Legislature(1997 - 1998)

03/05/1998 08:02 AM STA

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HB 329 - HARBORVIEW DEVELOPMENTAL CENTER                                       
Number 0312                                                                    
CHAIR JAMES announced the committee would hear HB 329, "An Act                 
amending the definition of correctional facility to include a                  
therapeutic treatment center; providing for the conveyance of the              
Harborview Developmental Center and appurtenant land to the City of            
Valdez for the purpose of conversion and lease of a part of the                
center for a therapeutic treatment center for the Department of                
Corrections; providing that such a land conveyance counts toward               
the general grant land entitlement of the City of Valdez; and                  
providing for an effective date."                                              
Number 0325                                                                    
LARAINE DERR, Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Housing                        
Association, stated that they are supporting the bill from the                 
standpoint that the hospital in Valdez is located in one end of the            
building and if the building goes completely into a state of non-              
use, it impacts the hospital.  The association would like to see               
the passage of the bill so that the city of Valdez does get the                
building and then they can continue usage.                                     
Number 0342                                                                    
CHAIR JAMES stated that time has run out, so HB 329 will be held               
over.  She stated that she wanted to make it clear that on                     
Saturday's meeting HB 338 will be the first order of business and              
then the other held over bills will be heard in the order heard                

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