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02/17/1998 03:35 PM STA

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      HCR 26 - 1998 INTERNATIONAL PEOPLE FIRST CONFERENCE                      
MR. JIM SOURANT, staff to Representative Brian Porter, presented               
HCR 26 which urges support for the 1998 International People First             
Conference. He observed the conference is widely supported and will            
be held two months from now in Anchorage. MR. SOURANT explained the            
conference will link about 1,000 people from 41 countries in the               
world as a means to develop leadership skills and independence for             
developmentally disabled individuals. MR. SOURANT claimed the                  
passage of this resolution will be of great assistance to the                  
conference's co-chairs, who will be testifying on the bill.                    
MR. JOE PICHLER, Co-Chair and Treasurer of the People First                    
Conference, asked the committee for support for this conference he             
has been working on for eight years. He mentioned the conference               
will bring many people into Alaska and be a wonderful opportunity              
to show them the beauty of our state.                                          
MS. BEVERLY TALLMAN stated she had been working with Joe on this               
project for two years and is amazed at the progress that has been              
made. She indicated there will be over 50 workshops at the                     
conference, entirely planned by and for people with disabilities.              
She expressed appreciation for the support they have received and              
hoped they could also obtain some financial support from the                   
SENATOR WARD moved HCR 26 out of committee with individual                     
recommendations and accompanying fiscal notes. Without objection,              
it was so ordered.                                                             

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