Legislature(1997 - 1998)

02/27/1998 03:08 PM HES

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SSHCR 25 - STEP FAMILY DAY                                                     
CHAIRMAN BUNDE announced the first order of business was SSHCR 25,             
Relating to Step Family Day. He asked Representative Dyson to                  
present the Resolution.                                                        
Number 0038                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE FRED DYSON, sponsor, stated that 38 states have                 
recognized stepfamilies and he agreed to introduce SSHCR 25.  He               
noted there is a high percentage of what is referred to as "blended            
families" in Alaska.  The national organization provides                       
literature, counseling and comfort to families that find themselves            
facing situations associated with blended families.  While the                 
world may not be greatly different for the stepfamilies of Alaska              
if this legislation passes, in his mind it is a small step that                
recognizes a very valid sociological phenomena in our culture and              
that the legislature encourages the success of those families.                 
CHAIRMAN BUNDE asked if there was further public testimony.                    
Hearing none, he closed public testimony.                                      
Number 0265                                                                    
REPRESENTATIVE TOM BRICE made a motion to move SSHCR 25 from                   
committee with individual recommendations and zero fiscal note.                
There being no objection, SSHCR 25 passed from the House Health,               
Education and Social Services Standing Committee.                              

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