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05/08/1997 03:43 PM RES

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         CSSSHB 243(RES) EXTEND CURRENT SUBSISTENCE LAW                        
CHAIRMAN HALFORD called the Senate Resources Committee meeting to              
order at 3:43 p.m.  The first order of business was the                        
consideration of CSSSHB 243(RES), which is an extension of the                 
sunset provisions on the amendment to the subsistence law that was             
passed in 1992.                                                                
Number 015                                                                     
RON SOMMERVILLE, a technical consultant to the Senate/House                    
leadership, confirmed the legislation extends the existing state               
law for one year.  Allowing the 1992 law to sunset would mean going            
back to the 1986 law, which creates a certain amount of problems               
and a significant cost.  When the 1992 law passed, it necessitated             
going through all of the regulations, one at time, to make sure                
they were in conformance with the law, and the same thing would                
have to occur if it was to sunset and be replaced by the 1986 law.             
Mr. Sommerville pointed out passage of HB 243 has considerable                 
Number 045                                                                     
There being no questions from committee members on CSSSHB 243(RES),            
CHAIRMAN HALFORD requested a motion on the legislation.                        
SENATOR LEMAN moved CSSSHB 243(RES) and the zero fiscal note be                
passed out of committee with individual recommendations.  Hearing              
no objection, it was so ordered.                                               

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