Legislature(1993 - 1994)

04/18/1993 01:20 PM FIN

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  SENATE BILL NO. 58                                                           
       An Act relating to the longevity bonus program.                         
  Upon convening the meeting, Co-chair Pearce directed that SB
  58  be  brought  on  for discussion.    She  then referenced                 
  adoption of CSSB  58 (Fin)  (8-GS1022\E, Cook, 4/16/93)  and                 
  noted need to rescind  that action.  Senator Sharp  MOVED to                 
  rescind committee  action adopting  CSSB  58 (Fin),  version                 
  "E."  No objection having been raised, IT WAS SO ORDERED.                    
  (Co-chair Frank and Senator Rieger arrived at this time.)                    
  Senator  Sharp  MOVED for  adoption  of  CSSB 58  (Fin)  (8-                 
  GS1022\J, Cook/Chenoweth, 4/17/93).   Co-chair Pearce voiced                 
  her  understanding  that  the  difference  between  the  two                 
  versions consists of  inclusion of a severability  clause in                 
  the new  "J" version.   Senator  Sharp concurred,  directing                 
  attention to language within Section 4.  No objection to the                 
  motion  having been raised, CSSB 58  (Fin), version "J," was                 
  ADOPTED.  Co-chair  Pearce referenced new fiscal  notes from                 
  the Dept. of Administration for  the longevity bonus program                 
  and pioneer benefits program as well as a ($5.3) fiscal note                 
  from  the Dept. of  Health and  Social Services  and advised                 
  that they should accompany the bill.                                         
  Senator  Sharp  MOVED  that  CSSB  58  (Finance)  pass  from                 
  committee   with   individual   recommendations    and   the                 
  appropriate fiscal notes.   Senator Kerttula OBJECTED.   Co-                 
  chair Pearce called for a show of hands.  The motion carried                 
  on a vote of 6  to 1, and CSSB 58 (Fin) was  REPORTED OUT of                 
  committee  with  a  $11.6  fiscal note  from  the  Dept.  of                 
  Administration for the pioneer benefits program; a note from                 
  the Dept. of Administration, longevity bonus grants, showing                 
  a savings of ($500.0); and a  note from the Dept. of  Health                 
  and Social Services  indicating a  hold harmless savings  of                 

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