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            HB 112-REPEAL FILM PRODUCTION TAX CREDIT                                                                        
4:31:07 PM                                                                                                                    
CHAIR OLSON announced that the final order of business would be                                                                 
HOUSE  BILL NO.  112 "An  Act repealing  the film  production tax                                                               
credit;  providing  for  an  effective   date  by  repealing  the                                                               
effective  dates  of  secs.  31  - 33,  ch.  51,  SLA  2012;  and                                                               
providing for an effective date."                                                                                               
4:31:13 PM                                                                                                                    
DAVE HUNSAKER, Screenwriter, informed  the committee he has lived                                                               
in Alaska for  approximately 40 years and has worked  as a screen                                                               
writer  for  25  years,  working between  Juneau  and  Hollywood.                                                               
Prior to  that, he  worked as  the Artistic  Director of  the Naa                                                               
Kahidi Theater and  Perseverance Theatre.  He  offered his belief                                                               
that the film industry is  just getting started and has generated                                                               
a  lot  of  interest  in  Hollywood.    He  has  a  project,  The                                                             
Firecracker  Boys,  which  is  based   on  Fairbanks  writer  Dan                                                             
O'Neill's book  about Project  Chariot.   This project  is funded                                                               
and ready to  go.  He said Leonardo DiCaprio  is the producer and                                                               
the director is Bronwen Hughes.   He reported that the production                                                               
is in the process of casting  and while the budget doesn't permit                                                               
the entire production to be  in Alaska, some location shoots were                                                               
done in Alaska  and location scouts have been hired.   He related                                                               
the intention  is to  shoot 30  percent of  the film  here, which                                                               
would  not  be  the  case  without  the  Alaska  Film  Production                                                               
Incentive Program  credits.  What has  prevented more productions                                                               
from  being filmed  in Alaska  is the  lack of  trained technical                                                               
crew, which is changing as more  productions are filmed here.  He                                                               
said that  while a lot of  money has been paid  to people outside                                                               
Alaska  thus far,  the more  projects  that are  filmed here  the                                                               
bigger the  base.  He offered  his belief that as  more films are                                                               
filmed in Alaska,  the filmmakers will discover  the grandeur and                                                               
superior lighting in Alaska.   Further, some things simply cannot                                                               
be found  in other places.   For example, there are  not any good                                                               
Arctic  locations in  Canada that  have  the infrastructure  film                                                               
crews  need, noting,  Canada is  Alaska's huge  competitor.   Mr.                                                               
Hunsaker  related that  Canada has  been aggressive.   He  stated                                                               
that  people  from  the  British Columbia  Film  office  and  the                                                               
Alberta office, which is where  Alaska has been depicted, came to                                                               
Alaska with  respect to filming  Firecracker Boys.   He predicted                                                             
that  once people  see the  real Alaska  it will  make them  more                                                               
prone to want  to come to Alaska and anything  shot here would be                                                               
good advertising for Alaska.                                                                                                    
4:34:37 PM                                                                                                                    
PATRICIA  HULL, Actor,  Alaska Film  Group, stated  she moved  to                                                               
Alaska in  1967 and  has spent 31  cumulative winters  in Alaska.                                                               
She said  that she  is representing the  Alaska Film  Group (AFG)                                                               
today.   She  works as  a  performing artist  in music,  theatre,                                                               
film, and television.  The  AFG is a nonprofit trade organization                                                               
for individuals and businesses that  are involved in the film and                                                               
video industry in Alaska.   The Alaska Film Group also encourages                                                               
workforce development  so Alaskans  can be  hired into  the well-                                                               
paying crew jobs.   Additionally, the AFG has been  active in the                                                               
development of  infrastructure to  support film production.   She                                                               
offered her  belief that Alaska  is a really compelling  place to                                                               
make films  since it has  dramatic locations and  abundant summer                                                               
daylight.   However, other places with  beautiful locations, such                                                               
as New  Mexico, Canada, and  New Zealand, aggressively  court the                                                               
film industry.   She recalled that New Mexico  even offers loans.                                                               
She turned to Canada, which in  many ways is Alaska's twin.  When                                                               
the Canadian dollar  was strong it was really easy  to keep films                                                               
in  Alaska, but  now  that Alaska  is 98  cents  to the  Canadian                                                               
dollar, Alaska is  in a precarious balance point.   She explained                                                               
that  eliminating the  Alaska Film  Production Incentive  Program                                                               
(AFPIP)  at  this point  would  have  the  effect of  losing  the                                                               
competitive advantage.  Films that  would normally come to Alaska                                                               
will instead go to Canada.   In fact, she recalled hearing that a                                                               
film about  the serum run  in Nome will be  shot in Canada.   She                                                               
highlighted that  a chilling  effect has taken  place due  to the                                                               
risk of the  incentive program being dismantled.   Last year, the                                                               
10-year commitment  was made it  made people think big  and long-                                                               
term and really  start to put their irons in  the fire, which has                                                               
changed with HB 112.                                                                                                            
4:36:48 PM                                                                                                                    
MS.  HULL  pointed  out  that   a  number  of  enhancements  were                                                               
scheduled  to go  into effect  for the  AFPIP, including  cabinet                                                               
level  review of  projects to  ensure the  best interests  of the                                                               
state and its  residents are reflected in the films.   Further, a                                                               
sliding  scale  application fee  from  $220  to $5,000  would  be                                                               
implemented, based on  the film budget's ground  spend, she said.                                                               
Additionally, the  incentive to  hire Alaskan residents  would be                                                               
increased  from 10-20  percent,  which means  the film  companies                                                               
will receive more  tax credits if they hire  more Alaskans, which                                                               
also would  reduce non-resident funding.   In fact,  Alaskans are                                                               
trying to tweak the program to  really make it work.  In essence,                                                               
creative industries like film are the  wave of the future.  There                                                               
isn't  any  red  tape,  or  any  of  the  difficulties  of  other                                                               
industries,  plus film  companies leave  things better  than they                                                               
find them.  In fact, one  major production company needed a sound                                                               
stage and  subsequently created  a $6  million investment  in the                                                               
sound stage.    These types  of investments are not  reflected in                                                               
the  incentive  plan,  but  this  sound studio  is  now  part  of                                                               
Alaska's  infrastructure.   She  encouraged  members  to let  the                                                               
wisdom of the 27th Alaska State Legislature move forward.                                                                       
4:38:09 PM                                                                                                                    
RICHARD  BENAVIDES,  President,  The  International  Alliance  of                                                               
Theatrical Stage Employees - Local  918 (IATSE Local 918), stated                                                               
he is  testifying in  opposition to  HB 112.   He said  the IATSE                                                               
Local 918  is the organization  that represents both  stage, film                                                               
and  television technicians.   However,  IATSE also  supports any                                                               
union or non-union  person who works on films and  is part of the                                                               
film community.  The AFPIP has  positively impacted IATSE.   Over                                                               
the course of  the program, over half of the  IATSE Local 918 has                                                               
worked making good wages on  several film or television projects,                                                               
such  as Everybody  Loves Whales,  Frozen  Ground, employing  160                                                           
members and  90 members, respectively.   Additionally,  the IATSE                                                               
Local  918  has  been  involved with  the  University  of  Alaska                                                               
Fairbanks  (UAF) in  training over  250 individuals  in Fairbanks                                                               
and Anchorage.   He said some activities conducted  at studios to                                                               
train grip  for films,  which were  streamed statewide  so people                                                               
who  could not  attend in  person could  follow along  via video,                                                               
which is still  available for people to  download.  Additionally,                                                               
the IATSE Local  918 will offer courses this summer.   In fact, a                                                               
student film  will be made with  UAF film students -  assisted by                                                               
Alaskans already trained in film  - to use technicians across the                                                               
state so students learn how to  make a film from beginning to end                                                               
and  learn all  aspects  of filmmaking,  including technical  and                                                               
acting.   Referring  to the  Alaska Film  Office's Report  to the                                                               
legislature,  Mr.  Benavides  highlighted  the  following  bullet                                                               
points:  "cooperate with organizations  in the private sector for                                                               
the expansion and  development of industry in  the state; promote                                                               
Alaska  as   a  location   for  production;   provide  production                                                               
assistance   by  connecting   folks   with  Alaska   contractors,                                                               
suppliers,  and workers;  and  certify  internship programs,  and                                                               
promote  the  employment of  interns  by  eligible people."    He                                                               
suggested a  person could  insert "oil" or  any industry  in this                                                               
state into  the language  of the  bullet points.   These  are the                                                               
things Alaskans always  discuss.  In fact, the  mantra ever since                                                               
he worked as staff for the  legislature has been to diversify the                                                               
economy.   He  asked members  why one  would destroy  a fledgling                                                               
industry which  has shown positive  growth and fills the  need to                                                               
help diversify  Alaska's economy.   He asked members  to consider                                                               
what has occurred, including that  the industry has been growing,                                                               
and thus far has been very  positive.  He urged members to please                                                               
vote against this bill.                                                                                                         
4:42:24 PM                                                                                                                    
IRENE  BEDARD,  President, Sleeping  Lady  Films  - Waking  Giant                                                               
Productions, stated  that she is  Alaska Native and was  born and                                                               
raised in Alaska.   She said she  has made her career  in over 45                                                               
productions in the  film and television industry.   She also said                                                               
she is so  happy to say that she has  worked on the international                                                               
stage, but  her home,  Alaska, has  always held  her heart.   She                                                               
said, "Alaska  is where  I'm from."   Last year  she incorporated                                                               
Sleeping  Lady Films  - Waking  Giant  Productions in  Anchorage.                                                               
The  company is  an  Alaska Native  majority-owned company,  with                                                               
minority  partner, Thom  Denomme  from Canada  who has  expressed                                                               
great  interest  in  the  beauty and  rich  culture  of  Alaska's                                                               
people.    However,  for an  entrepreneur  and  an  international                                                               
producer, it  was the  film tax incentives  that made  starting a                                                               
company in Alaska  a sound business decision.  It  has been their                                                               
mission  and  vision  to  show  Alaska  in  all  its  beauty  and                                                               
grandeur, to show  the strength and integrity of  Alaskans and to                                                               
tell their stories which are  uniquely Alaska.  She reported that                                                               
the slated  projects could provide  continuous work  for Alaskans                                                               
and  create  a  unique  opportunity  to  train  and  develop  the                                                               
workforce  and infrastructure  needed.   She emphasized  the key,                                                               
which has  happened in Vancouver,  British Columbia, as  well, is                                                               
to  have  a series  of  projects  moving  forward to  enable  the                                                               
workforce to  get trained,  interned, and  developed into  a very                                                               
strong  group of  people who  can  be used  on the  international                                                               
4:44:32 PM                                                                                                                    
MS.  BEDARD  stated  the   company's  strategic  development  has                                                               
traveled throughout the U.S. and  Canada and has made connections                                                               
around  the  world, including  Europe,  Asia,  and South  Africa.                                                               
They  have  been  ambassadors  of  goodwill  for  the  burgeoning                                                               
industry in Alaska.   She characterized the  Alaska film industry                                                               
as  one  which creates  the  best  overall public  relations  for                                                               
tourism and brings Alaska to  the international stage at a pretty                                                               
high  level. She  offered her  belief that  it will  be a  missed                                                               
opportunity  for Alaska  if this  bill goes  through.   She said,                                                               
"I'm deeply  saddened to say it  is not a good  business decision                                                               
to keep my company  here if it does go through  and that would be                                                               
a great loss to our state."   She read a statement from her chief                                                               
executive officer,  Canadian producer,  Thom Denomme,  as follows                                                               
[original punctuation provided]:                                                                                                
     I  am writing  to you  in reference  to HB  112 dealing                                                                    
     with the  Alaska Film Tax  Credits.  I am  curious that                                                                    
     this subject  is once  again being  broached as  we had                                                                    
     set our  business plan to  correspond with  the passing                                                                    
     of the  previous Bill on  Tax Credits and  it certainly                                                                    
     delivers a  red flag to  the industry as a  whole about                                                                    
     shooting in Alaska.                                                                                                        
     The  subject  of  controversy seems  to  arise  in  the                                                                    
     mistaken  belief that  the tax  credits and  incentives                                                                    
     are  being used  to  pay the  salaries  of actors  from                                                                    
     outside  of Alaska,  creating a  campaign that  states,                                                                    
     "Why  should Alaska  taxpayers pay  the salary  of rich                                                                    
     Hollywood   stars?"     This  argument   has  as   much                                                                    
     credibility  as  stating  "Why   should  there  be  any                                                                    
     incentives  programs for  the oil  and gas  business in                                                                    
     Alaska?  These  incentives just go to  pay the salaries                                                                    
     of rich oil and gas executives."                                                                                           
     This would seem a strange  statement as the oil and gas                                                                    
     industry  is a  multi-billion dollar  industry creating                                                                    
     thousands  of  jobs  across  the   State.    Given  the                                                                    
     opportunity,  the film  and  television industry  could                                                                    
     also be creating a myriad  of opportunities not only in                                                                    
     the  film/television  business,  but  also  in  related                                                                    
     ancillary   businesses.     This   includes   shipping,                                                                    
     catering,   the  hospitality   industry,  construction,                                                                    
     transportation and most importantly, tourism.                                                                              
4:46:44 PM                                                                                                                    
MS. BEDARD continued reading, as follows [original punctuation                                                                  
     The best  example of  how this can  affect a  region is                                                                    
     from my  home province of British  Columbia.  Utilizing                                                                    
     a  diverse  landscape  and strong  tax  credits  (sound                                                                    
     familiar?)  British Columbia  transformed itself to the                                                                    
     point  that  film and  television  is  now one  of  our                                                                    
     biggest industries.    When you add in  the tourism and                                                                    
     that was created  as a result of this, you  can see how                                                                    
     this  industry  has  been  a  tremendous  boom  to  the                                                                    
     overall economy of British Columbia.                                                                                       
     The challenge  is that most  producers have no  idea of                                                                    
     the diversity  of landscape that  Alaska has  to offer.                                                                    
     Unfortunately  most of  the shows  shot on  Alaska show                                                                    
     the State as inhospitable  tundra.  We've had producers                                                                    
     in  LA tell  us they  have  no winter  scenes in  their                                                                    
     film,  so why  should  they  shoot in  Alaska?   We  of                                                                    
     course  calmly explain  that  Alaska  does indeed  have                                                                    
     summer, show  them pictures  of the  incredible scenery                                                                    
     and mention that in certain  places, they can virtually                                                                    
     shoot around the clock as  there is virtually no night.                                                                    
     Now, THAT gets their attention!                                                                                            
     The  challenge   is  that   Alaska  has   created  this                                                                    
     tremendous tax credit that has  the potential to create                                                                    
     a  whole  new  industry  for the  State  and  has  done                                                                    
     absolutely  nothing to  promote it.   The  potential is                                                                    
     there, the  template (from BC)  is there, yet  the only                                                                    
     thing  being created  is  uncertainty  and unease  from                                                                    
     producers when  they see Bills  such as this  one being                                                                    
     revisited.    The  key  to making  this  work  is  less                                                                    
     bureaucrats and more salespeople.                                                                                          
     Anchorage  is ideally  situated six  hours from  LA and                                                                    
     six  hours  from  London England.    Alaska  should  be                                                                    
     actively   promoting   to   producers   worldwide   and                                                                    
     attending different  film festivals such as  MIPCOM and                                                                    
     NATPE.    My  partner  Irene Bedard  and  I  have  been                                                                    
     promoting Alaska  ourselves as  international producers                                                                    
     and would be more than happy  to work with the State in                                                                    
     this regard.                                                                                                               
4:48:12 PM                                                                                                                    
MS. BEDARD continued reading [original punctuation provided]:                                                                   
     The  second  part  of this  equation  is  building  the                                                                    
     infrastructure of talent to  attract productions.  This                                                                    
     means creating jobs.   For our part, we  are creating a                                                                    
     Film  Institute  to  help  train  Alaskans,  especially                                                                    
     First  Alaskans, in  the film  industry.   We would  be                                                                    
     happy  to  have discussions  on  how  we can  all  work                                                                    
     together to  accomplish this.  By  following through on                                                                    
     this, we  are now creating  jobs for Alaskans,  not for                                                                    
     outside production companies.                                                                                              
     The last point I wish to  comment on is likely the most                                                                    
     important and that  is tourism.  I am not  privy to the                                                                    
     statistics,  nor  do  I feel  they  can  be  accurately                                                                    
     predicted but  I am going  to guess that  Alaskan based                                                                    
     shows have  created a tremendous  boost to  tourism and                                                                    
     tourism  based businesses.   Other  States with  strong                                                                    
     Film  Tax Credits,  such as  Louisiana  and New  Mexico                                                                    
     have also seen a growth to their tourism statistics.                                                                       
     Speaking for ourselves,  we have a slate  of shows that                                                                    
     will highlight  Alaska in the most  positive light. The                                                                    
     key to building this  industry in Alaska is commitment,                                                                    
     training,  cooperation  between  those  with  a  vested                                                                    
     interest  and a  sustained promotional  program.   As a                                                                    
     personal note, I would also  like to add that the State                                                                    
     has  a  strong promoter  and  ambassador  in Ms.  Irene                                                                    
     Bedard.   She is the  one who  convinced me to  open up                                                                    
     our  production  company  in  Alaska.    She  not  only                                                                    
     believes in  the incredible potential of  the State but                                                                    
     wanted   to  help   create   something  beautiful   and                                                                    
     meaningful in the  place she calls home.   I will leave                                                                    
     you with that.                                                                                                             
     [Thom Denomme                                                                                                              
     Sleeping Lady Films/Waking Giants Productions]                                                                             
4:49:36 PM                                                                                                                    
FRANCES  CHEEVER,  President  & CEO,  Squeaky  Reel  Productions;                                                               
Major, U.S. Army  Nurse Corps, Retired, stated  that she recently                                                               
retired after  32 years of service,  with most of her  service at                                                               
Walter Reed Army  Medical Center caring for  wounded warriors and                                                               
their  families.    She  said she  is  passionate  about  telling                                                               
stories about American heroes through  film and television, which                                                               
can entertain, educate, and heal  America.  As a screenwriter and                                                               
member of Veterans  in Film and Television, she  believes she can                                                               
do  so, in  particular, with  her  script 13  Pax, a  high-stakes                                                             
contemporary,  military page  turner that  takes the  audience to                                                               
one of  the military's far  reaching power  projection platforms:                                                               
Alaska.   She described the  basic mission  and skill set  of the                                                               
fictitious team, which  is a motley crew of  adrenaline junkies -                                                               
men  and women  - who  have proven  their mettle  as the  premier                                                               
combat-ready  medical team.   Last  year, after  spending only  a                                                               
week in Anchorage she fell in  love with Alaska and made the bold                                                               
move  to take  her feature  film to  Alaska and  write an  entire                                                               
sequel 13 Pax Derailed which is  set in Whittier and makes Alaska                                                             
a  central  character.   The  film  will showcase  the  beautiful                                                               
scenery, history,  and people of  Alaska, along with  service men                                                               
and women.  While in Alaska,  she spent time with the Alaska Army                                                               
National Guard's Public Affairs Officer  as well as the commander                                                               
of the 212th  Rescue squad on Elmendorf Air Force  Base (AFB) and                                                               
Richardson AFB.   The military  base has been very  excited about                                                               
having her film  come to Alaska since it has  all the ingredients                                                               
of  a   high-concept  feature  film   with  sequel   or  episodic                                                               
television   potential.     Additionally,  the   film  is   under                                                               
consideration for  optioning by some very  big Hollywood hitters.                                                               
What  has  contributed to  making  this  film a  more  attractive                                                               
venture  is the  AFPIP, she  said.   Further,  she indicated  the                                                               
Chief  of Public  Affairs for  the U.S.  Army wrote  a letter  of                                                               
encouragement for this  film and endorses it as the  script is in                                                               
concert with  U.S. Army values and  with funding.  Once  the U.S.                                                               
Department of  Defense (DOD)  production assistance  agreement is                                                               
secured, the DOD  will be inclined to support it,  she said.  She                                                               
emphasized  that having  military assets  available at  Elmendorf                                                               
Air Force Base  and the U.S. Army's support makes  Alaska an even                                                               
more attractive setting.                                                                                                        
MS. CHEEVER said  that currently, she is working  with an Alaska-                                                               
based  production  company,  Sprocket  Heads.    She  anticipated                                                               
hiring  hundreds  of  local  people   for  this  film,  including                                                               
experienced local crew members,  Alaska service members, veterans                                                               
and their  families.  She concluded  by saying that HB  112 could                                                               
halt the potential future of  her film, its sequel, and potential                                                               
TV series  in Alaska.   She urged  members to please  support the                                                               
AFPIP and  honor the commitment  to keep the program  going until                                                               
4:53:32 PM                                                                                                                    
KELLY  BENDER,  Owner,  Lazy  Otter  Charters,  stated  that  her                                                               
company provides water taxi, sightseeing,  and has a coffee shop.                                                               
While  she  is  not  directly  affiliated  with  the  local  film                                                               
industry, her  business is  a local  business that  has benefited                                                               
from  the industry.    She  related that  the  film industry  has                                                               
provided  direct business  opportunities  since  her company  has                                                               
taken out  film productions  on their  boats.   Additionally, her                                                               
business  has enjoyed  indirect  benefits since  the company  has                                                               
taken  crew and  cast on  sightseeing tours.   She  estimated the                                                               
industry has  provided about  $12,000-15,000 during  the shoulder                                                               
season for  her small mom-and-pop  operation.  Plus  her business                                                               
also  hires  local Alaskans  who  live  in  the community.    She                                                               
observed  that the  state often  supports industries  with finite                                                               
resources,  but here  is an  opportunity to  support an  industry                                                               
that  has  infinite  reach and  can  help  small  community-based                                                               
businesses and  industries.  She  hoped members  would understand                                                               
that this bill  has a much farther reach than  Hollywood since it                                                               
supports many businesses and people in Alaska.                                                                                  
4:55:35 PM                                                                                                                    
GARY ZIMMERMAN, General Manager, Alaska  Rent a Car, Inc., stated                                                               
his business  is an  employee-owned licensee of  the Avis  Rent a                                                               
Car  system  that has  operated  in  Alaska  since 1955  in  many                                                               
communities in  Alaska.  He  currently employs  approximately 100                                                               
full-time  employees.    He  represents a  company  that  is  not                                                               
involved  in  film  production; however,  it  benefits  from  the                                                               
increased activity  this industry brings  to Alaska.   He offered                                                               
his  belief  that a  huge  economic  benefit is  felt  throughout                                                               
Alaska from  the film  production dollars.   Although some  is as                                                               
general  as increased  business to  hundreds of  companies, other                                                               
impacts are as  specific as direct wages to Alaskans,  as well as                                                               
increased  revenues  returned  to  state  and  local  government.                                                               
Although  he  only  works  in one  service  industry,  this  same                                                               
industry  generates over  $22 million  in actual  taxes and  fees                                                               
collected  from  renters,  which  is  paid  to  state  and  local                                                               
government,  including hotel  bed  taxes, car  rental taxes,  and                                                               
general  sales  taxes.    He emphasized  that  as  receipts  from                                                               
increased   business  activity   increase  so   do  revenues   to                                                               
governmental agencies.   Frankly,  the state  could not  begin to                                                               
pay for  the promotion of  or spend marketing dollars  that match                                                               
the advertising  done by productions  that feature Alaska.   This                                                               
increased  awareness helps  further the  state's goal  to promote                                                               
tourism  and  aid the  tourism  industry  such that  Alaska  will                                                               
surely  rank high  on  tourists'  list of  where  to spend  their                                                               
vacation dollars.   In fact, the film industry  is just beginning                                                               
to get  traction in  Alaska with  companies investing  in people,                                                               
training, facilities, and equipment,  but HB 112 will effectively                                                               
kill this industry  and the companies that are  working very hard                                                               
to help diversify Alaska's economy.   He urged members to look at                                                               
the  title of  this committee  and do  what they  can to  promote                                                               
labor and commerce in Alaska by voting against HB 112.                                                                          
[HB 112 was held over.]                                                                                                         

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HB76 Draft Proposed Amendment ver A.3-Herron.pdf HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
HB 76
HB76 Draft Proposed Amendment ver A.4-Herron.pdf HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
HB 76
HB76 Draft Conceptual Amendment-Olson.pdf HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
HB 76
HB112 Opposing Document-Article - Alaska Magazine.pdf HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
HB 112
HB112 Opposing Document-Assorted emails and letters 3-16-2013.pdf HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
HB 112
SB23 ver C.pdf HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
SB 23
SB23 Hearing Request.pdf HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
SB 23
SB23 Fiscal Note DCCED-AIDEA-03-05-13 (3).pdf HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
SB 23
SB23 Fiscal Note DCCED-AIDEA-03-05-13 (2).pdf HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
SB 23
SB23 Supporting Document-AIDEA Project Analysis Process 2-26-2013.pdf HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
SB 23
SB23 Supporting Document-AIDEA-AEA Policy Presentation 2-28-2013.pdf HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
SB 23
SB23 Supporting Document-Interior Energy Plan.pdf HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
SB 23
SB23 Supporting Document-Assorted Letters of Support-03-14-2013.pdf HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
SB 23
SB23 Draft Proposed HL&C CS ver O.pdf HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
SB 23
HB76 Draft Proposed HL&C CS ver N.PDF HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
HB 76
HB76 Draft Proposed HL&C CS ver N.PDF HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
HB 76
Draft Conceptual Amendment #2 to fix version N.pdf HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
HB 76
SB23 Opposing Documents-DPA FY05-FY14 Budget History Graphs presented by Rep Reinbold.pdf HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
SB 23
SB23 Opposing Documents-DPA benefits by Census area presented by Rep. Reinbold.pdf HL&C 3/18/2013 3:15:00 PM
SB 23