Legislature(1993 - 1994)

04/13/1994 08:45 AM MIN

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  SB 373 - "S.A.F.E." COMMISSION                                               
  Co-chair  Pearce  directed that  SB  373 be  brought  on for                 
  discussion and explained that it was introduced by committee                 
  in  response  to  an earlier  presentation  by  Commonwealth                 
  North.    Senator  Kelly  explained   that  the  bill  would                 
  establish a citizens' commission to begin developing a long-                 
  range fiscal plan for the state.                                             
  Directing attention  to Sec.  2, Senator Kelly  acknowledged                 
  questions of  constitutionality.   He  indicated  that  even                 
  without the Sec.  2 mandate upon  the legislature, the  bill                 
  has merit  and deserves  support.   Both Co-chair  Frank and                 
  Senator Jacko voiced concern regarding Sec. 2.                               
  Co-chair Pearce voiced  her intent to place  the legislation                 
  in  a  subcommittee  under Senator  Kelly  as  chairman with                 
  Senators Rieger and Sharp as members.                                        
  Senator Kelly noted  that Sec. 2 is molded  on Congressional                 
  action that has proven effective.                                            
  Senator  Rieger  advised   that  he  had  serious   concerns                 
  regarding the approach proposed by the legislation.                          
  At this point in the  meeting, Co-chair Pearce directed that                 
  the  meeting  be  recessed  pending  the  arrival  of  draft                 
  legislation relating to the constitutional budget reserve.                   
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