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HOUSE BILL 461                                                                 
"An Act making supplemental and special                                        
appropriations; and providing for an effective date."                          
DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS                                                      
Co-Chair Hanley distributed Amendment #3.  [Copy on file].                     
He stated that Judge Hunt has ordered the Department of                        
Corrections to reduce current jail capacity by 500 people                      
bringing it down to emergency status.  The plan as proposed                    
by the Department is to use more Community Residential                         
Center (CRC) beds.  Amendment #3 would add enough money                        
into the Department's budget to meet Judge Hunt's request                      
for this fiscal year.                                                          
BUDGET, OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR, distributed a handout                          
titled "FY98 Costs To Be In Compliance With Cleary Order as                    
of May 1, 1998 (Through June 30, 1998)".  [Copy on file].                      
Representative Mulder criticized that this information had                     
not been available for a Corrections Subcommittee meeting                      
this morning.  He requested a detailed breakout of the $40                     
thousand general fund dollars to be used for CRC beds.                         
advised that once there are over 500 prisoners placed in                       
Arizona, the State is required to provide a probation                          
officer on the premise to deal with grievance procedures.                      
She added that the "gratuity" amount was a "term of art"                       
which means in-mate wages.  In-mates are put to work and                       
they are paid a small stipend.                                                 
Ms. Knuth continued, the projected $55 dollars per day                         
prisoner cost is actually $2 dollars a day less than the                       
current rate.  Exceeding a specified number allows that the                    
state be eligible to qualify for a discount.  Ms. Knuth and                    
Representative Mulder discussed the handout and costs                          
associated with it.                                                            
Representative Mulder asked where the new CRC beds would be                    
located.  Ms. Knuth stated there would be 32 beds in                           
Anchorage, 20 in Fairbanks, 20 in Nome and 10 in Bethel.                       
The 10 beds in Bethel are already in process.  The cost                        
breakout is for 72 beds which excludes Bethel.                                 
Co-Chair Therriault asked about the one-time set-up costs                      
and if there were any used supplies which might be                             
available.  Ms. Knuth stated that the tents had been sold a                    
couple of years ago.  She was not aware of any organization                    
from which the State could borrow equipment now needed by                      
the Department of Corrections.                                                 
Ms. Knuth clarified that the $40 thousand general fund                         
dollars and the $25.7 thousand federal fund dollars for CRC                    
beds would be the Department's supplemental request in                         
addition to funds on hand.                                                     
Representative J. Davies asked if the State would be                           
eligible to receive a discounted rate in Arizona for all                       
prisoners or just the amount over 500.  Ms. Knuth explained                    
that the price break would be only for the additional                          
prisoners over the first 500.                                                  
Representative Mulder MOVED to adopt Amendment #3.  There                      
being NO OBJECTION, it was adopted.                                            
DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GAME                                                    
Representative Grussendorf MOVED to adopt Amendment #4.                        
[Copy on file].  The amendment addresses the request by the                    
Department of Fish and Game for costs associated with the                      
Sitka herring roe on kelp fishery for fiscal year ending                       
6/30/98.  Co-Chair Hanley pointed out that the costs would                     
be paid by the people having the testing done.  There being                    
NO OBJECTION to Amendment #4, it was adopted.                                  
Co-Chair Hanley MOVED that Section (J) from work draft 0-                      
LS1638\B, Cramer, 3/05/98, remain in Amendment #3.  There                      
being NO OBJECTION, it was adopted.                                            
Co-Chair Therriault MOVED to report CS HB 461 (FIN) out of                     
Committee with individual recommendations.  There being NO                     
OBJECTION, it was so ordered.                                                  
CS HB 461 (FIN) was reported out of Committee with a "do                       
pass" recommendation.                                                          

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