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04/23/1997 05:35 PM FIN

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       SENATE BILL NO. 51                                                      
       "An Act  giving notice of and approving the entry into,                 
  and the   issuance  of certificates  of participation  in, a                 
  lease-purchase      agreement  for   a  centralized   public                 
  health laboratory   facility."                                               
  Co-chair Sharp introduced SB 51.  Forrest Browne, Department                 
  of  Revenue  was invited  to  join  the committee.    Senate                 
  Finance Committee members,  staff and members of  the public                 
  sang "Happy Birthday" to Mr. Browne.                                         
  Senator Adams asked the cost of the building per square foot                 
  and  Senator  Pearce  said  the  cost was  high  because  of                 
  specialized equipment.                                                       
  Co-chair Sharp  moved amendment #1 for  discussion purposes.                 
  Mr. Browne briefly  explained the  amendment.  Amendment  #1                 
  was adopted without objection.                                               
  Greg Hayes,  Chief of Laboratories  was invited to  join the                 
  committee.   He briefly  explained their  fiscal note.   Mr.                 
  Browne indicated that it was a  gross number.  Senator Adams                 
  asked if the  title was wrong  and Mr. Hayes indicated  that                 
  "consolidated" would perhaps be better.                                      
  Senator  Donley   moved   CSSB   51(FIN)   with   individual                 
  recommendations and accompanying fiscal notes.  By a vote of                 
  4 - 2 (Adams, Sharp) it was reported out of committee.                       

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