Legislature(1993 - 1994)

02/04/1994 08:15 AM RES

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  SB 132 - LOANS FOR IFQ'S                                                     
  CHAIRMAN BILL WILLIAMS announced the committee would hear SB
  132, allowing loans from the state's fisheries revolving                     
  loan fund to be used for the purchase of Individual Fishing                  
  Quota shares.  He stated that a full public hearing on SB
  132 was held January 21.  At that meeting, the committee                     
  adopted the proposed Resources Committee Substitute version                  
  of the bill, the Resources Letter of Intent and the attached                 
  Commerce Department fiscal note.  He noted that the                          
  committee had decided to hold the bill for final action                      
  until additional information requested by Representative                     
  Hudson was received from Phil Smith of the National Marine                   
  Fisheries Service.                                                           
  CHAIRMAN WILLIAMS told members that on Friday, January 28,                   
  the information received from Mr. Smith was distributed, and                 
  added since that time, a letter from the Alaska Longline                     
  Fishermen's Association had been received which was in                       
  committee member's folders.  He said in that letter, the                     
  Association supports the quick passage of the committee's CS                 
  for SB 132 and explains other ideas they have about                          
  additional ways that Individual Fishing Quota shares might                   
  be kept in the hands of Alaskans.                                            
  Number 045                                                                   
  132(RES) with the attached letter of intent and fiscal note                  
  with INDIVIDUAL RECOMMENDATIONS.                                             
  CHAIRMAN WILLIAMS asked if there were objections to the                      
  motion and hearing none, the MOTION PASSED.                                  

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