Legislature(1993 - 1994)

03/16/1994 09:10 AM FIN

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  SENATE BILL NO. 266                                                          
       An Act  extending the termination date of  the Board of                 
       Certified Direct-Entry Midwives; relating to the  scope                 
       of  practice of  certified  direct-entry midwives;  and                 
       providing for an effective date.                                        
  Co-chair Pearce referenced a request from Senator Leman that                 
  Senate Finance Committee waive referral of SB 266.  The bill                 
  issued by  the Senate  Labor and  Commerce Committee  simply                 
  extends  the  board  from  1994  to  1998.    Senator  Kelly                 
  requested  that  Senator  Leman  be  asked  to  ensure  that                 
  additional language  incorporated within the  original bill,                 
  allowing midwives  to regulate themselves, is not reinserted                 
  when CSSB 266 (L&C) reaches the House.  Co-chair Pearce said                 
  she would advise Senator Leman of the request.  No objection                 
  having been raised, Senate Finance  Committee referral of SB
  266 was WAIVED.                                                              

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