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01:31:25 PM Start
02:36:49 PM Adjourn
* first hearing in first committee of referral
+ teleconferenced
= bill was previously heard/scheduled
Location: Large Conference Room
+ - Ratification of Charity Event: Girl Scouts of TELECONFERENCED
Alaska Annual Auction
- EXECUTIVE SESSION: Appeal of the Procurement
Officer's Decision
                ALASKA STATE LEGISLATURE                                                                                      
                  LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL                                                                                         
                   NOVEMBER 21, 2016                                                                                          
                        1:30 PM                                                                                               
MEMBERS PRESENT                                                                                                               
Senator Gary Stevens, Chair                                                                                                     
Representative Bob Herron, Vice Chair                                                                                           
Senator Lyman Hoffman                                                                                                           
Senator Charlie Huggins                                                                                                         
Senator Kevin Meyer                                                                                                             
Representative Craig Johnson                                                                                                    
Representative Sam Kito                                                                                                         
Representative Harriet Drummond, alternate                                                                                      
MEMBERS PRESENT VIA TELECONFERENCE                                                                                            
Senator John Coghill                                                                                                            
Senator Anna MacKinnon                                                                                                          
Senator Peter Micciche                                                                                                          
Representative Charisse Millett                                                                                                 
Representative Steve Thompson, alternate                                                                                        
MEMBERS ABSENT                                                                                                                
Senator Lesil McGuire, alternate                                                                                                
Senator Cathy Giessel, alternate                                                                                                
Representative Mike Chenault                                                                                                    
Representative Mike Hawker                                                                                                      
Representative Mark Neuman                                                                                                      
APPROVAL OF AGENDA                                                                                                              
RATIFICATION OF CHARITY EVENTS                                                                                                  
OTHER COMMITTEE BUSINESS                                                                                                        
SPEAKER REGISTER                                                                                                              
Pam Varni, Executive Director, Legislative Affairs Agency                                                                       
      1:31:25 PM                                                                                                              
  I. CHAIR GARY STEVENS called the Legislative Council meeting                                                                
      to  order  at  1:32  p.m.  in  the  Anchorage  Legislative                                                                
      Information Office  Conference Room. Present at  the call                                                                 
      were  Senators  Stevens,  Hoffman,  Huggins,  and  Meyer;                                                                 
      Representatives  Herron,  Johnson,  Kito,  and  Drummond,                                                                 
      alternate. Participating via teleconference were Senators                                                                 
      Coghill, MacKinnon, and  Micciche; Representatives Millett                                                                
      and  Thompson, alternate.  Absent were  Senators McGuire,                                                                 
      alternate,   and   Giessel,   alternate;   Representatives                                                                
      Chenault, Hawker, and Neuman.                                                                                             
 II. APPROVAL OF AGENDA                                                                                                       
      VICE  CHAIR HERRON moved that Legislative Council approve                                                                 
      the agenda                                                                                                                
      The agenda was approved without objection.                                                                                
III. RATIFICATION OF CHARITABLE EVENT                                                                                         
      VICE CHAIR HERRON moved that Legislative Council ratify the                                                               
      Chair's sanctioning of the following charitable event per                                                                 
      AS  24.60.080(a)(2)(B):  Girl  Scouts  of  Alaska  Annual                                                                 
      The motion passed without objection.                                                                                      
 IV. APPEAL OF THE PROCUREMENT OFFICER'S DECISION - EXECUTIVE                                                                 
      1:33:34 PM                                                                                                              
      VICE CHAIR  HERRON moved that Legislative Council go into                                                                 
      Executive Session under Uniform Rule  22(B)(1), discussion                                                                
      of  matters,  the  immediate  knowledge  of  which  would                                                                 
      adversely affect  the finances of  a  government unit and                                                                 
      22(B)(3), discussion  of a  matter that  may, by  law, be                                                                 
      required  to be  confidential. I  ask that  the following                                                                 
      individuals remain in the room or online; Pam Varni, Doug                                                                 
      Gardner, Kevin Cuddy, Randy Ruaro, Katrina Matheny and any                                                                
      legislative staff working for Council members.                                                                            
      We also welcome any Legislators that are not on Legislative                                                               
      Council to remain in the room or online.                                                                                  
      A roll call vote was taken.                                                                                               
YEAS:  Meyer, Hoffman, Huggins, Micciche, Stevens, Johnson,                                                                     
       Millett, Thompson, Drummond, Herron                                                                                      
NAYS: None                                                                                                                      
The amendment passed 10-0.                                                                                                      
Legislative Council went into Executive Session.                                                                                
2:30:18 PM                                                                                                                    
Legislative Council came out of Executive Session.                                                                              
VICE CHAIR HERRON moved to affirm the Procurement Officer's                                                                     
decision of October 6, 2016.                                                                                                    
A roll call vote was taken.                                                                                                     
YEAS:  Meyer,   Coghill,  Hoffman,  Huggins,  MacKinnon*,                                                                       
       Micciche, Johnson, Millett, Thompson, Drummond,                                                                          
       Herron, Stevens                                                                                                          
NAYS: None                                                                                                                      
The amendment passed 12-0*.                                                                                                     
*SENATOR  MACKINNON,  referring  to   the  vote  on   the                                                                       
Procurement Officer's Decision, said near the end  of the                                                                       
meeting that she was dropped off the teleconference for the                                                                     
third time, that she  had heard the entire testimony, and                                                                       
wanted to be on  the record as supporting the Chair; that                                                                       
her vote was yes and  that it be reflected in the minutes                                                                       
that she supported the Chair.                                                                                                   
CHAIR STEVENS,  after the motion  passed, asked that  Pam                                                                       
Varni give a very  brief explanation of the RFP that went                                                                       
out last week on the renovation to the Benson Building.                                                                         
PAM VARNI, Executive Director, said  that the Legislative                                                                       
Affairs Agency has  building property management under an                                                                       
RFP that the Department of Administration, General Services                                                                     
has with Coldwell Banker. Coldwell Banker does the property                                                                     
management for  the  Atwood Building,  the Linny  Pacillo                                                                       
Parking Garage, the Palmer State Office Building, and the                                                                       
Geologic Materials Center. Coldwell Banker has a contract                                                                       
with ECI, an architectural firm, and they are going out to                                                                      
bid for  a Request for Proposals for stages in  doing the                                                                       
renovation of the Benson Building. She said that there will                                                                     
be  an  evaluation committee that  will  be getting  pre-                                                                       
construction  services   and   choosing  a   construction                                                                       
      manager/general contractor. The committee will be reviewing                                                               
      the scope and looking at "stagings" of when we will remodel                                                               
      the different floors. For the next 18 months, Wells Fargo                                                                 
      will still be on the 3rd floor; they will be vacating the                                                                 
      4th  floor on  December 15,  2016.  She said  we will  be                                                                 
      receiving $500,000 in revenue in FY 2017; over $500,000 in                                                                
      FY 2018 for the branch space and also the 3rd floor space.                                                                
      Once Wells Fargo moves out of the 3rd floor space, we will                                                                
      look at remodeling that space as well.                                                                                    
      CHAIR STEVENS noted for  members that he would be turning                                                                 
      this  committee  over  to   the  very  capable  hands  of                                                                 
      Representative Kito.                                                                                                      
      REPRESENTATIVE KITO said he appreciated that clarification                                                                
      and that his understanding is that what Council is looking                                                                
      at is Request for Proposals for pre-construction services;                                                                
      that Council is not approving construction and that Council                                                               
      will be  seeing information on scoping for how renovations                                                                
      will take place, which will be coming back to Council for                                                                 
      MS.  VARNI  said  that   this  service is   government-to-                                                                
      government with  the Department of  Administration and is                                                                 
      exempt from the Procurement Procedures. She said that under                                                               
      Representative Kito's leadership if he wants  to bring it                                                                 
      back to Council, he certainly can do so - in stages or all                                                                
      in one scope once those figures are known. The figures will                                                               
      not be known until they actually receive the bids.                                                                        
      REPRESENTATIVE KITO  said that  the goal  is  that, while                                                                 
      renovation work does need to  happen, the public is aware                                                                 
      and  kept informed  of the  work  going forward and  that                                                                 
      schedule and that work as it goes forward.                                                                                
      SENATOR MACKINNON'S comment was moved up in the minutes to                                                                
      be reflected under the item to which she was referring.                                                                   
      CHAIR STEVENS said there would a meeting in December which                                                                
      would  be the  last  meeting of  this Legislative Council                                                                 
      before the next Legislature.                                                                                              
      There  being no  further  business before  the committee,                                                                 
      Legislative Council adjourned at 2:37 p.m.                                                                                
      2:36:49 PM                                                                                                              

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