Legislature(1993 - 1994)

03/29/1993 08:30 AM FSH

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  HB 218:  REPEAL 58 FT. LIMIT FOR SEINE VESSELS                               
  CHAIRMAN MOSES, PRIME SPONSOR OF HB 218, informed the                        
  committee they had before them a proposed committee                          
  substitute for HB 218 (CSHB 218 (FSH)) which clarifies that                  
  the 58 foot limit is repealed in state law, but authority                    
  for making restrictions on length goes back to the Board of                  
  Fisheries, to be done on a fishery by fishery or regional                    
  basis.  He added CSHB 218 (FSH) incorporates the change                      
  proposed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the                      
  Board of Fisheries, and fishing groups to switch the seine                   
  length restrictions to the Board over a three year period in                 
  order to match their meeting cycle.                                          
  VICE CHAIR HARLEY OLBERG MOVED to ADOPT CSHB 218 (FSH) for                   
  discussion purposes.                                                         
  REPRESENTATIVE GAIL PHILLIPS asked if limit restrictions                     
  were a factor in other states.                                               
  CHAIRMAN MOSES was not aware of any.                                         
  REPRESENTATIVE PHILLIPS MOVED to PASS out CSHB 218 (FSH)                     
  from the committee with individual recommendations.  There                   
  were no objections, and CSHB 218 (FSH) MOVED out of                          
  committee with individual recommendations.                                   

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