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01/22/2015 10:45 AM House ECON. DEV., TOURISM & ARCTIC POLICY

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Joint with Senate Special Committee on the Arctic
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- How to Capitalize on Arctic Council Transition
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                    ALASKA STATE LEGISLATURE                                                                                  
                         JOINT MEETING                                                                                        
             SENATE SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON THE ARCTIC                                                                           
   HOUSE SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, TOURISM &                                                                 
                         ARCTIC POLICY                                                                                        
                        January 22, 2015                                                                                        
                           10:48 a.m.                                                                                           
MEMBERS PRESENT                                                                                                               
SENATE SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON THE ARCTIC                                                                                          
 Senator Cathy Giessel, Co-Chair                                                                                                
 Senator Lesil McGuire, Co-Chair                                                                                                
 Senator Gary Stevens                                                                                                           
 Senator Donald Olson                                                                                                           
HOUSE SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, TOURISM &                                                                      
ARCTIC POLICY                                                                                                                   
 Representative Bob Herron, Chair                                                                                               
 Representative Craig Johnson                                                                                                   
 Representative Louise Stutes                                                                                                   
 Representative Cathy Tilton                                                                                                    
 Representative Dan Ortiz                                                                                                       
 Representative Adam Wool                                                                                                       
MEMBERS ABSENT                                                                                                                
SENATE SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON THE ARCTIC                                                                                          
 Senator Lyman Hoffman                                                                                                          
HOUSE SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, TOURISM &                                                                      
ARCTIC POLICY                                                                                                                   
 Representative Charisse Millett                                                                                                
COMMITTEE CALENDAR                                                                                                            
PRESENTATIONS BY PNWER:                                                                                                         
     ARCTIC FORUM                                                                                                               
     HOW TO CAPITALIZE ON THE ARCTIC COUNCIL TRANSITION                                                                         
     DRAFT WHITE PAPER ON THE ARCTIC                                                                                            
     GOVERNOR AND PREMIERS ROADSHOW ON THE ARCTIC                                                                               
     ROUNDTABLE ON NORTH AMERICAN ARCTIC MARINE AND INTER-MODAL                                                                 
PREVIOUS COMMITTEE ACTION                                                                                                     
No previous action to report.                                                                                                   
WITNESS REGISTER                                                                                                              
MATT MORRISON, Executive Director                                                                                               
Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (PNWER)                                                                                       
World Trade Center West                                                                                                         
2200 Alaskan Way, Suite 460                                                                                                     
Seattle, Washington                                                                                                             
POSITION  STATEMENT:  Presented   information  from  the  Pacific                                                             
NorthWest Economic Region.                                                                                                      
REPRESENTATIVE DAVID GUTTENBERG                                                                                                 
Alaska State Legislature                                                                                                        
Juneau, Alaska                                                                                                                  
POSITION  STATEMENT: Discussed  his  focus on  the Arctic  Policy                                                             
Commission as chair of security.                                                                                                
COLIN   SMITH,  PNWER   Private   Sector   Chair  and   Workforce                                                               
Development Co-Chair and                                                                                                        
Past President, APEG BC                                                                                                         
Victoria, BC Canada                                                                                                             
POSITION  STATEMENT:  Presented   information  from  the  Pacific                                                             
NorthWest Economic Region.                                                                                                      
ACTION NARRATIVE                                                                                                              
10:48:40 AM                                                                                                                   
CO-CHAIR LESIL  MCGUIRE called  the joint  meeting of  the Senate                                                             
Special Committee on  the Arctic and the  House Special Committee                                                               
on  Economic Development,  Tourism &  Arctic Policy  to order  at                                                               
10:48 a.m.  Senators present at  the call to order  were Senators                                                               
Stevens and  Chair McGuire. Representatives  present at  the call                                                               
to order  were Representatives Johnson, Stutes,  Ortiz, Wool, and                                                               
Chair Herron. Co-Chair Giessel arrived soon thereafter.                                                                         
  ^PRESENTATIONS BY PACIFIC NORTHWEST ECONOMIC REGION (PNWER)                                                               
10:50:07 AM                                                                                                                   
CO-CHAIR  MCGUIRE welcomed  the PNWER  delegation and  recognized                                                               
the four  House committee  members who  were recently  sworn into                                                               
office. She explained that the  Pacific NorthWest Economic Region                                                               
(PNWER)  was established  in statute  [in the  states of  Alaska,                                                               
Washington, Idaho, Montana, and  Oregon, and the western Canadian                                                               
provinces   and  territories   of   British  Columbia,   Alberta,                                                               
Saskatchewan,  the Yukon,  and  the  Northwest Territories.]  She                                                               
said  PNWER is  unique  in that  the country  of  Canada and  the                                                               
country of  the United  States have come  together as  a regional                                                               
group  to  discuss  areas of  economic  development,  share  best                                                               
practices, and  provide better governance. Another  unique aspect                                                               
of  PNWER is  that  it provides  the  interesting perspective  of                                                               
being a public/private group.                                                                                                   
She  introduced  the  PNWER delegation  and  suggested  that  new                                                               
committee  members in  particular use  them  as a  resource on  a                                                               
variety of topics to find out how things are done in Canada.                                                                    
10:53:28 AM                                                                                                                   
CO-CHAIR GIESSEL joined the committee.                                                                                          
CO-CHAIR  MCGUIRE stated  that the  next gathering  of the  PNWER                                                               
group will  be during Energy Council  and she looks forward  to a                                                               
robust attendance. She  explained that when she  was President of                                                               
PNWER, she started the Arctic  Caucus with the vision that Canada                                                               
and the U.S.  could work together. Canada has  had the leadership                                                               
position on  the Arctic Council for  the past two years  and will                                                               
pass the  torch to the  U.S. at the end  of April 2015.  In years                                                               
past they met with Senator  Lisa Murkowski, Congressman Don Young                                                               
and former  Senator Mark  Begich in the  basement of  the capitol                                                               
building in Washington, D.C., but  the organization and the issue                                                               
has  outgrown that  room.  On  March 5,   2015  there  will be  a                                                               
televised hearing in the U.S.  Senate with Senator Lisa Murkowski                                                               
who is the new chair of the U.S. Senate Energy Committee.                                                                       
CO-CHAIR MCGUIRE  stated that  her vision has  been to  bring the                                                               
issue of  the Arctic and Arctic  energy forward to show  the rest                                                               
of  the nation  how valuable  Alaska  is when  looking at  Arctic                                                               
issues.  She  noted that  Senator  Lisa  Murkowski has  expressed                                                               
interest  in  introducing  the   resources  in  the  Chukchi  and                                                               
Beaufort seas,  the potential for  shipping routes, the  issue of                                                               
ANWR,  and  the  National  Petroleum Reserve  of  America.  These                                                               
topics will be discussed at  the Arctic Council meeting in March.                                                               
It will be  an opportunity to highlight  Senator Lisa Murkowski's                                                               
work and  get the  rest of  the country to  look at  the resource                                                               
development  opportunities in  the Arctic  and look  at how  well                                                               
Alaska has done in developing Arctic infrastructure.                                                                            
10:58:22 AM                                                                                                                   
MATT  MORRISON, Executive  Director,  Pacific NorthWest  Economic                                                               
Region  (PNWER),  stated that  the  last  three years  have  been                                                               
successful  in  bringing   together  congressional  leaders,  the                                                               
United States Coast Guard, the  United States Research Commission                                                               
on the Arctic, and the  Canadian [Polar] Commission. Annual joint                                                               
meetings have been  held since the first  Arctic Council meeting.                                                               
He said  he believes that it  is in forums like  this that action                                                               
items  are brought  forward which  highlight the  priorities that                                                               
Alaska has for the Arctic.  He mentioned the importance of having                                                               
Ambassador David  Balton, Julia  Gourley, and the  Canadian lead,                                                               
and  opined that  these forums  have provided  an opportunity  to                                                               
hear Canada's experience  and how it prepared to  lead the Arctic                                                               
He  highlighted an  important  point for  Alaska  is that  Canada                                                               
sought input  from its three  Arctic Territories to ask  what the                                                               
priorities  should  be  for Canada's  leadership  of  the  Arctic                                                               
Council. The  Canadian Premiers reported  that the  Government of                                                               
Canada  followed   the  advice  that  was   given  and  developed                                                               
priorities that  were appropriate  for the  people living  in the                                                               
North.  The appointment  of First  Nation  leader Leona  Aglukkaq                                                               
from Nunivat  as chair  of the Arctic  Council for  the 2013-2015                                                               
term is another indicator of  the priority that the Government of                                                               
Canada places on the Arctic and its people.                                                                                     
MR. MORRISON discussed the roundtable  that was held in September                                                               
in conjunction  with the Center  for Strategic  and International                                                               
Studies  to  evaluate what  Canada  did  to establish  priorities                                                               
during its  chairmanship of  the Arctic  Council. He  said Canada                                                               
and  Alaska have  similar issues  and it  was refreshing  to hear                                                               
Canadian officials  say that  their priority  was the  people and                                                               
the livelihood of the people who  live in the North. He expressed                                                               
hope  that  Admiral Papp,  Ambassador  Balton,  and the  Canadian                                                               
leaders would be available  to attend the meeting on March  5  to                                                               
talk about  why Alaska's priorities, especially  as identified by                                                               
the Alaska  Arctic Policy Commission Report,  are significant and                                                               
should  be recognized  when  the  U.S. assumes  the  lead of  the                                                               
Arctic Council on April 25, 2015.                                                                                               
11:01:56 AM                                                                                                                   
MR. MORRISON said an important  takeaway from the Canadians is to                                                               
get involved in the council working  groups. This is the best way                                                               
to  move  things forward  and  ensure  that your  priorities  are                                                               
voiced.  The reasoning  is that  the Arctic  Council's budget  is                                                               
small, so whoever shows up has  a large stake in what happens. He                                                               
said the  agenda for  the upcoming meeting  is being  created and                                                               
this is  an opportunity for  the Alaska Arctic  Policy Commission                                                               
(AAPC)  to  be front  and  center.  He  noted  that a  topic  for                                                               
discussion  later  in this  meeting  is  about the  opportunities                                                               
between  now  and April  26   for  Alaska  to get  the  authentic                                                               
northern voice  of the Arctic out  to the rest of  the country so                                                               
that questions are  posed to Alaska rather  than Washington, D.C.                                                               
The  challenge is  to craft  a North  American Arctic  vision and                                                               
strategy for the people living in the north.                                                                                    
11:05:02 AM                                                                                                                   
CO-CHAIR MCGUIRE  stated that the  next item  on the agenda  is a                                                               
discussion on how to capitalize  on the Arctic Council transition                                                               
that will occur  in the spring. She  asked Representative Herron,                                                               
Chair  of the  House Special  Committee on  Economic Development,                                                               
Tourism,  &  Arctic  Policy,  to  provide  his  thoughts  on  the                                                               
11:05:30 AM                                                                                                                   
CHAIR HERRON  stated his  belief that  Alaskans have  already had                                                               
conversations  with  both  Senator Giessel  and  Senator  McGuire                                                               
about the Alaska Legislature's strategies  for the Arctic Council                                                               
transition  that  will occur  in  April.  He explained  that  the                                                               
Alaska   Arctic  Policy   Commission   (AAPC)   was  created   by                                                               
recommendation from  the Alaska  Northern Waters Task  Force. The                                                               
intent  of  the commission  is  for  the legislature  to  educate                                                               
itself to "think  Arctic" because Alaska can't  be separated from                                                               
the  Arctic and  the Arctic  can't be  separated from  Alaska. He                                                               
said the  legislature had to find  its footing to meet  this goal                                                               
and he believes  this has been accomplished.  The legislature can                                                               
work  with  the federal  government  and  the private  sector  to                                                               
responsibly develop Alaska's resources and protect the land.                                                                    
CHAIR HERRON stated that the  Arctic Economic Council was created                                                               
by  the Canadians,  and he  believes  that the  House and  Senate                                                               
committees on the  Arctic should engage with the  council and its                                                               
four  permanent participants.  These  indigenous  groups are  the                                                               
Aleut International Council (AIC),  the Arctic Athabascan Council                                                               
(AAC),  the  Inuit  Circumpolar   Council  (ICC),  and  [Gwich'in                                                               
Council   International  (GCI).   He  said   the  Arctic   Policy                                                               
Commission   and  the   State   Department   have  had   spirited                                                               
discussions over the  past two years and the  legislature has had                                                               
to  remind that  agency  to keep  the  channels of  communication                                                               
open.   He  suggested   that  the   legislature  continue   these                                                               
11:07:41 AM                                                                                                                   
Representative Guttenberg joined the meeting via teleconference.                                                                
CHAIR HERRON  noted that in  the State-of-the-State  address last                                                               
night Governor  Walker mentioned that  the U.S. would  assume the                                                               
chairmanship of  the Arctic Council  and that 15 of  the upcoming                                                               
20 meetings  would be held  in Alaska.  With this in  mind, Chair                                                               
Herron  suggested   that  Alaskans,  the  legislature,   and  the                                                               
executive  branch form  a  host committee  to  ensure that  these                                                               
meetings aren't solely facilitated by the State Department.                                                                     
He  further  noted that  Governor  Walker  announced the  Cabinet                                                               
position  appointment of  Craig Fleener  who will  work with  the                                                               
Alaska Arctic  Policy Commission.  Some dialog has  already begun                                                               
and  tomorrow  there will  be  a  coordination meeting  with  Mr.                                                               
Fleener  and  Kate  Wolgemuth  from   the  Governor's  Office  in                                                               
Washington, D.C.                                                                                                                
CHAIR HERRON highlighted  that on January 30   the members of the                                                               
Alaska  Arctic Policy  Commission will  deliver a  report to  the                                                               
legislature that  establishes an implementation plan.  The report                                                               
asks both the  executive branch and the  legislature to undertake                                                               
certain  projects  and  it  outlines  projects  for  the  federal                                                               
partners.  He  described the  report  as  a  good product  and  a                                                               
starting place for the two Arctic Committees to "think Arctic."                                                                 
11:12:03 AM                                                                                                                   
SENATOR OLSON joined the committee.                                                                                             
11:12:14 AM                                                                                                                   
CO-CHAIR GIESSEL  said that she  recently received  emails urging                                                               
Americans and the federal government  to focus on the Arctic, but                                                               
Alaska  wasn't  mentioned.  When  they asked  for  feedback,  she                                                               
reminded  them that  the  U.S.  is an  Arctic  nation because  of                                                               
Alaska.  She said  she  doesn't want  the  federal government  or                                                               
environmental extremists to lead the discussion.                                                                                
She explained  her part on  the commission  was in the  oil, gas,                                                               
and  mineral  resource  section.   She  emphasized  the  need  to                                                               
communicate that  Alaska can continue  to support  itself through                                                               
responsible development  of its  resources and can  establish its                                                               
own fate while using the  environment positively. This transition                                                               
will call on Alaska to be  vocal. She said committee members need                                                               
to raise the awareness of their colleagues and work together.                                                                   
She said  she shares  a belief  with Lieutenant  Governor Mallott                                                               
who said, "I believe that Alaska  is the Arctic; Alaska policy is                                                               
Arctic policy."                                                                                                                 
11:15:37 AM                                                                                                                   
CO-CHAIR  MCGUIRE explained  that  AAPC is  the  acronym for  the                                                               
Alaska Arctic Policy Commission  and the website akarctic.gov has                                                               
all  the   AAPC  reports  listed.   She  relayed  that   AAPC  is                                                               
established in statute  and has 26 members: 5 from  the Senate, 5                                                               
from the House and 16 public  members with expertise in a variety                                                               
of subject  areas. This  group traveled the  state to  prove that                                                               
Alaska as a whole is an Arctic state.                                                                                           
She stated  a goal to continue  what has been done.  She reported                                                               
on the  success of delaying the  federal government's accelerated                                                               
action plan for the Arctic and  getting it to work with AAPC. The                                                               
federal  policy did  not  include people;  it  only included  the                                                               
tundra, the  changing climate, ice  flows, and animals.  This was                                                               
pointed out  at the  June meeting in  Barrow. She  suggested that                                                               
the most important task between now and April  23  is to continue                                                               
the  pressure on  the federal  government. Some  of the  agencies                                                               
involved are  the State Department,  the Secretary of  State, and                                                               
Admiral Papp,  who is the  head of Alaska issues.  She encouraged                                                               
everyone to send letters.                                                                                                       
CO-CHAIR  MCGUIRE  said  another  goal is  to  establish  a  host                                                               
committee made  up of private  and public sector people  in order                                                               
to control  the agenda of  those who visit Alaska  seeking Arctic                                                               
information. She mentioned  Izembek Road [from King  Cove to Cold                                                               
Bay]  as an  example of  something that  could be  viewed from  a                                                               
variety of perspectives. She also  stressed the importance of the                                                               
legislature working  with the  executive branch.  As part  of the                                                               
executive branch,  Craig Fleener will  be tapped for the  work he                                                               
has done on Arctic policy.                                                                                                      
CO-CHAIR  MCGUIRE discussed  the importance  of  the January  30                                                                
rollout. It  is an opportunity  to communicate  with constituents                                                               
and with  the federal government  about economic  development for                                                               
the  people of  the North  and how  the state  adapts to  climate                                                               
change.  She discounted  the  idea that  climate  change will  be                                                               
solved in two years looking at Alaska as a "locked up model."                                                                   
She  offered  to provide  information  about  the federal  policy                                                               
perspectives on global warming,  ocean governance (the mapping of                                                               
the  Arctic Ocean  for various  uses), and  economic development.                                                               
She  noted that  the Canadian  outlook  has a  northern vision  -                                                               
Arctic development  for the people  of the Arctic.  The challenge                                                               
for Alaska  is to get  a northern  perspective and make  it clear                                                               
that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Alaska.                                                                       
11:23:19 AM                                                                                                                   
SENATOR  STEVENS expressed  concern about  what happens  now that                                                               
AAPC  is  over   and  stressed  the  importance   of  having  the                                                               
legislative bodies work together.  He agreed with Senator Giessel                                                               
about "stepping  up our game."  Speaking as a Kodiak  citizen, he                                                               
said what  happens in the Arctic  is important to him.  He agreed                                                               
that   the   President   talked    about   global   warming   and                                                               
acidification,  but not  about the  people, which  should be  the                                                               
11:25:18 AM                                                                                                                   
SENATOR OLSON said expectations and  activities in the Arctic are                                                               
changing and  nothing exemplifies this  more than the  people. He                                                               
mentioned the road  thru Izembek as an example of  why the people                                                               
must  be  considered. He  thanked  the  chairs for  bringing  the                                                               
Canadian focus to the meeting.                                                                                                  
11:26:58 AM                                                                                                                   
REPRESENTATIVE  GUTTENBERG, Alaska  State  Legislature, said  his                                                               
focus on the commission was  chairing the security section and in                                                               
this capacity he  realized the importance of the  military in the                                                               
discussion. He said Jamie Robinson  from the U.S. Coast Guard and                                                               
Harry Bader  from the  university have a  lot of  knowledge about                                                               
the Arctic. He said he attended  a briefing with the Secretary of                                                               
the Navy where it was noted that  Alaska is ahead of the world in                                                               
Arctic  research.  He  agreed with  previous  comments  that  the                                                               
people need  to be  considered and Alaska  needs to  remain front                                                               
and center in developing Arctic policy.                                                                                         
11:28:49 AM                                                                                                                   
CO-CHAIR  MCGUIRE  stated that  Steve  Meyers  would present  the                                                               
draft white paper on the Arctic.                                                                                                
11:29:05 AM                                                                                                                   
STEVE MEYERS, Program Manager,  Pacific NorthWest Economic Region                                                               
(PNWER), related that  the white paper was  developed through the                                                               
offices of  Senator McGuire and  Representative Herron  and AAPC.                                                               
It focuses on the people  when looking at economic development in                                                               
the Arctic  and stresses  the importance of  a unified  voice. It                                                               
intends  to  bring a  stronger  unified  voice across  the  North                                                               
American  Arctic to  federal leaders.  He asked  for guidance  on                                                               
when to release this white paper.                                                                                               
CO-CHAIR MCGUIRE recommended releasing it  about the same time as                                                               
the AAPC report.                                                                                                                
CHAIR  HERRON suggested  that PNWER  go live  at the  end of  the                                                               
MR. MEYERS mentioned the Beaufort  Regional Council concept which                                                               
focuses  more on  the private  sector looking  at companies  that                                                               
have a foothold or presence in the Arctic.                                                                                      
11:32:34 AM                                                                                                                   
MR. MORRISON added that they had  a two-day meeting of the Arctic                                                               
Council, where  Canada discussed the  role of the  private sector                                                               
in Arctic policy  development and the role of  the private sector                                                               
with  the Arctic  Council. The  culmination of  these discussions                                                               
was the  Arctic Economic Council,  which was launched  six months                                                               
He added that  in a two-day meeting in Yellow  Knife, the private                                                               
sector  concluded  that having  an  Arctic  Economic Council  was                                                               
fine,  but  what is  needed  is  something  closer to  home.  The                                                               
regional model could feed into the Arctic Economic Council.                                                                     
CHAIR HERRON said that PNWER  and the Arctic Caucus discussed how                                                               
to move  resources across borders.  The idea of corridors  to and                                                               
from the Arctic emerged. The intent  is to get the private sector                                                               
more  involved in  regional  economic  development. He  concluded                                                               
that this has great potential.                                                                                                  
11:35:49 AM                                                                                                                   
CO-CHAIR  GIESSEL said  the Transition  Committee reports  are on                                                               
the  Governor's website.  However, when  she met  with Lieutenant                                                               
Governor Mallott,  he was  not sure  it was  the report  from the                                                               
Transition  Committee.  She said  she  hopes  to further  discuss                                                               
economic  development   in  rural  communities   with  Lieutenant                                                               
Governor Mallott.                                                                                                               
She said the  "Arctic Policy and Climate Change  Report" echoes a                                                               
lot of  the federal focus  on things like climate  change. Alaska                                                               
still needs access  to resources on federal  lands. She mentioned                                                               
the Red Dog  Mine as a successful partnership  with NANA Regional                                                               
Corporation, as mentioned in the  white paper. She concluded that                                                               
she would like to see more such collaborations.                                                                                 
CO-CHAIR  MCGUIRE  suggested  committee  members  read  and  have                                                               
conversations about the report.                                                                                                 
She invited  Mr. Morrison to  present information  about Canada's                                                               
perspective of the Arctic.                                                                                                      
11:39:14 AM                                                                                                                   
MR. MORRISON said Premier McCloud  from the Northwest Territories                                                               
has been  an active member of  PNWER and is keen  on sharing what                                                               
they  have learned  in the  last two  years. He  invited Governor                                                               
Walker  to  join him  in  late  March  to present  the  authentic                                                               
northern perspective to the public  in various places in the U.S.                                                               
Other Premiers  have agreed  to join the  group. He  suggested it                                                               
could help the dialogue.                                                                                                        
11:41:38 AM                                                                                                                   
CHAIR HERRON  said he and  Senator McGuire met with  the Governor                                                               
and they  brought up the  concept of a northern  governments road                                                               
show. The  Governor was  very receptive and  thought it  would be                                                               
appropriate in the next few months  or so, especially in light of                                                               
the fact  that the U.S.  will be  taking over the  Arctic Council                                                               
chairmanship. He added that the legislature supports the idea.                                                                  
MR. MORRISON  said Dave  Ramsey is the  Premier's right  hand man                                                               
and Canada  is willing  to commit resources  to set  up meetings.                                                               
The theme will be the New Frontier - The North American Arctic.                                                                 
11:44:08 AM                                                                                                                   
SENATOR STEVENS  pointed out that  governors don't like  to leave                                                               
the capital during session.                                                                                                     
CHAIR  HERRON   said  it's  important   to  recognize   that  the                                                               
legislature  is very  supportive  of  the plan  and  if both  the                                                               
Premier  and  the  Governor  want  to do  it,  it  will  be  very                                                               
11:44:56 AM                                                                                                                   
MR. MORRISON  reviewed the "Roundtable  on North  American Arctic                                                               
Marine and Inter-Modal Corridors" handout.  He said that PNWER is                                                               
partnered   with   the   Center  for   International   Governance                                                               
Innovation  and there  will be  a  dinner and  session about  how                                                               
their  organization works  and a  geopolitical perspective  about                                                               
what is going  on in the Barents Euro-Arctic  Council area. There                                                               
will also be  Alaska representatives to talk  about the automated                                                               
information systems for ships offshore.  The hope is to also talk                                                               
about the Arctic Caucus going forward. This will be next week.                                                                  
11:47:25 AM                                                                                                                   
COLIN   SMITH,  PNWER   Private   Sector   Chair  and   Workforce                                                               
Development Co-Chair,  Past President, APEG B.C.,  said there's a                                                               
federal  responsibility for  transportation in  Canada under  the                                                               
Canada Transportation  Act. The most recent  statutory review was                                                               
in June and  a blue ribbon committee was appointed  and headed by                                                               
the Honorable  David Emerson. This committee  is traveling across                                                               
the country  seeking input  to determine  Canada's transportation                                                               
infrastructure needs for the next  10 years. The upcoming meeting                                                               
in  Vancouver  will  provide  valuable   input  in  this  regard.                                                               
Specifically, the  meeting on marine  transportation is  of vital                                                               
interest  to  Alaska  and  the  opportunity  for  cooperation  in                                                               
managing that marine based transportation  will only work well if                                                               
it's jointly done.                                                                                                              
He explained  the new navigation tracking  system is world-class.                                                               
A demonstration yesterday showed that  every vessel in the waters                                                               
is tracked in real time. If  a vessel deviates from its pre-filed                                                               
transit plan,  the vessel will  immediately receive a  message to                                                               
correct the  course or  the Coast  Guard will  follow up.  From a                                                               
search and rescue and  environmental protection perspective, this                                                               
system will be important in developing the Arctic.                                                                              
He noted that the upcoming meeting  will be opened by the head of                                                               
the  Barents   Euro-Arctic  Council,   and  will  build   on  the                                                               
experience  of the  four European  nations  that worked  together                                                               
over the  eight years  that they shared  the chair.  He expressed                                                               
delight that Alaska  will participate and opined  that the report                                                               
should be informative to the work of the joint committee.                                                                       
CO-CHAIR MCGUIRE thanked the presenters and committee members.                                                                  
11:53:35 AM                                                                                                                   
There being  no further business  to come before  the committees,                                                               
Co-Chair  McGuire adjourned  the  meeting of  the Senate  Special                                                               
Committee  on  the Arctic  and  the  House Special  Committee  on                                                               
Economic Development, Tourism & Arctic Policy at 11:53 a.m.                                                                     

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