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05/06/2003 01:35 PM L&C

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             SB 102-CHARITABLE GAMING REVENUE/TAXES                                                                         
CHAIR CON  BUNDE called  the Senate  Labor and  Commerce Standing                                                             
Committee meeting  to order  at 1:35  p.m. Present  were SENATORS                                                               
STEVENS, DAVIS,  SEEKINS and FRENCH.  The Chair announced  SB 102                                                               
to be up for consideration.                                                                                                     
SENATOR SEEKINS moved to adopt CSSB 102(L&C), Version Q.                                                                        
     CHAIR BUNDE  explained the committee substitute  (CS) would allow                                                          
     for a 15% tax on the  ideal net, remove the bond for distributors                                                          
     and remove the  prohibition of municipalities having  a sales tax                                                          
     on pulltabs. There were no objections  to its adoption and it was                                                          
     so ordered.                                                                                                                
     SENATOR  FRENCH asked  if the  payout [to  the winners]  would be                                                          
     CHAIR BUNDE  replied it will  not have  any impact on  the payout                                                          
     SENATOR SEEKINS moved  to pass CSSB 102(L&C)  from committee with                                                          
     individual  recommendations and  attached fiscal  notes. SENATORS                                                          
     STEVENS, SEEKINS and  BUNDE voted yea; SENATORS  DAVIS and FRENCH                                                          
     voted nay; and CSSB 102(L&C) passed from committee.                                                                        
     SENATOR SEEKINS announced that he  was looking forward to putting                                                          
     the comprehensive package together  for consideration in the next                                                          
     calendar year.                                                                                                             
     SENATOR FRENCH said that his "no"  vote is based on the idea that                                                          
     he doesn't  feel like he has  a good enough grip  on this subject                                                          
     to make a good decision on it until next year.                                                                             
     SENATOR SEEKINS  said that he  was looking  for a 1%  increase in                                                          
     the state's portion of the take as an interim move.                                                                        
     CHAIR BUNDE  said he would be  happy to appoint Senator  Davis to                                                          
     the subcommittee [along with Senators Seekins and French].                                                                 

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