Legislature(1993 - 1994)

03/05/1993 10:30 AM FIN

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  CS FOR SENATE BILL NO. 19(JUD):                                              
       An Act relating to the crime of conspiracy.                             
  CO-CHAIR DRUE PEARCE  announced that CSSB 19(JUD)  was being                 
  brought before the committee.  SENATOR STEVE RIEGER directed                 
  the committee's attention  to amendment  #2, dated March  3,                 
  1993, and informed the committee that he was withdrawing it.                 
  Senator Rieger MOVED for adoption of amendment 1 dated March                 
  3, 1993.  SENATOR  TIM KELLY objected.  Senator  Rieger said                 
  he felt the amendment would correct a glitch in the law that                 
  said  there  could be  a point  where  a defendant  could be                 
  guilty of  conspiring to  commit a  crime but  could not  be                 
  found  guilty  of  committing  it  even  if he  or  she  had                 
  committed it.                                                                
  Senator Kelly asked  if there were  any other objections  to                 
  the  amendment.    Co-chair Pearce  said  that  Senator Rick                 
  Halford, sponsor of CSSB 19(JUD), had concurred with Senator                 
  Rieger's amendment.   Senator Kelly withdrew  his objection.                 
  Hearing no further  objections, amendment  1 dated March  3,                 
  1993,  was   ADOPTED  for  incorporation  within  a  finance                 
  committee substitute for CSSB 19(JUD).                                       
  Senator  Kelly  MOVED  for  passage of  CSSB  19  (FIN) from                 
  committee  with accompanying  fiscal notes.   No  objections                 
  having  been  raised,  CSSB  19(FIN)  was  REPORTED  OUT  of                 
  committee with a $54.8 SFC fiscal note for the Department of                 
  Corrections; zero  SFC fiscal  note for  Court System,  zero                 
  fiscal  notes for the Department of  Law, and the Department                 
  of  Public  Safety,  and a  zero  SFC  fiscal  note for  the                 
  Department of Administration (Public Defender Agency); and a                 
  $45.0 SFC fiscal  note for the Department  of Administration                 
  (Office of  Public Advocacy).  Co-chairs  Pearce and  Frank,                 
  Senators Rieger, Jacko, Kelly and Sharp signed the committee                 
  report with a  "do pass"  recommendation.  Senator  Kerttula                 
  was absent and did not sign.                                                 

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