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03/07/1998 10:05 AM STA

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HB 362 - AIRPORT MILITARY LOUNGES                                              
Number 0305                                                                    
CHAIR JAMES announced the next order of business would be HB 362               
"An Act relating to the use of space for military lounges in state-            
owned or state-controlled airports," sponsored by Representative               
CHAIR JAMES stated that the committee has taken testimony from                 
DOT/PF in that they would provide for military lounges in the                  
airport, without charging rent, providing that the space was                   
available.  She said the language in the previous work draft                   
indicated that DOT/PF "shall" give them space.                                 
CHAIR JAMES noted there is a proposed committee substitute, Version            
H, dated 3/6/98, that says they may instead of shall do it.                    
Number 0310                                                                    
DON STOLWORTHY, Legislative Assistant to Representative Beverly                
Masek, Alaska State Legislature, came before the committee.  He                
said after the previous hearing he spoke with the drafting attorney            
and asked to be given a legal rendering.  He stated, "And they                 
said, yeah it could be interpreted as making DOT/PF do it.  So we              
worked on some language to make it more permissive."  It reads:                
     If the department permits space in state owned or state-                  
controlled airports to be used as lounges and if the lounges are               
operated by nonprofits, then rent may be not charged for the use of            
this space.                                                                    
CHAIR JAMES indicated she is happy with that.                                  
VICE CHAIRMAN IVAN IVAN asked if we're referring to H version.                 
CHAIR JAMES replied yes, we need to have a motion to put the                   
committee substitute before us.                                                
Number 0316                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE MARK HODGINS made a motion to adopt the proposed                
committee substitute for HB 362, Version H, dated 3/6/98.  Hearing             
no objections, that version was before the committee.                          
REPRESENTATIVE VEZEY said he appreciates the changes that have been            
made, they do address his specific concern which is the fact that              
we would have been creating more troubles than we were solving.  He            
stated, "I still don't know that anything's broken, that anything              
needs to be fixed, but I think I would gamble that we're not doing             
any harm here, and I think that's important we're addressing                   
legislation to fix things that aren't broken."                                 
Number 0323                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE HODGINS made a motion to move CSHB 362 out of                   
committee with individual recommendations and with attached fiscal             
notes.  There being no objection, CSHB 362(STA) moved from the                 
House State Affairs Standing Committee.                                        

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