wish you well. I hate to see you go Doug.                                                                         
        DOUG GARDNER Thank  you, I enjoyed every  minute of it. I  enjoyed                                                    
        the opportunity.  Since you mentioned  it, on  occasion, I felt  I                                                    
        was  walking a  bit  of  a  tightrope, but  there  were  a  couple                                                    
        occasions  where you  and  Representative  Edgmon  worked  closely                                                    
        together to  deal with  issues this  session. Thank  you both  for                                                    
        being statesmen.                                                                                                      
        SENATOR GIESSEL commented that  as a substantial Committee  Chair,                                                    
        the Resources  Committee handles  lots time  sensitive bills.  The                                                    
        work  that  your   team  has  done,   over  the  last  two   years                                                    
        specifically,  has  just  been  outstanding.  We   really,  really                                                    
       appreciate it. I  say that on  behalf of my  staff as well.  Thank                                                     
       DOUG GARDNER Thank you.                                                                                                
       REPRESENTATIVE CLAMAN thank  you Doug for  all the fine work  that                                                     
       you did.  I  know that  is  part of  the  challenge when  we  have                                                     
       diverse interests that you  represent, and you must represent  all                                                     
       of  us.  All  though  sometimes  we  may  forget  that,  you  keep                                                     
       reminding us. Lastly, at the  end of this Session it was  great to                                                     
       hear those bagpipes.                                                                                                   
       DOUG GARDNER Thank you.                                                                                                
       SENATOR KELLY  Doug, when  you first  came  in, I  had fairly  low                                                     
       expectations of  you. I do  not even know  why, but  I did. As  we                                                     
       worked together,  you blew  away all  my low  expectations and  my                                                     
       expectations began  to grow, and  as they grew,  you kept  blowing                                                     
       them away. You are one of  the best staff people I have  ever been                                                     
       around, you are a hell of  a lawyer, and I just really  appreciate                                                     
       what you  did. If I  can ever  write a  letter of  recommendation,                                                     
       just let me  know. It will  kind of embarrass you,  but you are  a                                                     
       good one. Thank you.                                                                                                   
       DOUG GARDNER Thank you.                                                                                                
       REPRESENTATIVE EDGMON  Thank you  Mr.  Chairman. I  would like  to                                                     
       echo the comments  from the Senate President.  As Speaker, I  work                                                     
       very closely  with  Doug  and his  staff,  and like  the  Minority                                                     
       Leader mentioned, you were there at virtually every  turn? whether                                                     
       it was late  at night,  early in  the morning, or  on weekends.  I                                                     
       know you remember  that fondly  by the smile  on your face.  Thank                                                     
       you for the great  job you have done.  Mr. Chairman and I want  to                                                     
       commend you  for giving the  Council the opportunity  to not  only                                                     
       have the Director  come forward  and speak publicly,  but also  in                                                     
       Executive Session  to give Council  the opportunity  to hear  from                                                     
       the Director  in an atmosphere  where you can  perhaps speak  more                                                     
       candidly  about  things and  for  the  Council  to  get  a  better                                                     
       understanding  of  what  actually  is  involved  in   being  Legal                                                     
       Director. It is a job with a lot of nuances that not  only crosses                                                     
       the legal  profession into  working with  a political  institution                                                     
       and the public and all the  other pieces that are attached  to it.                                                     
       Doug you  have been  fantastic  and you  are my  favorite  bagpipe                                                     
       player too.                                                                                                            
       DOUG GARDNER  Mr.  Chairman, in  the Thirtieth  Legislature  there                                                     
       were  a  lot  of  significant  issues  for  consideration  by  the                                                     
       Legislature. There were a lot of challenging situations  that came                                                     
       up and the Legislature had  to change some policies and  otherwise                                                     
        address those things.  Maybe it was just  because I was getting  a                                                    
        little bit more grey  hair, but I felt  a comfort level, and  this                                                    
        is a compliment to Representative Edgmon and Senator  Kelly, and I                                                    
        hope that  it resonates with  whoever holds  those positions  down                                                    
        the road, but when I had  a problem or we had a logistical  issue,                                                    
        and this goes for a lot of the Chairs too this year,  I know there                                                    
        was a lot of?  if you look at Twitter  and you see all the  things                                                    
        that  are  going  on,  you  wonder,  "how  is  this   organization                                                    
        functioning?", but behind the scenes it is the Heather  Carpenters                                                    
        and Amory  Lelakes that  represent  you both  on an  hour by  hour                                                    
        basis with our office to  try and make the floor work smoothly.  I                                                    
        can't say how much access I had to both you Representative  Edgmon                                                    
        and Senator Kelly through staff  and if I needed to come  down and                                                    
        say, "We've got  to do something  here, this  is not working."  or                                                    
        "We do not have the time  to do this." or "We can do this,  but we                                                    
        cannot do  that." Whatever  it was, that  access was  huge and  it                                                    
        helped  us squeeze...  again,  from  a  family  business,  private                                                    
        sector person is where I got my start in life and it  is all about                                                    
        squeezing the most out of  what you have. It is not about  wanting                                                    
        more, it's  about  what can  you do  with what  you  are given.  I                                                    
        really felt  that you  two Presiding  Officers helped  me do  that                                                    
        this   last  two   years   under   some   incredibly   challenging                                                    
        circumstances. As  I said  when we  started the  Session off  with                                                    
        training, we  are all  in this  together.  Yes, I  respect you  as                                                    
        elected officers  and representatives  of the people,  but at  the                                                    
        end of the day,  we are all in  this legislative process  together                                                    
        and  nobody can  do  anything  without  the  cooperation  of  all                                                     
        minority, majority,  independentwe  all have  to pull together  to                                                    
        make it work. You  two gave me the  opportunity to try to bob  and                                                    
        weave  through  some  real  high  volume  stuff  and  solve  those                                                    
        problems before  they turned  into more floor  like situations.  I                                                    
        want to thank you  both for that. I  enjoyed working with both  of                                                    
        you. I want  to say one  thing that I  hope Representative  Edgmon                                                    
        finds humorous, I believe that it may be that I am the only non-                                                      
        member that ever called  a Speaker on the  floor and asked for  an                                                    
        At-ease. The Speaker went to a Call-of-the-chair for  a few hours,                                                    
        we solved  those problems,  and you all  went on  and looked  very                                                    
        smooth to the  public. It's those kinds  of things. Senator  Kelly                                                    
        always  had a  sense  of  humor  in  his office  and  so  did  you                                                    
        Representative Edgmon, so thank you both gentlemen,  the Presiding                                                    
        Officers,  both  statesmen.  I  appreciate  it.  I  know  time  is                                                    
        limited, I  would be  happy to  answer questions  in an  Executive                                                    
        SENATOR MICCICHE I  could go on  for just as  long about Doug.  We                                                    
        have asked him for some pretty extraordinary things  over the last                                                    
        four years and your department  has always risen to the  occasion.                                                    
        The thing that I like the  best is you actually will push  back at                                                    
        appropriate times when some  of us are somewhat exuberant  about a                                                    
       particular   approach   in   legislation   and   you   have   been                                                     
       constructively assertive. I think  that is the one thing that  was                                                     
       not mentioned.  The  only  thing I  wanted  to say  about  Senator                                                     
       Kelly, the humor  in his  office is that  he does  steal a lot  of                                                     
       material from me. I thought  that was important to clarify.  Thank                                                     
       you Doug for all your hard work.                                                                                       
       DOUG GARDNER  As I  said,  I am  one person  sitting  here who  is                                                     
       departing, but there  a dozen or so  Attorneys that are  probably,                                                     
       enjoying the interim  imagine that, but  one seated behind me  and                                                     
       the others  that work for  you all  year round are  the ones  that                                                     
       make this happen. It was my person as Director.                                                                        
       CHAIR GUTTENBERG stated  that from my  perspective, there are  two                                                     
       parts of what  we dopart  is  policy and part  is process. If  you                                                     
       cannot get  through  having  a process,  you  will never  get  the                                                     
       policy. That  starts off  with Rules  and Masons  and  Legislative                                                     
       Legal allows us that process  to get the policy. I know if  I went                                                     
       to your office now and saw where they are doing all that  work and                                                     
       the space they have? it is just a tremendous amount of  work and I                                                     
       appreciate everything that you have done.                                                                              
       I was on Legislative Council  when we hired you, but I was  not on                                                     
       the search  committee. I  am going to  set up  a search  committee                                                     
       that will mimic the same  one that hired you that consists  of the                                                     
       Chair,  the  Executive  Director,  Presiding  Officers,   and  the                                                     
       Majority and  Minority Leaders  of both  bodies. If  one of  those                                                     
       members is not available I will look to the Presiding  Officers to                                                     
       take their place  and we  will get to  that as soon  as we can.  I                                                     
       know we have a memo from  Skiff on what we can and cannot  do, and                                                     
       I  will  ask  you  to   start  that  process  by  writing   a  job                                                     
       Legislative  Council  does  not   actually  do  the  hiring,   the                                                     
       Executive  Director  does. But  the  two  positions  that  are  so                                                     
       significant  for  the  Legislature  are  Leg.  Director   and  the                                                     
       Division of  Finance. I asked  the Executive  Director to come  up                                                     
       with the history  of that  and it boils  down to  if we hire  you,                                                     
       Leg. Director and  the Finance Director,  we are basically  having                                                     
       three separate  divisions  and three  budgets  and that  would  be                                                     
       pretty inefficient. So Legislative  Council on your position  will                                                     
       go through this process of  a search, then narrow the window  down                                                     
       to a few candidates, whatever  process they decide upon,  and give                                                     
       that  name  to  the  Executive  Director.  I  think   it  is  also                                                     
       appropriate to have a  policy statement that affirms that  process                                                     
       that we  have one  Legislative Affairs  Agency  and the  Executive                                                     
       Director  makes  that  decision,  but  the  hiring  of  those  two                                                     
       positions come from  the recommendations of  the Council. I  think                                                     
        that is the efficiency  that has evolved over  the years and I  do                                                    
    not see any reason to change it unless someone else does.                                                                 
        Before we  go into Executive  Session,  I also want  to thank  you                                                    
        Doug. I think you have a  job that rides the rail and the  edge of                                                    
        a blade. You are always someone who self corrects  and helps other                                                    
        people stay there. Some people have an agenda and  want an opinion                                                    
        that says what they  want it to say.  Many times I have gotten  an                                                    
        opinion back and I do not like it, but that is the  law. It is the                                                    
        perception from you  and your staff. I  always thought it was  the                                                    
        right thing  to do.  Sometimes it  was misread,  intentionally  or                                                    
        otherwise, but  I thought you  guys always  did a  good job, so  I                                                    
        appreciate that.                                                                                                      
 VII. EXECUTIVE SESSION                                                                                                     
        11:38:44 AM                                                                                                         
        VICE CHAIR  STEDMAN moved that  that Legislative  Council go  into                                                    
        executive session  under uniform rule  22(b)(2)(3), discussion  of                                                    
        subjects  and  matters  that  may,  by  law,  be  required  to  be                                                    
        confidential. Any Legislators not on Council are welcome  to stay.                                                    
        Will the following staff  please stay in the room: Jessica  Geary;                                                    
        Doug  Gardner;  Crystal  Koeneman;  Tina  Strong;   Molly  Kiesel;                                                    
        Alliana Salanguit;  Kate Burkhart; Skiff  Lobaugh; Elisha  Martin;                                                    
        and Brian Meissner.                                                                                                   
        The motion passed without objection.                                                                                  
        Legislative Council went into executive session.                                                                      
        12:55:20 PM                                                                                                         
        Council came out of executive session.                                                                                
        12:56:57 PM                                                                                                         
        VICE CHAIR STEDMAN moved  that Legislative Council approve  $160.0                                                    
     for the design of the 3 floor at 1500 West Benson Blvd.                                                                  
        A roll call vote was taken.                                                                                           
        YEAS:   Claman,   Edgmon,   Millett,   Ortiz,   Stutes,   Coghill,                                                    
                Micciche, Stedman, Guttenberg.                                                                                
        NAYS: None                                                                                                            
        The motion passed 9-0.                                                                                                
        12:58:12 PM                                                                                                         
       VICE CHAIR STEDMAN moved  that Legislative Council approve  $150.0                                                     
       for the purchase  of air handling  equipment for the  3  floor  at                                                     
       1500 West Benson Blvd.                                                                                                 
       SENATOR MICCICHE do  we have adequate  support that we  understand                                                     
       what is needed  before we spend  the money?  You know I've  always                                                     
       been hesitant to spend  any money on  that building until we  know                                                     
       what we are doing for  sure. Do we documentation from  engineering                                                     
       that it is required and  that we have the right equipment  that we                                                     
       are going to order and install?                                                                                        
       For the record,  my name is JESSICA  GEARY, Executive Director  of                                                     
       the Legislative  Affairs  Agency.  Senator Micciche,  through  the                                                     
       Chair, we had our engineers  here earlier discussing this  with us                                                     
       and this does need to be done regardless of what else  is approved                                                     
       on the project. This is an important thing that needs  to be taken                                                     
       care of.                                                                                                               
       CHAIR  GUTTENBERG  replied  to  Senator  Micciche  that  I  had  a                                                     
       discussion  with  them  earlier  concerning  the  nature  of  your                                                     
       questions. The specifics,  this is the  air handlers dedicated  to                                                     
       the third floor and is a  replacement for what is there now.  They                                                     
       are going to go  on the roof which will  require a crane. We  will                                                     
       get the specifications,  but it is simply  a replacement for  what                                                     
       is existing nownot   to expand capabilities  across the  building.                                                     
       Does that help?                                                                                                        
       SENATOR  MICCICHE so  it  is  sort of  a  safety  requirement  for                                                     
       necessary air movement  and HVAC on the  third floor, is that  how                                                     
       you would define it?                                                                                                   
       CHAIR  GUTTENBERG Yes,  exactly  Senator.  We  are  not  expanding                                                     
       anything, we  are just  replacing what is  there that  it will  be                                                     
       required almost no matter what you do.                                                                                 
       SENATOR MICCICHE Thank you.                                                                                            
       A roll call vote was taken.                                                                                            
       YEAS:   Claman,   Edgmon,   Millett,   Ortiz,   Stutes,   Coghill,                                                     
               Micciche, Stedman, Guttenberg.                                                                                 
       NAYS: None                                                                                                             
       The motion passed 9-0.                                                                                                 
       1:01:22 PM                                                                                                           
       VICE CHAIR  STEDMAN  moved that  Legislative Council  approve  the                                                     
       pressure washing  and resealing  of the  building  exterior for  a                                                     
        repainting of the first floor exterior in an amount  not to exceed                                                    
        CHAIR GUTTENBERG said  that we make sure  the contract comes  back                                                    
        to us with a  color, I thought it was  going to be clear, so  that                                                    
        it is not something that doesn't work.                                                                                
        SENATOR MICCICHE  said clearly  the coating  is  failing and  this                                                    
        cost is to avoid  much more costly repairs  in the future. I  just                                                    
        think it is  always healthy  for the public  to understand why  we                                                    
        are spending certain dollars on certain State assets.                                                                 
        CHAIR GUTTENBERG Thank you Senator.                                                                                   
        A roll call vote was taken.                                                                                           
        YEAS:   Claman,   Edgmon,   Millett,   Ortiz,   Stutes,   Coghill,                                                    
                Micciche, Stedman, Guttenberg.                                                                                
        NAYS: None                                                                                                            
        The motion passed 9-0.                                                                                                
VIII. OTHER COMMITTEE BUSINESS                                                                                              
        a.   Annual Computer Refresh                                                                                        
        1:03:39 PM                                                                                                          
        VICE CHAIR  STEDMAN  moved that  Legislative Council  approve  the                                                    
        FY19 hardware refresh expenditure of $146,846.                                                                        
        VICE CHAIR STEDMAN objected for discussion.                                                                           
        Mr. Chairman, members  of the Council, for  the record my name  is                                                    
        TIM BANASZAK and I am  the Information Technology Manager  for the                                                    
        Alaska State  Legislature.  The request  before  you as  the  Vice                                                    
        Chair  just   submitted   is  for   the  FY19   hardware   refresh                                                    
        recommendations. The  IT subcommittee  offers  the following  FY19                                                    
        computer hardware  refresh recommendations  for consideration:  82                                                    
        Computers that replaces the 2011 models for $91,020;  164 Monitors                                                    
        which  provide  an  integrated  PC  capability  for  $28,946;  and                                                    
        finally 20  Laser Printers  to replace  some the  2011 models  for                                                    
        $26,880. Total of which is $146,846.                                                                                  
        The list is based  on a five year  computer refresh cycle, age  of                                                    
        equipment,  upkeep  costs,  performance,  and  obsolescence.   The                                                    
        recommendations   are  also:  consistent   with   the   Three-Year                                                  
        Technology  Plan;  integrated  with  the  hardware   used  in  our                                                    
        recently  adopted mobile  workstation  initiative  that  has  been                                                    
        implemented; a phased  approach to  standardizing a color  printer                                                    
       for  each office,  reducing  toner  replacement  costs;  and  cost                                                     
       efficient, through leveraging government contract volume  discount                                                     
       With that Mr. Chairman, I would be happy to answer any questions.                                                      
       VICE CHAIR STEDMAN removed his objection.                                                                              
       A roll call vote was taken.                                                                                            
       YEAS:   Claman,   Edgmon,   Millett,   Ortiz,   Stutes,   Coghill,                                                     
               Micciche, Stedman, Guttenberg.                                                                                 
       NAYS: None                                                                                                             
       The motion passed 9-0.                                                                                                 
       b.   Three-year Tech Plan                                                                                            
       CHAIR GUTTENBERG asked that  TIM BANASZAK continue on this  topic.                                                     
       The Three Year  Technology Plan covers  the years 2018-2020.  This                                                     
       plan is reflected  and required  under AS 24.20.055.  It has  been                                                     
       edited by  the IT  Subcommittee and  is presented  to  Legislative                                                     
       Council for consideration and adoption.                                                                                
       The guiding principles  used to develop  the 2018-2020  Technology                                                     
       Plan are customer-focused,  accessibility, reliability, value  and                                                     
       continuous improvement.  It provides a  guide for the  Legislature                                                     
       to follow IT best practices, forecasts critical system  investment                                                     
       requirements, and  maintains IT  service alignment  with  business                                                     
       Highlights  include   strategic  technology   issues  facing   the                                                     
       Legislature, as well as critical IT infrastructure  projects noted                                                     
       earlier, importantly  the  adoption  of the  cyber  security  risk                                                     
       management framework for the Legislature.                                                                              
       It  is important  to  note  that  this  plan  does  not  bind  the                                                     
       Legislature to any expenditures, projects or timelines,  rather it                                                     
       serves as a technology roadmap for the next three years.                                                               
       With that I would be happy to answer any questions Mr. Chairman.                                                       
       1:07:38 PM                                                                                                           
       VICE  CHAIR STEDMAN  moved  that  Legislative  Council  adopt  the                                                     
       Legislature's 2018-2020 Three-year Tech Plan.                                                                          
       CHAIR GUTTENBERG  let's talk  about the  cyber  risk assessment  a                                                     
       little bit  more. Although  it is not  under our  purview, but  it                                                     
       does determine how  we all get  here. What  is your assessment  of                                                     
        Division of Elections risk? Are  you aware of that at all?  Do you                                                    
        participate? If not I am going  to ask you to do that. I  think we                                                    
        all have an interest in that. Maybe I am overstepping  our bounds,                                                    
    but it is all how we get here and it is important to us.                                                                  
        TIM BANASZAK  replied that Division  of Elections  is not  managed                                                    
        under  the Legislative  branch,  so  that  is  not  certainly  our                                                    
        purview. However,  I will  say that as  the State  of Alaska,  the                                                    
        Executive and  Legislative branches often  look for  opportunities                                                    
        to work together. One of  those areas is under the cyber  security                                                    
        environment.  Part  of  this  plan  is  actually  taken  from  the                                                    
        Executive branch  approach  to  securing information  systems.  We                                                    
        often are just behind  the bad guys that  are out there, so it  is                                                    
        important for us to have a framework where we can  assess the data                                                    
        that we have, we can select the level of controls and  how we want                                                    
        to protect  that information.  For instance,  as  an example,  the                                                    
        public website, that is  public information out there, however  it                                                    
        is  not  very  appropriate  to  find  out  that  the   website  is                                                    
        compromised. The example  you brought  up, Elections, those  votes                                                    
        must be  protected and  they must be  accurate. So  that level  of                                                    
        risk needs  to have systems  built around that.  Finally when  you                                                    
        get  into  confidential  types  of  information,   whether  it  is                                                    
        criminal  justice  information  or  HIPAA  protected  information,                                                    
        there is a whole  level of controls that  need to go around  that.                                                    
        That is  where  is important  to  approach  security from  a  risk                                                    
        management stand  pointwhat   is the  appropriate level  of  risk?                                                    
        This approach we are taking for the Legislature and  submitting in                                                    
        this plan is to assess  risk and with that risk, the  information,                                                    
        how  we  should  protect  that,  set  the  appropriate  amount  of                                                    
        controls around that,  monitor those controls,  and if there is  a                                                    
        breach  of some  type,  remediate  the  issue, then  how  we  move                                                    
        forward and the continuous improvement process.                                                                       
        So I think the short answer  Mr. Chairman is we work closely  with                                                    
        the Executive branch and will continue to do so.                                                                      
        CHAIR GUTTENBERG asked as part of that, say I get on  my phone, my                                                    
        computer, the  State system,  I get  hacked.  I get  all kinds  of                                                    
        crazy requests.  Some emails  look perfectly  legitimate or  phone                                                    
        calls  offering  a better  credit  card  rate.  From  outside  the                                                    
        building but  on the  system, how  are we  legislative  employees,                                                    
        protected? I  do not  need the  nuances,  but how  are they  being                                                    
        looked  at  and  are  you  secure  we  are  moving  in  the  right                                                    
        TIM BANASZAK stated  that is  a very good  question. What you  are                                                    
        pointing out is that there are two facets to security.  One is the                                                    
        technical infrastructure  to protect the  systems from bad  people                                                    
        intentionally  trying to  get  in,  or  people trying  to  do  bad                                                    
       things. We put as much as we can, as reasonable, to  protect those                                                     
       systems. The  other  great  risk factor  or  exposure is  our  own                                                     
       staff,  our  own  people,  it  is  us.  It  is  constant  security                                                     
       awareness training  and there are  also some tools  we can put  in                                                     
       place. For example,  we recently made an  investment when we  went                                                     
       to our  new  email system  so that  everyone  of those  emails  is                                                     
       scanned for viruses and we  just turned on last week a  technology                                                     
       that looks at  the links, it  is called Safe  Links, so that  when                                                     
       you get  that  email that  looks legitimate  and  you feel  it  is                                                     
       legitimate, and  you click on  that link, it  has been  inspected.                                                     
       This is fairly new. Those  are the kinds of technologies that  are                                                     
       out there  and  with ongoing  assessments  and frameworks  we  can                                                     
       improve on  that. It is  important to  stress it  is managing  it,                                                     
       daily, weekly, and a framework will help us manage and  assess, so                                                     
       that when things  do happen, we  know where are  risks are and  we                                                     
       remediate those.                                                                                                       
       CHAIR  GUTTENBERG  mentioned  that  at  a  technology   center  in                                                     
       Fairbanks, on one of their monitors is the web assault  around the                                                     
       world. It is  amazing to watch  what goes back  and forth and  the                                                     
       A roll call vote was taken.                                                                                            
       YEAS:   Claman,   Edgmon,   Millett,   Ortiz,   Stutes,   Coghill,                                                     
               Micciche, Stedman, Guttenberg.                                                                                 
       NAYS: None                                                                                                             
       The motion passed 9-0.                                                                                                 
       c.   Upcoming Agenda Items                                                                                           
       CHAIR GUTTENBERG asked  Jessica Geary to  come forward and  stated                                                     
       that on the agenda there  are upcoming items on the horizon  and I                                                     
       want to ensure members  are not surprised  and can have input  and                                                     
       comments about some of the things we will be looking  at in future                                                     
       meetings, besides what we have done here.                                                                              
       Mr. Chairman,  members of the  Council, again  for the record,  my                                                     
       name is  JESSICA  GEARY,  Executive Director  of  the  Legislative                                                     
       Affairs Agency. You have received  as part of your packet  a memo.                                                     
       I am not certain if  you have had a chance  to read it, so  I will                                                     
       just review the discussion items.                                                                                      
       As you are probably aware the building that is almost  attached to                                                     
       the Terry  Miller  Legislative Office  Building burned  down  last                                                     
       fall. We  have had all  kinds of  issues, and  our security  staff                                                     
       have been keeping  a close on what  has been happening, but  there                                                     
        have been  vagrants camping  out  in the  building, it  is a  huge                                                    
        liability, there is the potential for them starting  a fire and if                                                    
        it goes off again it  could be catastrophic. The Juneau  Community                                                    
        Foundation approached us  and said that  if the Legislature has  a                                                    
        use for that building, they  would purchase it and give it  to us.                                                    
        What we would  be looking  at is approving  the demolition of  the                                                    
        building and it would be raw  land until such a time that  we want                                                    
        to consider  building  on  it, whether  it  be  a parking  lot  or                                                    
        whether it  be  our  long term  pipe  dream,  to build  an  onsite                                                    
        storage facility to phase out of the Goldstein Building,  which we                                                    
        have been working on. Tina Strong has some information  on what we                                                    
        have done so far with that  space. That is a long term  goal. From                                                    
        a risk  management perspective  it  would be  a good  idea if  the                                                    
        Council wants to  vote to accept the  building. We are getting  an                                                    
        environmental hazards  study now because  that could increase  the                                                    
        cost of demolition. They  estimate $150,000-$200,000 now and  that                                                    
        could climb  substantially,  so  I do  not  want  to bring  it  to                                                    
        Council  for a  vote  until  we  have all  the  answers  to  those                                                    
        questions. I expect this issue  will come up at some point  in the                                                    
        CHAIR GUTTENBERG  noted that  in last  meeting's minutes,  Senator                                                    
        MacKinnon asked questions  about the  Goldstein Building, which  I                                                    
        had previously asked very similar questions. Ms. Strong  was going                                                    
        to have  an assessment, but  we can  put that off  because we  are                                                    
        going to  go as  fast as  we can  now.  But that  is available  to                                                    
        members and we will get that distributed.                                                                             
        EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR  GEARY  explained  briefly  that we  have  been                                                    
        working on consolidating, have an inventory of what  is there, and                                                    
        would be happy to distribute to members.                                                                              
        REPRESENTATIVE CLAMAN noted  with regard to the building  adjacent                                                    
        to the Terry Miller building. Obviously we do not  have a decision                                                    
        we have to make today, but  I would want to make sure we  get back                                                    
        the environmental  assessment before  we make  a decision,  either                                                    
        one way or the other. Thank you.                                                                                      
        EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR GEARY explained  that the four Capitol  Columns                                                    
        need to be shored and honed, they have some staining,  the process                                                    
        involves epoxy and  sanding. It does need  to be done and,  again,                                                    
        the  Juneau  Community  Foundation  has  committed  to  match  the                                                    
        expense at  50%.  The  rough estimate  is  approximately  $300,000                                                    
        total. We are working on  getting some engineering for that  so we                                                    
        can issue an RFP.                                                                                                     
        CHAIR GUTTENBERG  explained that when  I first  saw this, I  asked                                                    
        why wasn't  this part of  the Capitol exterior  remodel? You  were                                                    
       not in the position you are now. Why was it excluded,  do you have                                                     
       any history on that?                                                                                                   
       EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR GEARY  Mr. Chairman,  my understanding is  that                                                     
       it was initially discussed  as being part of the seismic  retrofit                                                     
       project, but because  of the  sheer nature of  some of the  things                                                     
       found while  excavating  beneath  the  Capitol, they  ran  out  of                                                     
       contingency funds  to  do that  particular part.  Everything  else                                                     
       ended up costing a bit more.                                                                                           
       CHAIR GUTTENBERG Thank you.                                                                                            
       EXECUTIVE  DIRECTOR  GEARY the  next  item  is  the  Terry  Miller                                                     
       Building. Some of the windows in that building are original.  They                                                     
       have been replaced as needed.  The building was built in 1929  and                                                     
       we have  gotten rid  of most  of the  exterior  windows that  were                                                     
       there at that time. But there are still some interestingly  on the                                                     
       inside. We have some 1960 windows, we have some 1986  windows, and                                                     
       the most recent was on the  North wall, we have some windows  that                                                     
       were replaced  in 1998. So  that project is  important because  of                                                     
       energy efficiency issues and is a good thing to get done.                                                              
       The next  item is  cladding for  the building.  Right  now, it  is                                                     
       concrete and is old, exposed,  and aging. It would be a good  idea                                                     
       to put  some  sort  of protectant  on  there  and we  are  getting                                                     
       engineered drawings done and a cost estimate so we can  do an RFP.                                                     
       That will come up some time in the future, so we wanted  to ensure                                                     
       you had information. Are there any questions?                                                                          
       REPRESENTATIVE STUTES asked what is cladding?                                                                          
       EXECUTIVE  DIRECTOR  GEARY  replied  that  is  a  great  question.                                                     
       Representative Stutes, through  the Chair, cladding is like  metal                                                     
       siding that  they affixed  to the  outside of  the concrete  which                                                     
       would protect the concrete and  also keep us from having to  paint                                                     
       it, which desperately needs to  be done. The building is in  rough                                                     
       shape right now.                                                                                                       
       REPRESENTATIVE STUTES  asked is  it something  that is  necessary?                                                     
       What purpose does it serve?                                                                                            
       EXECUTIVE   DIRECTOR    GEARY   replied    through   the    Chair,                                                     
       Representative Stutes,  the purpose  it serves is  to protect  the                                                     
       concrete from  further degradation.  When concrete  is old,  water                                                     
       gets inside and expands and  cracks, all kinds of issues that  end                                                     
       up  happening  with  concrete  upkeep.  Putting  the  cladding  on                                                     
       extends the  life and defers  maintenance. Does  that answer  your                                                     
        REPRESENTATIVE STUTES replied yes it does, thank you.                                                                 
        CHAIR  GUTTENBERG  commented  that  it  is  either  the  continued                                                    
        maintenance of very old concrete  that is shedding, for lack  of a                                                    
        better term,  or  just  covering it  and  not  having to  do  that                                                    
        EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR GEARY replied that is correct Mr.  Chair. It is                                                    
        advantageous if both  projects could be  approved and done at  the                                                    
        same time,  but  the windows  would  take  priority in  those  two                                                    
        CHAIR GUTTENBERG  noted he  had a few  things to  discuss. At  the                                                    
        last meeting,  one of the  things Senator Micciche  brought up  is                                                    
        having a Per Diem Committee  to have a discussion on those  things                                                    
        and I will  ask the members if  there is a  desire to do that  and                                                    
        who wants to serve.                                                                                                   
        Other than  that, we  will continue  to  keep you  as informed  as                                                    
        possible as soon as we know that there are issues  that are formal                                                    
        enough to  be  discussed  long before  the  next agenda.  At  this                                                    
        point,  there is  not  another  meeting scheduled,  but  the  next                                                    
        meeting will probably  be dealing with  a new hiring situation  as                                                    
        soon as possible.  Hopefully it will not  be long, but it  depends                                                    
        on what process we go through.                                                                                        
        Is there anything else anybody  has on the agenda they would  like                                                    
        to discuss  or  anything they  want  Council to  bring up  in  the                                                    
        REPRESENTATIVE EDGMON  to clarify  the directive on  the sign  and                                                    
        the name is the Anchorage Legislative Information Office,  is that                                                    
        CHAIR GUTTENBERG replied yes.                                                                                         
        EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR GEARY  asked to go back  to that and said  that                                                    
        would be Anchorage Legislative  Information Office, which I  think                                                    
        we were  trying  avoid  calling it  the  LIO  because it  is  also                                                    
        legislative offices,  so I  think the  discussion,  if I  remember                                                    
        from Anchorage  Caucus  last week,  Anchorage  Legislative  Office                                                    
        Building is what we landed on.                                                                                        
        CHAIR GUTTENBERG yes.                                                                                                 
  IX. ADJOURNMENT                                                                                                           
      1:24:54 PM                                                                                                          

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