Legislature(1993 - 1994)

03/21/1994 09:11 AM FIN

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  SENATE BILL 360:                                                             
       An Act  amending the  medical assistance and  community                 
       developmental  disabilities  grants  appropriations  in                 
       sec.  38,  ch.  65,  SLA  1993;  and  providing for  an                 
       effective date.                                                         
  CO-CHAIR  PEARCE  announced  that  SB  360  was  before  the                 
  committee.   She said  the House  passed its  companion bill                 
  last week.                                                                   
  Co-chair Pearce said there was an  April 1, 1994 deadline on                 
  SB 360.   She went on to  explain that the bill  amended the                 
  developmentally  disabilities  grants  appropriations.   She                 
  read her sponsor  statement (see Attachment A, copy  on file                 
  in the committee minute book).                                               
  On page 1,  line 10, there  was a typographical  error.   It                 
  should read "line 23".  She said this would be taken care of                 
  as a technical amendment.                                                    
  SENATOR KERTTULA MOVED for passage of  SB 360 from committee                 
  with individual recommendations.  No  objection being heard,                 
  it was REPORTED OUT of committee with a "do pass."  It is an                 
  appropriation.  Co-chair Pearce and Senators  Sharp, Rieger,                 
  Jacko, Kelly, and Kerttula signed "do pass."                                 

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