Legislature(1993 - 1994)

02/06/1993 08:00 AM STA

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  HB 69:  SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION                                            
  Number 368                                                                   
  CHARLES MALLOT, KETCHIKAN POLICE DEPARTMENT, spoke in                        
  support of HB 69.  He said, "It would be extremely helpful                   
  to us, and I feel the maximum amount of time should be 30                    
  Number 476                                                                   
  KATHY HANKINS spoke in support of HB 69.                                     
  There was further discussion with Doug Wooliver,                             
  Representative Ulmer, Chairman Vezey, and Ms. Hankins                        
  regarding the length of time records would be kept on file.                  
  MS. HANKINS felt the concern was on days.  She supported the                 
  idea to lessen the time to two weeks to register and payment                 
  of the registration fees by offenders.                                       
  SPONSOR of HB 69, discussed the time for offenders to                        
  register.  Shorten time frame, like the state of Washington,                 
  upon release to 10 days after.  Shorten up those times to                    
  GIGI PILCHER spoke in favor of HB 69.  She shared concern                    
  about out-of-state offenders, and felt the time change to be                 
  lowered for out-of-state offenders.  She said, "What is the                  
  point of HB 69 without a prosecutor?  They cannot get cases                  
  prosecuted because there is no budget in Ketchikan."                         
  BILL ELBERSON, KETCHIKAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, spoke in favor                 
  of HB 69.  He asked to stop the violence on women and                        
  children of Ketchikan and said, "They deserve the freedom of                 
  unreasonable fear.  This freedom is not possible with sex                    
  offenders out."                                                              
  Number 538                                                                   
  Ketchikan had only two district attorneys' and they needed                   
  more support.                                                                
  Number 558                                                                   
  LINDA MEYERS spoke in support of HB 69.  She said, "Assist                   
  our law enforcement agencies.  Offenders should pay to                       
  register.  It would remind criminals how serious this is."                   
  She requested more money for the Department of Law, and                      
  stated 45 days was too long and 30 days maximum to register                  
  was more appropriate.                                                        
  CHAIRMAN VEZEY discussed registration.  He suggested                         
  providing a system of registration adopted by other states,                  
  and stated that we needed to be careful of this adoption.                    
  Number 601                                                                   
  DARLENE MORGAN spoke in support of HB 69.                                    
  AL MEYERS spoke in support of HB 69 and requested funding                    
  for the Department of Law.                                                   
  TERRY STEWARD spoke in support of HB 69.  He said, "As a                     
  concerned citizen for registration, I think we should code                   
  drivers licenses for law to know if stopped."                                
  ANDREA JACOBSEN spoke in support of HB 69.  She said, "There                 
  is no limit to registration.  There is no cure for this                      
  deviance.  Information and a photograph should be known to                   
  the public.  The time limit should be decreased.                             
  Convictions should not have this long of a time factor in                    
  order to register as a sex offender."                                        
  JOHN DEMPSEY who worked with sex offenders for nine years                    
  discussed after care for the improvement of the offender.                    
  MS. MARSHALL spoke in support of HB 69.                                      
  TAPE 93-13, SIDE B                                                           
  Number 000                                                                   
  REPRESENTATIVE FRAN ULMER made a MOTION to ADOPT CSHB 69.                    
  Passed out on 4-0 vote to Judiciary Committee.                               

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