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03/09/1993 03:00 PM L&C

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  HB 168:  MULTIPLE PERMITEE GAMING; PRIZE AMOUNTS                             
  REP. CARL MOSES, PRIME SPONSOR of HB 168, read the following                 
  sponsor statement to the committee:                                          
       "This bill attempts to clarify what is inherently                       
  permissible in statute and would create a new charitable                     
  gaming permit called a `Multiple-beneficiary' permit.                        
       Under this permit, two to six qualified organizations                   
  would be allowed to apply jointly for the multiple-                          
  beneficiary permit.  With this permit, the holders could                     
  conduct as many games and sessions as allowed under law for                  
  individual permit holders multiplied by the number of                        
  holders of the multiple-beneficiary permit.                                  
       Currently, Lucky Strike Bingo of Anchorage operates                     
  under this configuration.  Lucky Strike consists of four                     
  qualified organizations who join together to conduct gaming                  
  activity without the use of an operator.  Other                              
  organizations such as church groups, soccer clubs, Native                    
  corporations and other non-profits that choose to join                       
  together in this fashion without the use of an operator will                 
  also benefit from this legislation.                                          
       The motivation behind this bill surfaced a few years                    
  ago when the Department of Commerce proposed, but did not                    
  adopt, regulations that would prohibit activities such as                    
  those conducted by Lucky Strike.  In response to that                        
  situation, Senate Bill 6 was introduced in 1991 that would                   
  establish a multiple-beneficiary permit.  SB 6 was not                       
  passed due to a shortage of time in the session on the                       
  Senate  Floor.                                                               
       HB 168 is a reintroduction of SB 6.  It is a non-                       
  controversial gaming measure and I would appreciate the                      
  committee's affirmative action."                                             
  Number 075                                                                   
  REP. PORTER asked if the bill would change the provisions                    
  for operators.                                                               
  Number 088                                                                   
  LICENSING, answered that HB 168 in effect states in law what                 
  is already practiced under the current regulations.                          
  CCHAIRMAN HUDSON asked if the department supported this bill.                
  MR. HANSEN replied yes.                                                      
  REP. PORTER asked for more detail on how this bill would                     
  affect operators.                                                            
  MR. HANSEN noted that it does not affect operators.                          
  REP. PORTER asked if the requirements governing operators                    
  would be avoided by allowing permit holders to conduct the                   
  gaming themselves.                                                           
  MR. HANSEN replied that the same restrictions apply to both.                 
  (Reps. Mackie and Mulder joined the committee.)                              
  Number 154                                                                   
  REP. GREEN asked if this bill was for non-profits.                           
  MR. HANSEN replied that the gaming division issues permits                   
  to many organizations, some of which are non-profits, but                    
  the majority of them are not.                                                
  Number 240                                                                   
  ELSIE O'BRIEN, HOUSTON SENIOR CENTER, testified in support                   
  of HB 168.  Ms. O'Brien stated that the bill would give more                 
  options than are currently recognized in statute.  Ms.                       
  O'Brien provided the committee with some statistics                          
  regarding costs and profits.  (This information is in the                    
  committee file.)                                                             
  Number 261                                                                   
  (Rep. Williams joined the committee at 3:22 p.m.)                            
  Number 280                                                                   
  SAM KITO, representing the ALEUTIAN/PRIBILOF ISLANDS                         
  ASSOCIATION, INC., presented to the committee the written                    
  comments on HB 168 from Dimitri Philemonof, Executive                        
  Director of the Association.  (The written statement is on                   
  file in the committee room.)                                                 
  Number 327                                                                   
  DOROTHY HILL, WASILLA SENIORS, testified that her                            
  organization likes the idea of leasing the permit out as                     
  they do not feel capable of running the gaming, but they                     
  like the money they receive from the operator.                               
  Number 345                                                                   
  REP. MACKIE moved for passage of HB 168 with individual                      
  recommendations, one fiscal note, and unanimous consent.                     
  No objections were noted, it was so ordered.                                 
  Number 382                                                                   

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