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02/04/1998 01:08 PM JUD

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HB 231 - REGULATION OF SNOWMOBILES                                             
Number 2222                                                                    
CHAIRMAN GREEN brought before the committee HB 231, "An Act                    
relating to regulation of snowmobiles."  On February 2, 1998, CSHB
231(JUD)[version 0-LS0501\F, Ford, 5/5/97, as amended] had passed              
out of committee, but the committee had retained possession of the             
documents.  Chairman Green advised members that they needed to do              
some housekeeping on this bill and that there was a new proposed               
committee substitute, Version H.                                               
Number 2256                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE PORTER made a motion to rescind the committee's                 
action in passing from committee CSHB 231(JUD).  There being no                
objection, it was so ordered.                                                  
CHAIRMAN GREEN pointed out that on line 1 of Version H, the title              
says "regulation"; he indicated this is a return to the original               
language prior to amendments to Version F made on February 2, 1998.            
He said there were legal opinions that "regulation" would cover                
registration as well, whereas just having "registration" may create            
problems on the last two pages, where regulations are discussed.               
Number 2256                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE PORTER made a motion to adopt Version H [0-LS0501\H,            
Ford, 2/4/98] as a work draft.  There being no objection, Version              
H was before the committee.                                                    
Number 2305                                                                    
CHAIRMAN GREEN explained that page 1, lines 7 and 8, says,                     
"Registration under this section is not required for a snowmobile              
owned by the United States."  In addition, on page 2, line 4, the              
vendor would not necessarily have to do anything, if there was no              
registration or fee.                                                           
Number 2326                                                                    
CHAIRMAN GREEN advised members that on page 2, lines 24 and 25, it             
says the department may, upon request, issue a registration without            
payment of a fee if the snowmobile is owned by the United States.              
He characterized these changes as housecleaning to conform to the              
committee's earlier discussion at length.                                      
Number 2345                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE PORTER made a motion to move from committee version             
0-LS0501\H, Ford, 2/4/98, with individual recommendations and any              
attached fiscal notes.                                                         
REPRESENTATIVE BERKOWITZ objected to request an at-ease.                       
CHAIRMAN GREEN called an at-ease at 1:52 p.m.  He called the                   
meeting back to order at 1:55 p.m.                                             
REPRESENTATIVE BERKOWITZ removed his objection.                                
Number 2368                                                                    
CHAIRMAN GREEN noted that there being no further objection, CSHB
231(JUD) was moved from the House Judiciary Standing Committee.                

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